Smart Scan Co., Ltd. Countdown campaign to exceed 100,000 people undergoing “Smart Brain Checkup”!

Smart Scan Co., Ltd.
“Smart brain checkup” countdown campaign to exceed 100,000 total patients! ~ 1st place will receive an Amazon gift card worth 100,000 yen ~
Smart Scan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tohyaku Hamano; hereinafter referred to as Smart Scan), which supports the promotion of DX at hospitals and clinics, has been providing services since January 2018. We are pleased to inform you that the total number of people who have undergone checkups will soon reach 100,000.
To commemorate this, the “Smart Brain Dock” cumulative total of 100,000 people countdown campaign will be held from November 10th (Thursday).
This time, we will hold a campaign on Twitter, and for those who follow the “Smart Brain Dock” account and retweet the campaign post [at the time of reaching 100,000], we will draw a lottery for an Amazon gift card of 100,000 yen. We will give you a “Smart Brain Dock” gift ticket.

Campaign page URL

Campaign overview
・Campaign name
“Smart brain checkup” total 100,000 people countdown campaign ・Content
1st prize: Amazon gift card worth 100,000 yen (1 person)
2nd prize: “Smart Brain Dock” gift ticket (3 people)
3rd prize: Amazon gift card worth 1,000 yen (10 people)
·Application method
[1] Follow the “Smart Brain Dock” account (@SmartDock_JP) on Twitter [2] Retweet the campaign tweet
*You cannot apply by phone or postcard.
* If the same person has created multiple accounts and entered, it will be invalid.
・Application deadline
Ends when the cumulative number of “Smart Brain Checkup” patients reaches 100,000
*The number of consultations will be reported on the official website/Twitter as needed.
・Winning announcement
Winners will be sent a direct message from the official account of Smart Brain Dock within one month (planned) after the end of the campaign.
*Winners may be asked for their personal information in order to confirm their contact information, etc. Please be aware of this before participating in the campaign.
*Inquiries about prizes and winners will not be accepted.
About “Smart Brain Dock” that takes “30 minutes from reception to return” “Smart Brain Checkup” is a head MRI and head/neck MRA test that can detect brain abnormalities without subjective symptoms such as cerebral aneurysms, cerebral infarction, and brain tumors at an early stage. Since you can make an appointment online, pre-register a medical questionnaire, and check the examination results on your computer or smartphone, you can shorten your stay at the clinic and take 30 minutes from reception to return. The captured data is double-checked by a diagnostic radiologist and a neurosurgeon. In the unlikely event that an abnormality is confirmed, we will refer you to a specialized medical institution according to the results. With speedy inspections and affordable prices, we are conducting a total of 97,000 inspections by October 2022 (results from January 2018 to October 2022).
・”Smart Brain Dock” site
About SmartScan Co., Ltd.
In order to realize a “world without getting sick”, we are promoting the creation of an environment for diagnostic imaging that anyone can easily undergo. Through businesses such as the “Smart Brain Dock” service, we will contribute to the creation of time for many people to live healthy lives.
[Summary of Smart Scan Co., Ltd.]
・Company name: Smart Scan Co., Ltd.
・Established: February 2017
・ Location: 2nd floor, Selva Ningyocho, 2-14-6 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
・Representative Director: Tohyakure Hamano
・ Business overview: Medical platform service “Smart Brain Dock” operation, introduction and operation support business of “Smart Brain Dock” for medical facilities participating in the MRI sharing economy service, clinic production business, collection and analysis of personal healthcare records (PHR) New business
・ URL:
Smart Scan promotes SDGs.
・Goal 3: Good health and well-being for all
Based on the corporate philosophy of “creating a world free of disease,” we are developing businesses such as the “Smart Brain Dock” service.
This will enable early detection and treatment of diseases, and contribute to raising people’s health awareness and preventive medicine.
・Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
In order to realize sustainable corporate growth and profits, we give top priority to health in order to improve employee productivity and sense of belonging, and contribute to job satisfaction and corporate growth.
In addition, we aim to revitalize society as a whole by developing a business that creates a health checkup environment that is easy for everyone to receive.
・Goal 11: Create a city where people can continue to live
With the power of IT, we will enable a sharing economy model for advanced medical equipment and create an environment where people can easily receive brain checkups.
In addition, we will eliminate regional disparities in medical resources and contribute to regional revitalization so that people can continue to live with peace of mind.
Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals
We will build a wide range of partnerships with doctors, medical facilities, individuals, companies and organizations, and protect the well-being of people and society through open innovation and industry-academia collaboration.

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