“Sleep Service Consortium (TM)” Formulates Guidelines for Sleep Service Providers

sleep service consortium
“Sleep Service Consortium (TM)” Formulates Guidelines for Sleep Service Providers

Registered in the list of industry voluntary guidelines, etc. based on the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Healthcare Service Guidelines, etc.”
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The “Sleep Service Consortium (TM)” (Location: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Takanori Kobayashi) has formulated “Guidelines that sleep service providers should comply with” on September 1, 2022. rice field. As expectations for sleep services are rising, we believe that developing a market infrastructure that allows consumers to choose services with peace of mind is an urgent issue. The purpose is to contribute to the formation of a selectable market. In addition, this guideline was formulated using the FY2020 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s FY2020 health care service social implementation project cost subsidy, and the Ministry’s “Healthcare service guidelines, etc.” It is registered in the industry voluntary guideline list as being based on.
■ About the “Sleep Service Consortium (TM)”
Organization name: Sleep Service Consortium (TM)
Website: https://www.sleepconsortium.jp/
Business description:
・Survey research and dissemination/provision of information related to sleep and sleep services
・Preparation of guidelines, etc. related to sleep and sleep services, and transmission/provision of information
・Investigation, research, development and support for quality improvement and performance evaluation of sleep and sleep services ■ Members of this consortium
-Members in 2022-
Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., MTG Co., Ltd., Kao Corporation, NEC Solution Innovators Co., Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Neurospace Co., Ltd., Showa Nishikawa Co., Ltd., Kawada Feather Co., Ltd., Philips Japan Co., Ltd., Lion Corporation, Kissei Comtec Futonto Co., Ltd., DISCREATION Co., Ltd. (*in no particular order)
■ This guideline formulation committee companies and external experts -Voluntary Standards Committee-
Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., MTG Co., Ltd., Kao Corporation, NEC Solution Innovators Co., Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Neurospace Co., Ltd., One Medical Co., Ltd. (*random order)
-External expert-
Kazuo Mishima, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Akita University Graduate School of Medicine
Shunsuke Teragaki, Representative Director, Nexpert Law Office, General Incorporated Association
■Overview of guidelines that sleep service providers should comply with 〇Purpose of formulating these guidelines
We have formulated the 1st edition (general rules) of guidelines to promote the clear and appropriate disclosure and disclosure of necessary information, including evidence, from sleep service providers to consumers. By doing so, we will support the creation of a situation in which consumers can easily understand the reliability of information, can correctly select services suitable for their purpose of use, without being misled by baseless information and displays. In order to protect consumers and support the health of the public, we will strive to comply with guidelines that contribute to the development of the industry and industry, to promote information dissemination activities including guidelines, and sleep service businesses.
〇 Background of the formulation of this guideline
In recent years, there has been a demand for various healthcare services that support the maintenance and promotion of health. Sleep services, like other healthcare services, have the potential to have a major impact on health maintenance and promotion, and are one of the services that people are most interested in.
Currently, many companies are entering the sleep service market in line with rising expectations for the sleep market. , there are concerns that you cannot choose or safely consume services with confidence. We believe that it is an urgent issue to develop a market infrastructure that presents appropriate options according to the consumer’s purpose and allows consumers to choose services with peace of mind. Aiming to create a selectable market, we established the “Sleep Service Consortium” in January 2020 and have been formulating healthcare service guidelines that can be applied across the sleep industry.
-Press release at the time of establishment-
〇Points to keep in mind when formulating these guidelines and their characteristics
From the standpoint of transparency, objectivity, and continuity, from the point of view of individuals and companies that use it, we will broadly traverse sleep services (bedding, sleep sensors, IT
applications, supplements, sleep IoT products (to support the sleep environment). Air conditioners, etc.) and others (products that claim to support sleep, etc.), and set up a voluntary standards committee composed of businesses from different categories.Establish a regular consultation process for all members and cross the sleep industry. We have been formulating guidelines that can be applied in 2018. In addition, we have incorporated the verification of the created guidelines (business perspectives, consumer perspectives, advice from experts, experts, etc.).
■ About our organization’s future efforts
We will operate the formulated guidelines so that they are
multifaceted and effective, and we will also build a cooperative system for dissemination after they are formulated. Since there is a need for a system to evaluate the status of compliance with the guidelines, in the future, this organization will launch a
certification system, operate the certification system as an industry organization, and consider a system for continuous confirmation. ■ Hold workshops (participation is free)
We would like to create an opportunity for participating business operators to learn about issues surrounding the sleep industry, the desired direction for the future, the need for permeation of guidelines, points that business operators should keep in mind and work on. We believe. We will think about it from the respective standpoints of the government and experts. Companies other than members can also participate. If you are in charge of sleep services, please join us.
[Schedule] December 12, 2022 (Monday) 13:00-14:30 @ Online (ZOOM) [Cost] Free
[Capacity] 100 people
[Target] Businesses handling sleep services, businesses considering handling sleep services, etc.
・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Commerce and Service Group Healthcare Industry Division
・Kazuo Mishima, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Graduate School of Medicine, Akita University
・Mr. Shunsuke Teragaki, Representative Director of Nexpert Law Office, General Incorporated Association
■ Recruitment of consortium members
We are looking for organizations (group members) who agree with the purpose of this consortium and participate in the sound development of sleep services and laying the foundation for providing appropriate services to users, regardless of industry and position. . For more information and to apply, please contact us from the page below. https://www.sleepconsortium.jp/organization
■ Reference link
“Guidelines to be observed by sleep service providers”
Regarding the “Healthcare Service Guidelines, etc.” *Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website
https://www.meti.go.jp/policy/mono_info_service/healthcare/index_2.html [Image 2d53681-3-c096d2bfa1cb90ab4ae8-0.png&s3=53681-3-433d13d5020475c213a2adc141ad29e7-307x334.png
“Healthcare Guideline self-declaration” logo mark granted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
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