Significantly enhanced functions for importing data from Mash Matrix and Excel to Salesforce by copying and pasting

Mash Matrix Co., Ltd.
Significantly enhanced functions for importing data from Mash Matrix and Excel to Salesforce by copying and pasting
Record update/insert operation (UPSERT) is now possible by specifying a specific key.

MashMatrix Co., Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President Shinichi Tomita), which develops and sells web-based enterprise applications, makes it possible to view and edit data in Salesforce in a spreadsheet format. In our product “Mashmatrix Sheet”, we will strengthen the function so that not only new records can be created but also existing records can be updated at the same time when importing data by copying and pasting from a spreadsheet such as Excel.
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Points where functions are enhanced
With Mashmatrix Sheet, you can batch register data created and managed in Excel to Salesforce with simple copy and paste operations without using an external application such as a data loader. This time, in the copy and paste function when importing data, we have added support for updating and inserting records (UPSERT).
After setting a column that can uniquely identify a record as a key, select and copy data from the target Excel sheet and paste it into the Mashmatrix Sheet. Create new records and update existing records at the same time with a single copy and paste.
In particular, registration of contact information such as leads and business partners, batch change of project status, maintenance of various master data, etc. will further reduce the workload of Salesforce administrators and field users and further promote work efficiency. can be expected.
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Start date and usage
Support for record update/insert operations (UPSERT) by specifying a specific key will be automatically added by upgrading the product, so users who have a contract with Mashmtarix Sheet will be able to use the new function on the date of provision (November 2022). 20th), you can use it as is. No additional contracts or procedures are required for use.
What is Mashmatrix Sheet?
[Image 5d76861-4-7cf653169cb469851ee0-4.png&s3=76861-4-01f8797db266450eafb8d4531cf08713-1558x627.png
Mashmatrix Sheet is a list interface that allows you to view and edit Salesforce data as easily as Excel.
In addition to operations such as searching, filtering, and sorting, you can intuitively handle Salesforce data while maintaining the familiar operational feel of Excel, such as batch editing and fixing scroll headers.
Company Profile
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Company name: Mash Matrix Co., Ltd.
Representative: Shinichi Tomita
Location: 2-2-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kyobashi Edogrand SENQ Kyobashi 3F Business description:
Development and sales of products that contribute to improving the productivity of corporate information systems
Consulting for application development in cloud environment

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