SKIYAKI Launched “Our Bitfan”, a project where owners talk about fans and Bitfans on the official YouTube channel!

On the official YouTube channel, the owner started a project “Our Bitfan” where the owner talks about fans and Bitfan!

SKIYAKI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tomohiro Kokubo, hereinafter “SKIYAKI”), which creates a platform that connects creators and fans, announced on November 11, 2022 (Friday) on the official YouTube channel. We started a project “Our Bitfan” where the owner talks about fans and Bitfan.
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Background of starting Our Bitfan
So far, SKIYAKI has received feedback from owners such as “I want to know how other owners use Bitfan” and “I want a place for owners to interact with each other.” I wrote an interview article with the owner and held the owner exchange event “Bitfan Meetup”.
This time, SKIYAKI hopes to create opportunities for creators (future owners) who are thinking of creating new fan clubs and fan communities to deepen their understanding of Bitfan. We have decided to send information by distribution. From now on, we will regularly deliver videos titled “Our Bitfan” on the official YouTube channel, where the owner talks passionately about fans and Bitfan.
About the first video distribution by Koichi Morita [Maoudamashii] ■ Delivery title
[Our Bitfan] 01: Maou Army Koichi Morita Official Fan Club “Bitfan Monetization Technique”
■ Delivery URL
■ Newly written document for distribution
We will distribute a newly written “Bitfan Monetization Technique” document to owners and prospective owners. If you would like to distribute, please fill out the form below.
■ Bitfan owner profile
Kouichi Morita [Demon Soul]
Composer, CEO of Joker Sounds Co., Ltd., founder of Japan’s largest free music service “Maoudamashii”. 210,000 YouTube channel
subscribers, representative songs include Shining Star, 12345, and Burning Heart.
Demon King Army Koichi Morita Official Fan Club [Devil Spirit]:
[Image 2d17372-888-669fcf28e9e21100cef4-1.png&s3=17372-888-2dfc67dcc18f7313d3c760345626ff5e-1754x987.png

About the official YouTube channel
■Channel name: Bitfan
■ URL:
SKIYAKI company profile
Company name: SKIYAKI Co., Ltd.
Location: Humax Shibuya Building 3F, 1-14-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Tomohiro Kokubo, Representative Director
Capital: 593 million yen
Business: Platform business
SKIYAKI develops and provides a fan platform with more than 1.01 million paid members (as of the end of September 2022) centered on “Bitfan Pro” and “Bitfan”, and provides new value as a pioneer in the “FanTech” field. keep aiming. “FanTech” is a new concept that means “Fan x Technology”.
Details about this release:


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