Sky Farm Co., Ltd. At the “KGU Christmas Charity Concert” sponsored by Kanto Gakuin University, charity sa les of Stollen eating comparison sets at NEW PORT

Sky Farm Co., Ltd.
At the “KGU Christmas Charity Concert” sponsored by Kanto Gakuin University, charity sales of Stollen’s eating comparison set at NEW PORT
-Selling Stollen eating comparison set by patissiers related to Yokohama as a charity for humanitarian aid in Ukraine-

Sky Farm Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Takuya Kimura), which provides a DX platform for stores and commercial facilities, will collaborate with Kanto Gakuin University to host a Kanto Gakuin University event on December 9th (Friday). At the “KGU Christmas Charity Concert”, we will sell a charity set of Western confectionery bread and Stollen made by a total of four pastry chefs with ties to Yokohama.
[Event overview]
Kanto Gakuin University, which has its roots in the Yokohama Baptist Theological Seminary, which was founded in Yamate, Yokohama in 1884, is a comprehensive university with three campuses in Kanagawa Prefecture. Next spring, we will open a new campus in the Kannai and Kangai districts, which are the center of Yokohama, and aim to be a university that is open to the public and where diverse human resources work together.
■Kanto Gakuin University official website
To commemorate the completion of the Tenne Memorial Hall, which will be opened on the new campus, the KGU Christmas Charity Concert will be held on December 9th. Ukrainian singer and bandura player Natasha Guzy and jazz pianist Motoyuki Koseki will appear on the day of the event. In front of the new campus, illumination centering on the Christmas tree will also be held. At this event, a total of 4 stores will participate in Stollen, a traditional Christmas sweet from Germany and the Netherlands, and we will sell it as a set of eating and comparing combinations of 2 stores. Part of the sales will be used for humanitarian aid for children, the elderly, and helpless people whose livelihood rights are threatened in Ukraine through Ukrainian Baptist missionaries, along with donations at charity concerts. Let’s eat. ■Sales product “Stollen eating comparison set” ¥ 3,600 (tax included) [Image 1d17102-72-30b0fc7c2851bbd413ba-0.jpg&s3=17102-72-0a5be1adb6c8ec3f0b89d79f6b7c7949-2500x1667.jpg
Stollen can be chosen from your favorite combination.
■ Participating stores
Yokohama Royal Park Hotel Coffret
Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers pastry shop “Dore”
Gyotoku BAKER’S PLACE, Chiba Prefecture
Hotel New Grand
This product can be pre-ordered from November 9th (Wednesday) on the special page of our delivery service “NEW PORT”.
Stollen eating comparison set order page
Products can be received at the venue on the day of the concert, and can also be delivered by mail. Also, those who wish to receive it in advance will receive it by pre-ordering at NEW PORT.
To celebrate the completion of the Tenne Memorial Hall, which will be opened on the new campus of Kanto Gakuin University, an unprecedented collaboration between famous Yokohama restaurants and pastry chefs with ties to Yokohama has been realized. Please enjoy the traditional taste that is popular in Europe and America at the event venue or at home.
■What is NEW PORT?
As an OMO platform that includes not only delivery but also mobile ordering, we provide an order management system for various commercial facilities and scenes.
■ Future development
As a start-up company from Yokohama, Sky Farm plans to introduce the OMO platform to various commercial facilities. We will continue to use technology to contribute to solving problems and improving
convenience, providing comfortable time and space, improving real estate value, supporting restaurants, addressing the problem of food loss, etc., and creating new value.
-Company Profile-
Company name: Sky Farm Co., Ltd.
Location: Yokohama Landmark Tower 7F NANA Lv., 2-2-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative: Representative Director Takuya Kimura
Established: July 2015
Business: Planning, development and operation of delivery and takeout systems Company website:
-Introduction results-
Delivery Platform “NEW PORT” -Yokohama Harbor Area-
Souvenir Delivery Service “TANOMO Gift” -Tokyo/Marunouchi Area-
Marunouchi Delivery “MARUDELI” -Tokyo Marunouchi Area-
Delivery service for office workers “Umedeli!” -Osaka area-
-University overview-
School name: Kanto Gakuin University
Location: 1-50-1 Mutsuura Higashi, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
President: Koya Koyama
Founded: 1884
Number of faculties: 11 faculties, 9 courses, 5 graduate schools Number of students: 10,988 (as of May 2022)
University website:
[Image 2d17102-72-5a04d951b959137676ad-2.png&s3=17102-72-55ee737263d7ed7d053c019fc72017e8-1578x257.png
[Image 3d17102-72-6dc71756ab3b087e7798-1.png&s3=17102-72-b27271eaafcee4d717ef758ba00237e9-904x220.png

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