SOBO Co., Ltd. Improving sales of frozen vending machine products by distributing signage content! We will verify the marketing effect of digital signage for frozen vending machines

SOBO Co., Ltd.
Improving Sales of Frozen Vending Machine Products through Signage Content Distribution! Verification of Digital Signage Marketing Effectiveness for Frozen Vending Machines

SOBO Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Taihei Maskawa, hereinafter “SOBO”), Hub and Spoke Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Hirohiko Endo, hereinafter “Hub and Spoke”), Sanden Retail Systems Co., Ltd. (President: Masuya Mori) , hereinafter “Sanden RS”), East Japan Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Miyagi Division (Executive Officer, Miyagi Division Manager: Masahiro Takizawa, NTT East Japan”), video analysis data using AI camera video analysis technology and frozen vending machine products Based on sales data analysis, we will start a demonstration experiment to verify the usefulness of digital signage for improving sales of frozen vending machine products. 1. Background and purpose
In addition to the increase in vacant stores in commercial facilities due to labor shortages, efforts to reduce food loss, such as controlling the disposal of unsold and excess inventory, have become issues for local communities. In addition, it is necessary to take measures to recover and expand sales at stores that have decreased due to self-restraint, while meeting new consumer needs such as take-out needs and non-contact needs due to the impact of the new coronavirus. Against this backdrop, Sanden RS and NTT East carried out a
demonstration experiment last year of video analysis data and vending machine product sales data analysis using AI camera video analysis technology. This time, based on last year’s demonstration experiment, we will conduct a demonstration experiment of the usefulness of content distribution by digital signage, with a view to utilizing refrigerated vending machines and digital signage as a local information platform.
For the demonstration experiment, SOBO operated by FROZEN24, which aims to develop new markets and develop infrastructure using refrigerated vending machines, and NTT East will conclude a joint experiment agreement, and will conduct surveys and consider issues regarding the usefulness of digital signage. . Through this
initiative, we will contribute to the SDGs through the revitalization of local restaurants.
(1) Implementation details
Acquisition of attribute information by analysis of sales data and camera images, survey analysis
 Distribution of content using digital signage
(2) Implementation period
 November 17, 2022 March 31, 2023 (planned)
(3) Place of implementation (installation)
 In front of NTT East Itsutsubashi Building (3-2-1 Itsutsubashi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai City)
3. Roles of each company
・Sales and operation of products using frozen vending machines (Doheimon) ・Provision of signage projection content
[Hub and spoke]
・Data analysis
  · Providing effective product selection, product provision schedules, and other marketing know-how
[Sanden RS]
・Development of signage-compatible models for refrigerated vending machines (Doreimon)
[NTT East Japan]
・Provision of the site for this demonstration experiment
・Analysis and compilation of data
・Procurement, management and operation of signage services
  ·Provision, management and operation of video AI services
・Create signage projection content
4. Acquired information by AI camera
NTT East will acquire the following information with AI cameras. ・Number of people (the number of “people” detected in the image) ・ Date and time (date and time when “person” was detected in the image) ・ Attributes (estimated gender and age)
・ Location (the installation location of the camera where the “person” was detected)
 In conducting this demonstration, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Law, by giving due consideration to privacy and managing and operating based on the “Camera Image Utilization Guidebook”.
In this demonstration, data that indicates the customer’s
characteristics is immediately extracted from the video captured by the camera installed in the refrigerated vending machine, and information on gender and age is obtained. The video captured by the camera will be destroyed immediately after obtaining the information on gender and age, so the data used will not contain any information that identifies individuals.
 The analysis results may be provided to the companies participating in the demonstration as statistical information that does not identify individuals.
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[Image 2d31541-15-4bee396ee445b26b6630-1.png&s3=31541-15-c6db893f10cd2a94d594b9cb24902f9f-832x391.png

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