Sogo Yokohama store Seasonal coat style 2022

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[Sogo Yokohama store] Seasonal coat style 2022
Winter temperatures are expected to be cooler than normal this year. Responding to “winter outing needs” where opportunities to go out have increased since last year

Exhibition period: Until Wednesday, November 30, 2022
■ Venue: Sogo Yokohama store 3rd and 4th floors = women’s clothing section Target brands (approximately 60 brands)
The Sogo Yokohama store is forecasting a severe winter this winter, and based on the fact that there are more opportunities to go out than last year,
We feature the latest coat styles to suit your needs.
At the target brands of the women’s clothing section on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Sogo Yokohama store, we have a wide variety of coats, such as popular short lengths, materials with excellent heat retention, and colors that make you feel good.
A winter coat that many people choose the shape and silhouette to match their body type. This year, we are introducing coats that are easy to choose according to your type, such as coats with loose silhouettes, gorgeous and voluminous coats, and coats with simple designs.
In addition, the official Sogo Yokohama store Instagram account “SOGO Hamageenne” introduces styling in addition to recommended coats by type.
* The images in this release are images, and all prices include tax. Let me press the point and choose a coat that suits me
●Casual and rough loose silhouette
★Recommended for this type of person★
– Well-balanced with no bias in the whole body
-Strong bones and joints
・Stylish figure with little muscle and fat
●Tomorrowland/Premium Wool River Hooded Short Coat 59,400 yen  Materials: 100% wool, Sizes: 34 (No. 7), 36 (No. 9), Colors: 4 colors / 4th floor = women’s clothing store
A trendy short length that can be worn casually.
[Image 1

●Human Woman/Double Beaver Coat 48,400 yen
 Materials: 96% wool, 4% nylon, size: M, color: 2 colors / 4th floor = women’s clothing department
Bright colors that you want to wear in winter.
[Image 2

Gorgeous and voluminous soft texture
★Recommended for this type of person★
・The upper body is delicate
・Waist is constricted
・Thin and long neck
● Tabasa et Pitchun / Ring check duffle coat 88,000 yen
Material: 52% acrylic, 24% polyester, 21% wool, 1% cotton, 1% nylon, 1% rayon Size: Free size / 4th floor = women’s clothing store
Bold checks make it look glamorous.
[Image 3

● Double standard clothing / nylon full dull taffeta coat 99,000 yen Material: mink, 100% nylon, [lining] 100% polyester, [filling] 80% down, 20% feather
 Size: 36/38, color: 2 colors/4th floor = women’s clothing store Clean down waist mark.
[Image 4

● M’s Gracie / Collarless coat 72,600 yen
 Materials: 90% wool, 10% nylon, Sizes: 38/40, Colors: 4 colors / 4th floor = women’s clothing section
A bright pink and elegant silhouette.
[Image 5

A simple design with a sense of firmness
★Recommended for this type of person★
・Muscular and well-balanced body
・High bust position
・High waist position
●Untitled/no color coat 53,900 yen
 Materials: 71% wool, 29% cashmere, Sizes: 7 and 9, Colors: 4 colors / 4th floor = women’s clothing store
The drop shoulders make it look neat and attractive.
[Image 6

● New Yorker / Sliver Knit Tyrolean Coat
[9/11] 44,000 yen, [13/15] 46,200 yen
Material: 64% polyester, 36% wool, size: 9 and 11, color: 2 colors / 4th floor = women’s clothing floor
A revival of the popular warm and light outerwear.
[Image 7

Sogo Yokohama store official Instagram account “SOGO Hamageenne” In addition to recommended coats by type, we introduce styling. ↓
★An introduction coat example★
A simple design coat with a sense of firmness
● Superior Closet / Wool Wrap Coat 54.000 yen
 Size: 7 and 9, color: black and brown, material: 90% wool, 10% nylon A light and soft wrap coat. Because it is not influenced by trends, you can enjoy a wide range of styling.
[Image 8

● Comsa Platinum/Angora Wool Coat 63,800 yen
 Size: 9/11, color: lilac, ecru, black, material: 60% angora, 40% wool Made of soft, lustrous and lustrous angora blend material with excellent heat retention, the large collar that covers the shoulders is impressive.
[Image 9


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