Smart Scan Co., Ltd. Super bad cholesterol test values ​​can be managed on smartphones and PCs, and can be compared with past data

Smart Scan Co., Ltd.
Super bad cholesterol test values ​​can be managed on a smartphone or PC, and can be compared with past data
Check the result of “sd LDL-C test” on My Page of Smart Brain Dock
Smart Scan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tohyaku Hamano, hereinafter referred to as Smart Scan), which supports the promotion of DX in hospitals and clinics, has recently announced the “sd LDL-C test (super bad cholesterol)”. We will renew My Page so that you can manage your test results on your computer or smartphone. Until now, test results could be viewed as a PDF file from My Page, but from now on, they will be able to be viewed on My Page, allowing you to check and compare changes over time.
“sd LDL-C test (super bad cholesterol)” is produced by Smart Scan “Medical Check Studio Tokyo Ginza Clinic” and “Medical Check Studio Shinjuku Clinic” (Director: Masaaki Chiku), “Medical Check Studio Osaka Umeda Clinic”. (Director: Osamu Narumi).
Super bad cholesterol has the role of transporting cholesterol from the liver to the whole body, but if the number increases, there is a risk of arteriosclerosis and clogging of blood vessels. The degree of risk can be known by a blood test.
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Point of renewal
・You can check the test results on “My Page” and compare them with past results. ・You can compare the results of past medical examinations (most recent, up to 5 cases) and check the status of living improvement. ・Comments are displayed based on the inspection results. Based on the results, health column articles will be displayed as hints for improving health.
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About the “sd LDL-C test” menu provided at the medical check studio At the medical check studio, we offer “smart brain checkups”, “CT pulmonary/cardiovascular checkups”, and various cancer checkups with MRI. An increasing number of people are undergoing the “sd LDL-C test” along with other menus.
・Smart brain checkup + CT pulmonary/cardiovascular checkup / body fat test + sd LDL-C test 37,500 yen (excluding tax) [41,250 yen (tax included)]
Brain and lung/cardiovascular abnormalities that lead to serious illness are examined with head MRI/MRA/cervical MRA/CT, and the 4 major causes of death due to illness (excluding cancer other than lung cancer) are confirmed collectively.
In addition, future arteriosclerosis risk due to visceral fat and sd LDL-C status is also examined.
・CT pulmonary/cardiovascular checkup/body fat test + sd LDL-C test: 20,000 yen (excluding tax) [22,000 yen (tax included)]
In addition to checking for pulmonary and cardiovascular abnormalities and diseases, we will check your fat deposits and accumulated amount, which cannot be determined numerically.
At the same time, sd LDL-C, which causes arteriosclerosis and thrombus, is examined.
・sd LDL-C test (super bad cholesterol): 6,000 yen (excluding tax) [6,600 yen (tax included)]
 Sd LDL-C, which causes arteriosclerosis and clogging of blood vessels, is tested by collecting blood.
About Medical Check Studio
Under the production of Smart Scan Co., Ltd., Medical Check Studio shortens the examination time for busy people, such as “smart brain checkup” and “CT pulmonary/cardiovascular checkup”. We provide medical examinations and examinations that allow you to manage the price setting and test results yourself to make it easier to continue. It is a clinic that aims at early detection based on preventive medicine and will please everyone.
[Medical Check Studio Tokyo Ginza Clinic]
・ Location: 1-2-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Success Ginza First Building 2F ・Date of opening: January 2018
・Director: Masaaki Chihisa
・ URL:
[Medical Check Studio Shinjuku Clinic]
・ Location: Q Plaza Shinjuku 3-chome 2F, 3-5-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo ・Opening date: April 2021
・Director: Nobuhiro Kubota
・ URL:
[Medical Check Studio Osaka Umeda Clinic]
・ Location: 1-12-6 Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture E-ma 1st floor ・Opening date: June 2021
・Director: Osamu Narumi
・ URL:
About SmartScan Co., Ltd.
In order to realize a “world without getting sick”, we are promoting the creation of an environment for diagnostic imaging that anyone can easily undergo.
Through businesses such as the “Smart Brain Dock” service, we will contribute to the creation of time for many people to live healthy lives.
[Summary of Smart Scan Co., Ltd.]
・Company name: Smart Scan Co., Ltd.
・Established: February 2017
・ Location: 2nd floor, Selva Ningyocho, 2-14-6 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
・Representative Director: Tohyakure Hamano
・ Business overview: Medical platform service “Smart Brain Dock” operation, introduction and operation support business of “Smart Brain Dock” for medical facilities participating in the MRI sharing economy service, clinic production business, collection and analysis of personal healthcare records (PHR) New business
・ URL:
Smart Scan promotes SDGs.
・Goal 3: Good health and well-being for all
Based on the corporate philosophy of “creating a world free of disease,” we are developing businesses such as the “Smart Brain Dock” service.
This will enable early detection and treatment of diseases, and contribute to raising people’s health awareness and preventive medicine.
・Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
In order to realize sustainable corporate growth and profits, we give top priority to health in order to improve employee productivity and sense of belonging, and contribute to job satisfaction and corporate growth.
In addition, we aim to revitalize society as a whole by developing a business that creates a health checkup environment that is easy for everyone to receive.
・Goal 11: Create a city where people can continue to live
With the power of IT, we will enable a sharing economy model for advanced medical equipment and create an environment where people can easily receive brain checkups.
In addition, we will eliminate regional disparities in medical resources and contribute to regional revitalization so that people can continue to live with peace of mind.
Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals
We will build a wide range of partnerships with doctors, medical facilities, individuals, companies and organizations, and protect the well-being of people and society through open innovation and industry-academia collaboration.

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