SKY SOCIAL Co., Ltd. Show! aims to grow into a start-up company that represents Japan and become a globally active unicorn company.

Show me! aims to grow into a start-up company that represents Japan and become a globally active unicorn company.
-Adopted for Hiroshima Prefecture’s “Hiroshima Unicorn 10”
acceleration program! ~

Region-specific coupon app Misetoku! SKY SOCIAL Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Representative Director: Shohei Ikeda) is an acceleration program “HIROSHIMA UNICORN 10 STARTUP ACCELERATION” of Four Startups Co., Ltd., which is part of Hiroshima Prefecture’s “Hiroshima Unicorn 10”. has been adopted. [Show me! App download]
Show me! What is the regional specialization considered by
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Show me! The world view that we want to realize is to deliver information about the area near the current location to people who live, pass by, visit, and work.
Show me! The strength of is that you can deliver the information you want to know now and store information to users near the store without searching for keywords. Gourmet sites and information sites are now indispensable because they have the advantage of leading to reliable earnings for stores from searches to reservations. On the other hand, you may be in trouble in such a situation.
■ When you suddenly need to find a store
■ When you want to obtain information in an unfamiliar place due to moving, sightseeing, business trip, etc.
■ When acting in accordance with the second and third parties and the mood of the place
Show me! automatically obtains information on nearby stores, reducing the time and effort required to find them, allowing you to make effective use of your time. Stores can send out seasonal information to people close to their stores and attract customers according to the situation. By collaborating with the local community, it will be possible to fully appeal the attractiveness of the area with information full of originality unique to that area. In addition to discounts, we can also expect to revitalize the region by linking stores by issuing entertainment coupons and coupons from other stores, and by sending customers to stores with less traffic.
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The goal of this project is to create 10 rapidly growing companies with high corporate value comparable to unicorn companies in Hiroshima Prefecture in 10 years. “Hiroshima Unicorn 10” aims to change the “trend of concentration in Tokyo” by creating world-class startups from Hiroshima. The growth of the startups created by this project will serve as role models, and promising startups aspiring to spread their wings to the world from Hiroshima Prefecture will be born one after another, creating a virtuous cycle of accumulation and creating a “culture and culture where taking on challenges is the norm.” The purpose is to form the soil.
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“Hands-on support (spot mentors, hands-on mentors, mentoring by the secretariat)” and ” It is an acceleration program that provides hands-on support for rapid business growth through holding study sessions (finance, open innovation), providing matching opportunities with VCs and operating companies, and DEMO DAY.
[For Startup Co., Ltd.]
About Representative Shohei Ikeda
Born in Hamada City, Shimane Prefecture. After graduating from high school, he got a job at a local company. He devoted himself to soccer (currently the Chinese league) and futsal (currently the Japan futsal F2 league), which he has continued since childhood, and became independent in Hiroshima when he was 23 years old. Established SKY SOCIAL Co., Ltd. in 2021 to repay the gratitude that has been helped by countless people who came to Hiroshima. From now on, I want to pass that thought on to the next generation and aim for an IPO.
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Service name: Misetoku!
Service details:
Service start date: December 10, 2021
Compatible devices: smartphones
Supported OS: iOS/Android
Download page:
【Company Profile】
Company name: SKY SOCIAL Co., Ltd.
Location: Asty Hiroshima Kyobashi Building, 1-7 Kyobashi-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Representative: Shohei Ikeda
Established: May 2021
Business description: Coupon application business
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