Simeji Ranking Selected by Generation Z!! “Top 10 Favorite Korean Idols (Female Group Edition)”

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[Simeji Ranking] Selected by Generation Z!! “Top 10 Favorite Korean Idols (Female Group Edition)”
~ 3rd place “Kep1er”, 2nd place “BLACKPINK”, 1st place “TWICE”. What is Generation Z’s longing “girl crush”? ~

Baidu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Feng Jiang) provides a Japanese input & Kisekae emoticon keyboard application “Simeji”. We will announce the “Simeji Ranking”.
The theme this time is chosen by Generation Z!! “Top 10 favorite Korean idols (women’s groups)”
* Aggregation period: September 26, 2022 to October 5, 2022 Number of valid responses: 263 men and women aged 10 to 24
Continuing from the last time, this time, we surveyed Generation Z about “recommended Korean idols (women’s groups)”. These girls, who are admired by Generation Z, are called “Girl Crush” and are gaining explosive popularity as strong women who fall in love with women. Their extraordinary style and high-level performance alone are impressive, but it seems that there are many generation Z who are attracted not only to their cuteness but also to their cool and cool parts. The fact that the costumes, hair color, makeup, etc. change all the time may be one of the elements that makes you addicted to the swamp.
▼ Chosen by Generation Z!! Top 10 recommended Korean idols (male group edition)
1st place TWICE
The multinational group “TWICE”, which consists of 9 members selected in the survival audition program “SIXTEEN”, won first place. It seems that there are many people who are touched by the fact that they are not just cute, but that they are always working hard to show the fans the perfect performance of the 9 members. “She’s cute, she’s beautiful, she sings well, and she dances really well. Everyone is doing their best and I want to cheer them on.” Hard-working!” “I’ve been addicted to it since my friends made it happen!” “The song is addictive.” The royal road. The starting point and the pinnacle.” There must be a lot of Generation Z who have been energized by TWICE’s bright and cute songs.
2nd place BLACKPINK
The “next-generation idol crush” that has landed in Asia, which boasts worldwide popularity. They all have such charisma and beauty that they all serve as ambassadors for high-end brands! “There’s a coolness that other groups don’t have.” “Compared to other idols, they’re few in number, but because of the small number, the quality of their songs and dances is high.” “Cool and cute!” Voices gathered. In terms of performance, rather than being cute, you have a strong image of being sexy and provocative, and the cool raps, contemporary tunes, and sharp and gorgeous hip-hop dances are all addictive.
3rd place Kep1er
“Kep1er”, which is gaining great popularity mainly among Generation Z, ranked 3rd. A 9-member global group born from the audition program “Girls Planet 999: Shoujo Festival” where members are decided by votes from viewers around the world! “Overwhelming celebrity feeling, good visuals, and high performance performance” “Recently debuted and I really recommend it!” “I’ve been watching since the audition program” “I like WADADA!” . Expectations are rising for the future success of a talented rising star with stable abilities that you wouldn’t expect from a rookie.
4th IVE
A 6-member group that just debuted in Korea in December 2021. Their debut song “ELEVEN” was the fastest in the history of Korean music to reach No. 1 on a domestic music program. Despite being a rookie group, they are showing off their presence! “Both the visuals and the performance are all great!” The only Japanese member, Rei, is also said to be a pose craftsman, and it is said that she created the “Gal Peace” pose that is popular among Japan’s Generation Z. All the members are over 160cm and have outstanding style and beauty, and it seems that they have a great influence on Generation Z, so I am looking forward to further progress.
5th Girls’ Generation
A legendary Korean female idol who debuted in Japan in 2010 and influenced Japanese girl groups. It has produced many famous songs, and is now attracting attention from Generation Z as a masterpiece that transcends generations. “My parents often listened to it when I was born,” “I love singing,” “I love singing,” “I’m from my
generation,” were heard. It was characterized by its outstanding formation dance, and its catchy dance and chorus that even children could imitate was the world’s premier dance. Celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut this year, they are making a comeback with a “whole body” in which all the members are present. I think there are many fans who were attracted to her unchanging beauty and more bewitching charm than ever before. You will be overwhelmed by the high self-control of these girls who continue to maintain their beautiful style!
6th KARA
It is no exaggeration to say that KARA is the idol group that sparked the K-POP boom in Japan! With his friendly atmosphere and high level of Japanese language skills, he appeared on many variety shows and showed his charming and cute appearance to fans. “My sister has a CD, and I used to listen to it on a CD player when I was in elementary school, so I’m familiar with it,” “All the members are cute,” and “Cute.” KARA’s songs are charming and easy to imitate, and it is impressive that they are loved by people of all ages. The members are currently doing solo activities, and I’m happy to see a new side that is different from their idol days.
7th place ITZY
In 2019, the 5-member group “ITZY” debuted from the JYP entertainment office as a younger sister of TWICE! Combining a powerful style that is not flattering and a cute and attractive style, it has gained tremendous popularity mainly among Generation Z. We received comments such as, “The lyrics are girlish, but strong and cool,” “I’ve loved it for a long time, and I like the dance choreography and the song, so it’s cute.” “The dance is cool.” Their fans who captivate those who see them with their impactful lyrics and dynamic performances are increasing.
Many of you must have heard the term “girl crush” at least once when promoting Korean idols! “MAMAMOO” can be said to be a representative that is attractive enough to shock even the same sex. The
individuality of each member is clear, and their appeal is that they don’t flatter anyone. We heard comments such as, “Singing and dancing are cool,” “Cool,” and “I like my parents.” It seems that there are many generation Z who admire her dignified appearance, which has extremely high stage performance ability, rich expressiveness in singing, and can instantly unite the venue.
A 12-member group born from the Japan-Korea joint survival audition program “PRODUCE48”. The fact that 3 Japanese members, including former HKT48 member Miyawaki Sakura, were active as members also became a hot topic. The way they struggled and worked hard to achieve their dreams as idols touched the hearts of many Generation Z members, and many people said, “I like the Japanese members!” Despite being a large group, the breathtaking formation dance that unfolds at a dizzying speed is beautiful and dynamic, and overwhelms you. In April 2021, they disbanded after 2 years and 6 months as originally planned, but it seems that there are still calls for a reunion.
10th place aespa
A four-member group consisting of members from Korea, Japan, and China. One of the biggest features of aespa is the presence of avatars. Each member has an avatar that is “another self” in the virtual world, and they are active in an unprecedented world view. “I like the group concept of aespa”, “Cute! Cool!” You will be fascinated by the unique concept and the atmosphere full of charisma unlike any newcomer! In Japan, it appeared at the “35th Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2022 AUTUMN/WINTER” held in September 2022, and the venue was a blast. You can see how popular it is both in Korea and abroad. ■ What is Simeji Ranking?
Simeji Ranking began with the desire to actively disseminate the latest trends of Generation Z users and spread them to many people. We conducted a questionnaire on the Simeji app and ranked the survey results.
Simeji ranking
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