Smart Camp Co., Ltd. Smart Camp will release “SaaS Industry Report 2022” on November 11

Smart Camp Co., Ltd.
Smart Camp Releases “SaaS Industry Report 2022” on November 11th
Smart Camp Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representatives: Satoshi Furuhashi, Shion Hayashi, hereinafter “Smart Camp”) has published a “SaaS industry report” that summarizes the market size, business model, and latest trends of the SaaS (* 1) industry. 2022” (hereinafter “this article”) will be released today.
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“SaaS Industry Report” is a report that summarizes the domestic and overseas SaaS industry with the aim of promoting SaaS utilization and business development. This year marks the sixth year since the first edition in 2017, five publications have been published so far, and the cumulative number of downloads has exceeded 19,000.
The CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of the domestic SaaS market is still maintaining a high level of about 12.5%. The SaaS market size is expected to grow to 1.17 trillion yen by 2026, more than double the actual figure for FY2020 (*2). In this paper, we have summarized such market trends, a chaos map including major SaaS, and the latest information on business trends. In particular, as the digitalization of companies and the promotion of DX have accelerated, the number of companies that have newly embarked on SaaS offerings has increased, so we have significantly updated the chaos map. In addition, a digest of the “BOXIL SaaS Conference 2022 Autumn” held in September 2022 with top leaders in the SaaS industry is also posted.
Smart Camp will continue to provide the latest SaaS information through the “SaaS Industry Report” and promote the creation of momentum for corporate SaaS utilization.
*1 SaaS is an abbreviation for Software as a Service, meaning software as a service. It refers to the form in which functions that were provided as package software in the past are provided as cloud services.
*2 See Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc., “Software Business New Market 2022 – Thorough Survey of Major Package/Cloud Markets Essential for Digital First”
[Outline of “SaaS Industry Report 2022”] Release date: Friday, November 11, 2022
01 What is SaaS
02 Market size of SaaS
03 SaaS Industry Trends and SaaS Chaos Map
04 User trends seen from the number of requests for BOXIL SaaS materials 05 Market trends in the SaaS industry
06 SaaS Business Trends
07 Special Feature
[Image 2

The image is an excerpt from “SaaS Industry Report 2022”.
[What is BOXIL SaaS]
BOXIL SaaS, the No. 1 (*) SaaS comparison site selected by SaaS introduction promoters, is an information media that allows you to compare corporate cloud services for free and request materials collectively. It covers product information such as functions, fees, and case studies, and multiple service comparison tables can be created. We also have a wealth of good reviews from the introduction promoters, eliminating inefficiencies in SaaS selection.
List your services here: * From “Image Survey on SaaS Comparison Media” conducted in September 2020, Shopper’s Eye Co., Ltd.
[About Smart Camp Co., Ltd.]
We provide corporate sales and marketing support centered on BOXIL SaaS. In November 2019, it became a group company of Money Forward Co., Ltd. Taking advantage of the strengths of both companies, in recent years, we have also developed a business that supports back offices.
Company name: Smart Camp Co., Ltd.
Established: June 2014
Representatives: Representative Directors Satoshi Furuhashi, Shion Hayashi Business description: Operation of SaaS marketing platform “BOXIL SaaS”, inside sales agency / consulting “BALES”, online exhibition “BOXIL EXPO”
For inquiries about the chaos map publication in this article, please contact the following contact.
[Inquiries regarding chaos map posting]
Smart Camp Co., Ltd. SaaS Industry Report 2022 Production Manager
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