Silicon Studio cooperates in Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie “Suzume no Tojimemari”

Silicon Studio Co., Ltd.
Silicon Studio cooperates in Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie “Suzume no Tojimemari”
Design and build a CG rendering pipeline that seamlessly connects the cloud and on-premises

Silicon Studio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinichiro Kajitani, Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth: Securities Code 3907 , hereinafter referred to as “our company”), the movie “Your name. “Weathering with You” Comic Wave Film Co., Ltd. (head office: Suginami-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Noritaka Kawaguchi, hereinafter “CWF”), director Makoto Shinkai’s latest film “Suzume no Toshimari” We are pleased to announce that we have designed, built and provided a CG rendering pipeline that seamlessly connects the cloud and on-premises as a production environment for .
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(C) 2022 “Suzume’s Door Lock” Production Committee
Director Makoto Shinkai’s latest feature-length animated film “Suzume no Toshimari” (hereinafter referred to as “this work”) is set in ruins all over Japan, and the liberation of Suzume, a girl who closes the “door” that causes disaster. It is a modern adventure story that depicts growth. Today, Friday, November 11, 2022, it was released nationwide.
As the production environment for this work, we have created a CG rendering pipeline that includes a seamless job queuing system that does not make you aware of the difference between the cloud rendering environment built on Amazon Web Services (hereafter referred to as “AWS”) and the on-premises environment within CWF. was designed and built using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances (*1) and AWS Thinkbox Deadline (*2). By combining existing tools such as After Effects, 3ds Max, and Houdini with various plug-ins, we have achieved faster rendering while solving problems unique to the Japanese environment. As a result, even if the capacity of the on-premises render farm was insufficient for various reasons, the capacity of the render farm could be increased immediately without the workers being aware of it, contributing to the efficiency of work production.
Note 1) One of the instance types that can be used with Amazon EC2 on AWS, a service that allows you to use unused EC2 on AWS at a low cost. *2) One of the AWS Thinkbox products, Windows, Linux, macOS based render farm, management, computation management toolkit
■ About Silicon Studio Inc.
In addition to games and video production studios, the Company operates a development promotion and support business that provides 3DCG technology for various industries such as automobiles, video, and construction, and a human resources business that specializes in dispatching and introducing creators. We operate two businesses. Our strength is that we can provide one-stop solutions to all the issues faced by game companies, such as planning, technology, human resources, and operations, and that we can deploy 3DCG technology cultivated in the game industry to other industries. Silicon Studio’s middleware, which provides advanced technology to game production sites such as post-effect middleware “YEBIS”, real-time rendering engine “Mizuchi”, and real-time global illumination “Enlighten”, has been adopted in numerous AAA titles worldwide. I came. In addition, we have the skills and systems to provide one-stop support from consulting to planning, design, development, and operation for projects in the non-entertainment area that utilize game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity.
[Image 2d30990-104-1daa6d3502ad6897664a-1.jpg&s3=30990-104-a8620f9f57ee5ce94145058f20bbf726-1000x172.jpg
Computer graphics (CG) has limitless possibilities.
It expands the range of expression in the video and entertainment fields, and is used for visualization and HMI (Human Machine Interface) in industrial fields such as civil engineering and construction. In the field of AI and deep learning, the use of data as learning data is progressing, and the results are beginning to be evaluated. In addition, network environments such as 5G that achieve high-speed, large-capacity, low-latency networks and the use of clouds will bring about further changes in user experience (UX).
At Silicon Studio, we have a number of middleware developed in-house, and have worked on CG-related businesses since the dawn of CG until today, honing our technical capabilities, powers of expression, and creativity. Our strength lies in our ability to fuse these three forces at a high level and maximize the potential of CG.
Ideas × Art × Technology
As a leading solution provider in the CG industry, we promise not only to solve our customers’ problems, but also to provide output with added value.
* Amazon Web Services, Amazon Web Services, AWS, (service name used in this release: Amazon EC2) are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
* Other names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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