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Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd.
Sogo/Seibu Christmas Promotion
Artwork by painter Yohei Sugita expresses a “colorful Christmas”
Sogo & Seibu have appointed Yohei Sugita for their 2022 Christmas promotion. With the key words of “A colorful Christmas with you,” we expressed the “special feeling” and “make people feel bright” charm of Christmas. In addition to displaying the artwork at each store, it also appears as a gimmick for various purchase gifts. In addition, the Seibu Ikebukuro main store will hold an exhibition of works, making Christmas at Sogo and Seibu even more exciting.
christmas promotion summary
Date: November 1st (Tuesday) to December 25th (Sunday) * Some stores have different dates.
Available stores: All 10 Sogo/Seibu stores = Target sales areas for each store, and Seibu/Sogo shopping site “e.Department store” Christmas special site: [Image 1

[Video 3:] Yohei Sugita
[Image 2

Born October 28, 1983 in Mie prefecture.
In 2008, graduated from Musashino Art University oil painting department. painter. He continues to update his paintings with a modern and free sensibility. He is also a revolutionary in the art world with activities that are not bound by the image of conventional painters. He is one of the hardest-to-find popular artists in Japan. In 2020, he participated in Amazon Prime Video “Bachelorette Japan Season 1” and was called “Sugi-chan” and gained popularity, and now the number of fans has increased rapidly beyond the framework of art. Selected as one of the weekly SPA “100 people who will change Japan”. [Image 3

VP using artwork
[Image 4

Art decoration on the wall of the passageway
An exhibition will be held at Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store
We will exhibit and sell several new works with variations, including paintings with vivid colors. In addition, we will hold events such as live painting by Yohei Sugita, workshops for children, and autograph sessions.
-Overview of the exhibition-
Yohei Sugita’s Dynamic Work Exhibition Yohei Sugita CHRISTMAS EXHIBITION 2022 Date: December 14th (Wednesday) to 21st (Wednesday)
Venue: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 7F (South) = Event Hall A
Opening hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm *On the final day, December 21st (Wednesday), only this venue will be closed at 4:00 pm.
Admission fee: Free
Four original gifts to enjoy Yohei Sugita’s artwork
-Yohei Sugita x Seibu/Sogo Limited Pattern Insulated Bag-
Dates: Varies by store
Target stores: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store, Seibu Shibuya Store, Seibu Tokorozawa SC, Seibu Higashi Totsuka SC, Seibu Akita Store, Sogo Omiya Store
Conditions: During the exhibition period, if you make a reservation for a Christmas cake of 4,500 yen or more
First 4,500 people (total number of target stores)
[Image 5

-Yohei Sugita x Seibu/Sogo limited pattern sketchbook (with calendar)- Date: November 18th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday)
Venue: Target sales floors at each Sogo and Seibu store
Conditions: During the exhibition, the first 5,000 Club On/Millennium members who purchase 5,500 yen or more including tax at the target sales floor (total of Seibu and Sogo stores)
[Image 6

-Yohei Sugita x Seibu/Sogo limited pattern memo cover (with Rhodia memo pad No.11)-
Dates: December 6th (Tuesday) to 25th (Sunday) Venues: Sogo and Seibu stores Conditions: During the exhibition period, purchases of 5,500 yen or more including tax at the target sales floor
The first 5,000 people (Seibu and Sogo stores total)
[Image 7

-Yohei Sugita x Seibu/Sogo Limited Pattern Marriage Registration Set of 2 (with clear file)-
Date: November 1st (Tue) – December 25th (Sun)
Venue: Sogo and Seibu stores *Excluding Seibu Tokorozawa S.C. and Higashi-Totsuka S.C.
Conditions: 1,500 first-come, first-served customers during the exhibition period (total of Seibu and Sogo target stores)
[Image 8

Yohei Sugita special movie also released
A special movie “I asked Sugi-chan!”, which can only be seen on the special site, has been released.
This year’s Christmas schedule? * The image in this release is an image. We answer a variety of questions, from the enthusiasm for the solo exhibition.
[Video 4:]

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