Sojitz Introduces “N-NOSE(R)” for Early Detection of Cancer in Employees and Their Families

Sojitz Corporation
Sojitz Introduces “N-NOSE(R)” for Early Detection of Cancer in Employees and Their Families
-A highly convenient initiative that allows specimens to be submitted at the clinics of the Tokyo Head Office/Kansai Branch Office-
Sojitz Corporation (Representative: Masayoshi Fujimoto, hereinafter “Sojitz”) announces the launch of “N-NOSE(R)” developed and provided by HIROTSU Bioscience Co., Ltd. (Representative: Takaaki Hirotsu, hereinafter “HIROTSU Bioscience”). )” to employees working in Japan and their families for the purpose of early detection of cancer. “N-NOSE(R)” developed and provided by HIROTSU Bioscience is a primary cancer detection system that utilizes the ability of nematodes, organisms with an excellent sense of smell, to detect the odor of cancer contained in human urine. It’s a screening test.
Sojitz and HIROTSU Bioscience will enter into a capital and business alliance agreement in February 2022 to jointly develop N-NOSE(R) overseas business, and Sojitz will invest in HIROTSU Bioscience. did. Sojitz is based on the idea that employees who are highly motivated in their work and demonstrate their full potential lead to improvements in organizational strength, and realize Sojitz’s goal of “creating new value and a prosperous future.” , established the Sojitz Group Health Charter “Sojitz Healthy Value” regarding health maintenance and promotion (March 2018). As a measure against cancer, once every three years, employees aged 40 and over undergo regular medical
examinations, as well as gastroscopes, colonoscopies, chest CT scans, tumor markers, etc., to detect cancer at an early stage.・Although we are striving for treatment, we have started introducing “N-NOSE (R)” employees and their families to increase the chances of early cancer detection. We will establish a place for submitting specimens at the clinic of the Tokyo Head Office/Kansai Branch Office, and build a more convenient approach for employees and their families.
HIROTSU Bioscience will continue to support corporate health management and contribute to raising health awareness throughout society by providing the nematode cancer test “N-NOSE(R)” for early cancer detection. Aim.
◇Details regarding the introduction of N-NOSE(R), a primary cancer screening test by Sojitz
Recipients: Sojitz employees (including those seconded in Japan) and their first- and second-degree relatives and spouses
Urine sample submission method: submission to N-NOSE station, request for pickup at N-NOSE at home,
Aim of the initiative: Maintaining the physical and mental health of employees and their families by providing opportunities for early cancer detection
[Reference] What is nematode cancer test N-NOSE?
Nematodes, organisms with an excellent sense of smell, are tests that utilize the highly accurate detection of cancer-specific odors contained in human urine. This new test, which utilizes the ability of living organisms, is simple and painless, and has the following six features.
1. Convenience: Just like a health checkup, it can be tested with a small amount of urine
2. Inexpensive: Because nematode breeding costs are low, inspection fees can be provided at low prices
3. High accuracy: Sensitivity is 86.3% (*1)
4. Early detection: Response to early cancer (stage 0, 1)
5. Non-invasive: Since it can be tested with urine, there is no pain or other discomfort
6. Systemic (*2) comprehensive: It is possible to examine the cancer risk of the whole body with a single examination
*1 From the data presented by the Japanese Society for Cancer Prevention (June 2019), the Japanese Society for Ningen Dock (July 2019), and the Japanese Society of Cancer Screening and Diagnosis (August 2019)
*2 Cancer types that nematodes are known to react to: stomach, colon, lung, breast, pancreas, liver, prostate, uterus, esophagus,
gallbladder, bile duct, kidney, bladder, ovary, oral cavity/pharyngeal (15 types) )
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