SMALL WORLDS Co., Ltd. A large gathering of special effects heroes gathered over a quarter of a century! Wakafuji Collection “Nostalgic Showa Toy Exhibition” held at Ariake Small Worlds in Tokyo

Special effects heroes gathered over a quarter of a century gather together! Wakafuji Collection “Nostalgic Showa Toy Exhibition” held at Ariake Small Worlds in Tokyo
Here’s your chance to see the Hero☆Star Collection! An event full of nostalgia! ?

From November 23, 2022 (Wednesday) to January 25, 2023 (Wednesday), “Nostalgic Showa Toy Exhibition” will be held at Asia’s No. 1 indoor theme park “Small Worlds TOKYO” (hereinafter referred to as Sumowal). will be held.

Holding in Kanto is a chance to enjoy the Hero Star Collection “Nostalgic Showa Toy Exhibition” since it was held in Odaiba in September 2015! About 1,000 carefully selected items, mainly works from the Showa period, will be gathered at Sumowal from among the more than 40,000 items owned by Masao Wakafuji, one of Japan’s leading toy collectors.
A lot of nostalgic characters! Go back to your childhood and enjoy yourself with yourself at that time.
There is no doubt that not only families such as three generations of parents and children, but also customers from overseas can enjoy it! Period: November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) ~ January 25 (Wednesday) Price: Entrance fee + 500 yen
Small Worlds Admission Fee
Adult (18 years old and over) 2700 yen
Junior high and high school students: 1,900 yen
Children (infants and elementary school students) 1500 yen
* Modeler Y.T.
A long-established model store that handles hobby items and plastic models, the third generation of Fuji Kyozai.
It has won the highest award in plastic model contests held at pro shops nationwide.
In addition, it has won various awards such as a special award at the model tank road championship held by a Japanese model magazine, and the first place in the reader vote of the same model magazine. He has also appeared in many events and media appearances.
Appearance guest representative song
“Danbine Tobu (Holy Warrior Dunbine)”
“L-Gaim -Time for L-GAIM-”
“MEN OF DESTINY/Evergreen (Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY)” Maya Ayukawa
“Kaze no No Reply (Heavy Fighter L-Gaim)”
“Z-Beyond Time (Mobile Suit Z Gundam)”
“Yumeiro Chaser (Armored Senki Dragner)”
Major debut in 2015 with special guests “MIQ” and “Maya Ayukawa” who sing many hit anime songs! Twin singer-songwriter “Hi∞Fu” and anime song cover unit “Hero☆Stars” will appear! A nostalgic anime song live! !
Event information will be released on Sumowal HP and various SNS. Check it out! [Masao Wakafuji] Born in 1959, from Ehime Prefecture
With over 45 years of collecting history, he is a toy collector who has lived with the development of Japanese animation special effects works.
The reason I started collecting toys was when my nephew saw a record jacket and casually said, “What’s going on with this hero’s back?” Wakafuji, who was a record collector at the time, also started collecting toys.
Currently, he uses his toys and knowledge to write toy columns for newspapers, and energetically works as a video creator to transmit nostalgic heroes and immortal stars of the good old days on YouTube’s “Hero Star Channel”. While leading a busy life, he also devotes himself to collecting toys.
[What is the Hero Star Collection?]
General term for the collection that Mr. Masao Wakafuji has collected over 45 years. From tin toys of the 1950s to figures of works that are popular today, we have about 40,000 items related to Japanese anime tokusatsu characters, mainly records, posters, figures, and life-size figures. We would like to provide a space where nostalgic memories with family and friends will shine again, triggered by a wide variety of collections.
It’s a world that’s nearby, yet far away. A 1/80 world where you can meet countless stories. A big rocket in a small world takes off with smoke and a roaring sound, and an airplane revs its engine at full speed and repeats takeoff and landing. Amidst the bustling traffic of cars and people pedaling small bicycles, the scenery of the city changes from morning to night as the day goes by. A big story in a small world created by heroines, protagonists, and townspeople that we admire makes us feel kind. Small Worlds is evolving day by day by making full use of cutting-edge technology. Every day, we create another world where you can forget your daily life and get excited and absorbed.
~Fight back COVID-19, a thorough countermeasure against new
coronavirus infections~
At SMALL WORLDS TOKYO, we are taking thorough measures against COVID-19, such as temperature measurement and alcohol disinfection at the time of entry, as well as regular ventilation so that all customers can enjoy themselves with peace of mind. In the exhibition space, which tends to be particularly crowded, we have created air passages so that it can be ventilated at any time. In addition, we measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in our park, and constantly confirm that there is sufficient ventilation, and publish it on our website. Antigen tests are conducted for employees as appropriate.
Our website “Regarding measures against new coronavirus in Small Worlds”
[Official website/Official SNS]
Official website:
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【Equipment outline】
Address: Ariake Logistics Center, 1-3-33 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo Business hours (as of November 1, 2022):
Weekdays OPEN 11:00 CLOSE 19:00 (Last entry 18:00)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays OPEN 11:00 CLOSE 20:00 (Last entry 19:00)

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