SoLabo Co., Ltd. x Faber Company Co., Ltd. A free seminar on the theme of new content marketing starting with owned media x LINE will be held on November 16th.

SoLabo Co., Ltd.
[SoLabo Co., Ltd. x Faber Company Co., Ltd.] A free seminar on the theme of new content marketing starting with owned media x LINE will be held on November 16th.

SoLabo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Koichi Tahara) has a theme of “a new content marketing method that starts with the use of owned media and LINE” that utilizes its own experience in operating official LINE and owned media. We will hold a free online seminar in collaboration with Faber Company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Directors: Masaki Inatsugu and Nobuo Furusawa). (Application URL:
About the seminar
In this seminar, SoLabo, which operates 4 official lines and 7 owned media, and Faber Company, which provides various content marketing tools for attracting customers on the web, will introduce “content marketing” methods to lead to sales. To do.
This is a seminar that explains new ways to attract customers by combining owned media and LINE.
Recommended for people like this
・ Those who are sluggish in attracting customers on the web
・Those who are able to attract customers but cannot acquire leads ・Those who have not been able to get results from lead acquisition Overview of the event
*We do not accept participation by companies or individuals that are developing services or businesses that compete with SoLabo Co., Ltd. or Faber Company Co., Ltd. Please note.
[Seminar content]
・ Content marketing that can be done by utilizing owned media and LINE ·Question-and-answer session
[SoLabo Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hirokazu Tahara]
We handle almost everything in-house, including owned media, listings, LINE official accounts, YouTube, and TikTok, and receive more than 1,500 inquiries every month. Web consulting also supports many clients from small and medium-sized enterprises to listed companies, and has experience in marketing support for more than 100 companies in the past. We have received many inquiries about fundraising support and customer attraction support from the LINE official account that we operate.
[Faber Company Co., Ltd. Executive Officer Executive Marketing Director Katsuhiro Tsukioka]
Joined Faber Company in 2014 after working as an SFA introduction consultant and CRM sales. After engaging in sales and consulting for SEO and content marketing, established the IMC department in charge of marketing. Responsible for overall company marketing and public relations & PR. From 2020, he will also serve as the product owner of MIERUCA, and in October 2021, he will be appointed as an executive officer of the company.
About the efforts of SoLabo and Faber company
SoLabo and Faber company have supported many businesses of SMEs and small businesses by supporting web marketing, providing marketing tools, and consulting support. In the future, we will mainly disseminate necessary information so that business operators can respond to the changing world, solve problems and realize business growth.
About SoLabo Inc.
As a certified support organization, we have responded to an average of more than 1,000 inquiries every month nationwide, and have provided a total of more than 4,500 loans in the loan field.
From 2021, we will strengthen the subsidy application support project such as business restructuring subsidies and small business
sustainability subsidies, and actively support early management improvement plans, expanding the range of funding support. Expanding. In 2022, we are strengthening cooperation with financial institutions, venture capital, companies that promote side business support, and joint seminar projects, etc., expanding the framework to support managers and responding to the growing demand for consultation. SoLabo Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Headquarters: Shin-Akihabara Building 7F, 1-18-19 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Branch office: 4-5-3 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa University Minatomirai Campus 1F
Representative: Koichi Tahara, Representative Director
Established: December 11, 2015
About Faber Company Co., Ltd.
Based on the concept of “fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology”, we support corporate web marketing. Since its founding in 2005, it has developed businesses such as SEO measures and content production for client companies. In 2013, we started developing our own SEO platform “Mielka” and released it in 2015. Starting with joint research with National University Corporation Toyohashi University of Technology, we are focusing on applied research of artificial intelligence in the field of web marketing through industry-academia collaboration with Meiji University. Faber Company Company Profile
Headquarters: Kamiyacho Trust Tower 23F, 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Branch office: 6-4 Ekiminami Honcho, Saga City, Saga Prefecture Saga Chuo Dai-ichi Life Building 7F
Representatives: Representative Directors Masaki Inatsugu and Nobuo Furusawa Established: October 24, 2005
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