Silicon Studio Conducts “2022 Survey on CG and Game Engine Utilization” in the Industrial Field

Silicon Studio Co., Ltd.
Silicon Studio Conducts “2022 Survey on CG and Game Engine
Utilization” in the Industrial Field
20% of respondents “already introduced/utilized” or “considered” CG/game engines for non-entertainment purposes

Silicon Studio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinichiro Kajitani, Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth: Securities Code 3907 , hereinafter referred to as “our company”) conducted a “fact-finding survey on the utilization of CG and game engines” mainly for people working in the manufacturing industry and construction/civil engineering companies in “Nikkei Cross Tech Active”. We are pleased to announce that we have published the survey results (2022 version) based on 150 responses collected from August 26, 2022 to November 8, 2022.
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As efforts toward digital transformation (DX) progress in various industries, technologies that have been used in the world of entertainment, such as CG, game engines (Note 1), and Metaverse (Note 2), are attracting attention in the industrial field. I’m here. Attempts to utilize CG as training data in place of live action in machine learning image recognition, such as automatic driving, product inspection, and human recognition, have been put to practical use. In addition, in the civil engineering and construction industry, CG and game engines are being used in all situations, such as reviewing construction progress through visualization using digital twins (Note 5) that incorporate BIM (Note 3) data and point cloud data (Note 4). is beginning to expand in earnest.
Therefore, following on from last year, we conducted the following questionnaire to investigate the actual situation of CG and game engine utilization in businesses other than games and entertainment. In addition, this case will be the 2022 version of the questionnaire survey project that was conducted last year with the same questions. [Survey overview]
Survey target: Nikkei Crosstech Active members
Survey method: Web questionnaire survey on Nikkei Cross Tech Active Survey period: August 26th to November 8th, 2022
Number of valid responses: 150 (limited to companies with 100 or more employees) Survey materials: [Points of survey results]
35% of respondents “know how to use” CG/game engines (up 7 points from last year)
11% of respondents “already introduced and used” (up 5 points from last year), 9% “considering” (up 4 points from last year)
37% of respondents are using or considering using “various
simulations” and “visualization” (up 7 points from last year) The expected effect of utilization is the same as last year, with 57% of respondents saying “Improvement of the quality of work and deliverables” (+7 points from last year), and 53% of people saying “Improving efficiency and speed of work” in second place. (+3 points from last year)
[Survey results (excerpt)]
1. 35% of respondents “know how to use” CG and game engines
8% said they “know in detail” how to use CG and game engines in their own industry (main business they are involved in) (+5 points from last year), and 27% said they “somewhat know” (+2 points from last year). points), and in total, 35% of the respondents answered that they “know” (+7 points compared to last year).
On the other hand, 37% of respondents answered that they “do not know anything at all” (down 1 point from last year), almost unchanged from last year.・This may be due to the fact that the technology is not yet common in the industry.
[Image 2d30990-105-bad04ae7afa48bcf9a26-1.png&s3=30990-105-35151cd54adc13b1cafaa4d35fd87030-1625x1125.png
2. 11% of respondents “already introduced/utilized”, 9% “considering” 11% of respondents answered that they have already introduced and used CG/game engines, a 5 percentage point increase from last year’s survey. In addition, 9% of the respondents answered that they are currently considering introducing or using the system, an increase of 4 percentage points from last year’s survey. The total percentage of “in use” and “under consideration” doubled from last year to 20%, suggesting that the market penetration stage is changing.
[Image 3d30990-105-a72d322fbb1be4046071-2.png&s3=30990-105-857114078e77339d22ec2759cc335f8f-1625x1125.png
3. 37% of respondents are using or considering for “various
simulations” and “visualization using design/measurement data” In terms of the fields of introduction and utilization of CG and game engines, excluding “I don’t know/undecided/has no possibility of utilization”, “various simulations” and “visualization using design/measurement data” were the most common, with 7 points from last year’s survey. The result is that about 40% of all respondents are using or considering it. We can see an increase in the level of attention, awareness, and expectations for effectiveness in this field.
[Image 4d30990-105-0266d55a9be49308c820-3.png&s3=30990-105-6631560bb0d77c5f4bbd49dee8ef7180-1625x1125.png
4. The expected effect of utilization is the same as last year, with 1st place being “Improvement of the quality of work and deliverables” at 57%, and 53% being 2nd place “Improving the efficiency and speed of work”.
Expectations for the use of CG and game engines were 74 for “improving the quality of work and deliverables” and 73 for “increasing the efficiency and speed of work,” with half of the respondents expecting to improve the quality and efficiency of work rather than reducing costs. I know you are hoping for improvement.
[Image 5d30990-105-5e4e873c4ad3712a9c27-4.png&s3=30990-105-23b157348ffc873418e8fc6a978864df-1625x1125.png
You can download the survey results in PDF format from our website at the following URL, including the attributes of the respondents and the questions and unclear points about the introduction and utilization. *1) Game engine: A GUI-based integrated development environment that integrates functions such as libraries and tools necessary for computer game development.
*2) Metaverse: A 3DCG virtual space on the Internet where users can carry out activities similar to those in the real world through their avatars.
Note 3) BIM: Attribute data such as shapes, members, and geographic information are added to a three-dimensional model (BIM model) created on a computer, and accumulated throughout the building life cycle, from design to construction and maintenance. Workflow to build and manage data that has been processed
*4) Point cloud data: A collection of data consisting of countless points with 3D coordinates measured by 3D laser scanners on objects and topography. have information such as
*5) Digital twin: Technology that collects information about objects and environments that actually exist in real space and reproduces them in virtual space.
■ About Silicon Studio Inc.
We are a company that aims to impress those who create and those who enjoy it with the world’s highest level of technology. In addition to games and video production studios, we are developing a development promotion and support business that provides 3DCG technology for various industries such as automobiles, video, and construction, and a human resources business that specializes in dispatching and introducing creators. increase. Our strength is that we can provide one-stop solutions to all the issues faced by game companies, such as planning, technology, human resources, and operations, and that we can deploy 3DCG technology cultivated in the game industry to other industries. Silicon Studio’s middleware, which provides advanced technology to game production sites such as post-effect middleware “YEBIS”, real-time rendering engine “Mizuchi”, and real-time global illumination “Enlighten”, has been adopted in numerous AAA titles worldwide. I came.
[Image 6d30990-105-0c54904adf180d24ca89-5.jpg&s3=30990-105-80315bb6144539a417f74c814499744a-1000x172.jpg
Computer graphics (CG) has limitless possibilities.
It expands the range of expression in the video and entertainment fields, and is used for visualization and HMI (Human Machine Interface) in industrial fields such as civil engineering and construction. In the field of AI and deep learning, the use of data as learning data is progressing, and the results are beginning to be evaluated. In addition, network environments such as 5G that achieve high-speed, large-capacity, low-latency networks and the use of clouds will bring about further changes in user experience (UX).
At Silicon Studio, we have a number of middleware developed in-house, and have worked on CG-related businesses since the dawn of CG until today, honing our technical capabilities, powers of expression, and creativity. Our strength lies in our ability to fuse these three forces at a high level and maximize the potential of CG.
Ideas × Art × Technology
As a leading solution provider in the CG industry, we promise to not only solve our customers’ problems, but also provide output with added value.
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