Sloos Co., Ltd. Nagoya’s first Instructor training course held as Merrithew (R) HOST TRAINING CENTER

Sloth Co., Ltd.
[Nagoya’s first] Instructor training course held as Merrithew (R) HOST TRAINING CENTER
February 2023 STOTT PILATES (R) Intensive Mat-Plus (TM) (IMP) course
Sloths Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Junji Mizuno) will regularly hold a course to train Pilates instructors at Pilates studio sloths. Our studio has become the HOST TRAINING CENTER of Merrithew (R) (, which has trained over 65,000 students in 100 countries around the world.

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Sloth Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Junji Mizuno) at Pilates studio sloths We regularly hold classes to train Pilates instructors. Our studios are in 100 countries around the world
We have become the HOST TRAINING CENTER for Merrithe (R) w
(, which has trained over 65,000 students. As a result, we are now able to offer STOTT PILATES(R) instructor training courses, certification courses and workshops provided by the world-famous Merrithew(R) company at our facility. Instructors are STOTT PILATES (R) certified instructor trainers who are active in Japan and overseas, and provide a high-quality curriculum that is recognized worldwide. In February 2023, we will open a course where you can learn how to build and teach the repertoire of matwork level 1 (beginner and intermediate).
Please check our studio website for details of the training course. (
Features of Pilates studio sloths
[Opening two stores near Shinzuibashi Station in Mizuho Ward] In total, the 2 stores have 8 Reformer machines, 3 Chairs, 2 Cadillacs, 1 Ladder Barrel, and 2 Spine Collectors (the largest number in the Nagoya area) for beginners to experience. Anyone can feel free to take lessons by STOTT PILATES (R) certified instructors.
The only Merrithew(R) certified host training center in Nagoya. We will hold a training course to become a certified instructor of STOTT PILATES (R) provided by Merrithew (R).
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Studio details
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-Studio Representative Instructor Yuki Mizuno-

After working as a store manager for a high-end brand, he became a Pilates instructor.
Taking advantage of my experience in the customer service industry, I try to give careful lessons.
Qualification: STOTT PILATES (R) ︎ Certified Instructor
-Store location-
■ Shinzuibashi EAST store
Address: 2F, 2-4-1 Yatomi-dori, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya City
■ Shinzuibashi WEST store
Address: 1-2-2-200 Yatomidori, Mizuho Ward, Nagoya City
About Pilates studio sloths
[Image 4d112645-1-3a68412cac96f945a01e-4.png&s3=112645-1-23490e5d7c35ecf611351ce09b905c37-557x313.png
Pilates studio sloths was launched by a Pilates instructor from Nagoya to spread Pilates as an exercise that anyone can enjoy. Pilates is a form of exercise that can benefit everyone from professional athletes to the general public. I want to dispel such images as “it looks difficult” and “the threshold is high”. That is our wish.

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