Sint-Truiden VV Campaign SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM PTE.LTD. “Let’s make children’s smiles bloom in the world!” SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM protects the smiles of children around the world and supports the realization of their dreams. We will carry out a ch

“Let’s make children’s smiles bloom all over the world!” SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM will carry out a charity project to protect the smiles of children around the world and help them realize their dreams.
SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM PTE.LTD. (CEO: Hitoshi Sashida, hereinafter referred to as SUP), which develops the X-Fi business and blockchain game guild business under the philosophy of “making people’s smiles bloom in the world”, participates from Southeast Asian countries. Led by the community “SAKURA GUILD GAMES”, which is centered on the members who are charity, we will hold a charity project with the aim of contributing to children in the ASEAN region where poverty is serious. This project is based on the policy of “creating
opportunities to realize more people’s smiles, dreams, and hopes” announced at the time of signing the sponsorship contract with Sint-Truiden VV, which belongs to the Belgian first division soccer league. This project will be carried out as part of the project. ■ Campaign overview
We will donate 1 yen for every 1 RT posted on Twitter to activities aimed at alleviating poverty in the ASEAN region. We decided to donate in this way in order to make many people aware of this donation project and create an opportunity for them to think about the world’s poverty problem and donations.
In addition, we will present a uniform signed by five Japanese players of Sint-Truiden VV to one person by lottery from the names of those who agree with this campaign and RT.
(* Winners will be contacted on Twitter, so those who follow SAKURA GUILD GAMES Twitter will be eligible to win.)
The ASEAN countries are experiencing economic growth, but on the other hand, there is a serious poverty problem. Especially since the beginning of this year, poverty has been increasing due to the effects of global inflation. (*1) There are many children who cannot afford to go to school, work from an early age to increase their family income, and reach adulthood without acquiring academic ability or ability. Poverty is linked from parents to children, creating a “chain of poverty” that is difficult to break.
There is a problem of education in the background. Children who cannot receive a sufficient education have a narrow range of occupational choices and are forced to choose jobs with poor treatment.
SUP supports activities that address this underlying educational problem. (*1) Reference: [Image
[Location] 18 BOON LAY WAY #06-107 TRADEHUB 21 SINGAPORE
[Representatives] Hitoshi Sashida, Jun Okawa
[Foundation] November 2021
[Business description] Guild business, X-Fi business
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