SKT Read and write all in one unit. Announcement of the release of BOOX Tab Ultra, a multi-electronic paper tablet that can integrate all papers

Read and write all in one. Announcement of the release of BOOX Tab Ultra, a multi-electronic paper tablet that can integrate all papers
SKT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture,
Representative Director: Kyoko Nishimura), an official distributor of ONYX International, announced today the [BOOX Tab Ultra] equipped with a 10.3-inch electronic paper display, November 25 (Friday). It will be on sale from SKTNETSHOP, Rakuten, and Yahoo! Shopping. Amazon will be on sale from 12/1 (Thursday).
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BOOX Tab Ultra is an Android tablet for business professionals equipped with 10.3-inch electronic paper that achieves
ultra-high-speed response with BSR (BOOX Super Refresh). Equipped with innovative hardware, continuous software improvements, and cloud functions that connect between BOOX devices and PCs, you can work productively with this one machine that is easy on the eyes and hassle-free. .
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■ BOOX Tab Ultra Release Overview
Product introduction page: Suggested retail price: Open price (assumed market price: around 99,800 yen) SKTNETSHOP:
Rakuten Ichiba: Yahoo! Shopping: Release date: Friday, November 25, 2022 (December 1 for Amazon only) About the features of this model
This model is a model that can be called the culmination of the BOOX series so far. BSR that realizes ultra-high-speed operation in electronic paper, 16-megapixel rear camera for recording whiteboard content and scanning paper materials, full-laminate display that appears as if it were printed on paper, saving e-books MicoSDXC compatible card slot (512GB compatible) for recording, subdued phantom black color and 6.7mm slim design, powerful Tab Ultra with an eraser function that further enhances the functionality of the magnetic stylus (included with the main unit) and a tri-fold magnetic case (purchased with the main unit). (sometimes included), and a case with a keyboard (sold separately) that can be physically connected by PogoPin can be connected.
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From Ver3.3, the new firmware, by linking with the ONYX cloud (5 GB free), not only memos but also writing to PDF can now be linked between terminals and on the browser.
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■ Product features
[Equipped with BSR that maximizes operating speed]
Equipped with the newly developed BSR (BOOX Super Refresh), the responsiveness of all operations is enhanced, providing a comfortable operating experience. Thanks to its own GPU for fast refresh and a Qualcomm 8-core CPU for multitasking, the Tab Ultra delivers exceptional performance to boost your productivity.
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[16-megapixel rear camera that can read text]
By activating the high-resolution 16-megapixel rear camera, you can take pictures of handouts and pamphlets on the spot. The captured image can be converted to PDF, added to writing, and saved to e-mail or various cloud drives. Furthermore, if you install an app, you can use a scanner app such as vFlat or a camera app.
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[Full laminate display that appears as if it were printed on paper] The fully laminated display has a touch layer that is 50% thinner than before, resulting in a 30% improvement in light transmission. You can now bring the displayed text closer to your eyes or the tip of the pen. The clearer vision and comfortable touch motion make you feel like you are handling real paper.
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[Equipped with MicroSDXC card slot for e-books]
The main unit has 128GB of internal storage, but the Tab Ultra finally supports MicroSDXC (up to 512GB). If you put your papers and self-made e-books in it, you can continue your work anytime, anywhere. [Image 10

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[Calm black color and slim design]
The 10.3-inch Tab Ultra looks small with its linear design and narrow bezels. In addition, the Phantom Black color is a casual color, so it can be used safely in business settings. A fingerprint coating on the back keeps the phone clean and beautiful. Powerful functions are packed into a compact body with a slim size of 6.7mm.
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●Tri-fold magnetic case (included)
The Tab Ultra comes with a tri-fold magnetic case weighing 180g. By weaving the case back, you can hold the device at 120° for the best viewing angle. You can also put your hand up 12 degrees, so you can write notes comfortably.
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[Image 16d33556-31-eaefdf4dbf2253b12353-12.jpg&s3=33556-31-763b9acc20b6a579d4d541d130ae13d6-1438x710.jpg
[Image 17d33556-31-30f8d14c1baba54f4ff9-22.jpg&s3=33556-31-25ec5f54068ed00538c200ee8af4fa1c-1418x1080.jpg
– Magnetic case with keyboard (sold separately)
This magnetic case (weight: 420g) with built-in keyboard for Tab Ultra makes typing easier. Once you connect the device to the keyboard via PogoPin, you can start using the keyboard without powering the keyboard itself or pairing it via Bluetooth. It also allows handy shortcuts to quickly adjust the front light, volume, and refresh the screen. Turn your Tab Ultra into a convenient text editor that lets you work anywhere with an EInk display.
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■ Product specifications
■ Hardware
CPU: Qualcomm 8 core
GPU: BSR (BOOX Super Refresh)
ROM: 128GB (UFS2.1)
Display: 10.3 inch flat HD Carta screen
Resolution: 1872*1404 Carta (227 dpi)
Touch: Capacitive touch + 4096 levels (pressure detection Wacom pen Pen: Magnetic stylus with eraser function
Front light: warm and cool
WiFi: 802.11b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth: BT 5.0
Battery: 6300mAh
Button: Power
Slot: USB-C (OTG support)
MicroSD card slot: Yes
Speaker: Dual
Microphone: Dual
G-sensor: Yes
Camera: Yes (16 million pixels)
Fingerprint authentication: Yes
■ Software and size
OS: Android 11
Supported formats: pdf, djvu, azw, azw3, doc, docm, docx, epub, fb2, fbz, html, mobi, odt, prc, rtf, sxw, trc, txt, chm, ppt, jpg, png, bmp, tiff ,cbr,cbz,wav,mp3
Features: TTS, dictionary, handwritten calendar, etc.
Language: All languages ​​installed in Android 11
Update: Download or Local
Exterior: Black
Dimensions: 225*184.5*6.7mm
Tab Ultra Weight: 480g
Tri-fold case weight: 180g
Case weight with keyboard: 420g
USB-C cable
Quick start guide
card tray removal tool
gift box

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