SMARTOON novelization information The novel version of the love story “Do S Managing Director hates Hachiko”, which depicts the love story between a 29-year-old woman who has no money, no job, and no boyfriend, and a handsome and sadistic managing

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A love story about a 29-year-old woman who has no money, no job, and no boyfriend, and a handsome, super-sadistic managing director, “The sadistic managing director hates Hachiko” will be released on Saturday, November 12th. Starting serialization for 40 episodes! Delivered at “Waitba ¥ 0” on the electronic manga novel service “Piccoma”
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From November 12th (Sat), the electronic manga novel service “Piccoma” will start full-color, vertical scrolling manga content SMARTOON (R) ︎ “Do S Managing Director hates Hachiko” (Jeadam Media) Novel version “Do S Managing Director” We will start distributing Hachiko (Novel version)” (Cilab). In this distribution, 40 episodes will be released at “Waiteba ¥ 0 (R) ︎”, and will be updated every Saturday after that. This work is about a 29-year-old, unemployed, but beautiful main character, Kumiko Hachichi, who wants to date a man because of a trauma she experienced 14 years ago, but she can’t. Akuto Hiragana), reunited with the so-called “villain”. And at the interview the next day, Akuto, whom I detest. This is a love story SMARTOON depicting the love between Kumiko, who has decided to serve as Akuto’s secretary, and the sadistic managing director.
In the novel version, you can enjoy the imagination of the work world and the delicate feelings of the characters, and in the manga version, you can enjoy the characters and the world view with beautiful depictions, and you can enjoy the different charms of the same work. By all means, please take this opportunity to enjoy works of various genres, including “Do S Managing Director Dislikes Hachiko”, with Piccoma.
“De S managing director hates Hachiko (novel version)”
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Kumiko Hachichi, who has been traumatized for 14 years and can’t go out with a man even though she wants to go out with him, is reunited with a former classmate, Akuto Hira, aka “Rogue”, at a reunion she attended for the first time in a while. It’s a good place to be called Hachiko by a “villain”
Kumiko vows revenge to say goodbye to herself, who always fails. The next day, I met him at an interview at a major company, and I really hated him…! ? Kumiko has decided to serve Akuto, the managing director, as a secretary! What is the destination where you are tossed by the one you dislike? ?
Delivery starts with “Waitba ¥ 0” / Updated every Saturday
Click here for the SMARTOON version of “Do S Managing Director Hates Hachiko” Original: Onrion
Drawing: Jinson
Screenplay: Ian
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(C) Jinsun/Onlion/Ihan/JAEDAM MEDIA
Delivered at “Wait if you wait ¥ 0”
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