Sold Out Group receives “Bronze” in “PRIDE Index 2022”, an index for evaluating LGBTQ+ initiatives

Sold Out Co., Ltd.
Sold Out Group receives “Bronze” in “PRIDE Index 2022”, an index for evaluating LGBTQ+ initiatives

SoldOut Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President, CEO and CCO: Osamu Aranami; hereinafter “SoldOut”), which develops growth support for small and medium-sized enterprises and venture companies throughout Japan, including rural areas, in the digital marketing field. Work with Pride 2022 Executive Committee (Secretariat: NPO Good Aging Yells), which supports the promotion and establishment of diversity management regarding sexual minorities such as LGBTQ+ (hereinafter “LGBTQ+”) in domestic companies and organizations We are pleased to inform you that we have been awarded the “Blonde” as a Sold Out Group in the “PRIDE Index” that we have established.
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What is the PRIDE Index?
The “PRIDE Index” is an evaluation index for initiatives related to LGBTQ+ in the workplace. established in the year. The evaluation indicators consist of the following five items, such as company policies and internal systems.
1: Policy: Action Declaration
2: Representation: Participant community
3: Inspiration: Enlightenment activities
4: Development: personnel system, program
5: Engagement/Empowerment: Social contribution/external relations activities Efforts at our company
In September 2021, the SoldOut Group established the Diversity Promotion Committee, chaired by the President and Representative Director, in order to respect the diversity of people inside and outside the company and use it as a driving force for growth and innovation. , We have been working on various diversity promotion such as promotion of employment of people with disabilities. In particular, regarding LGBTQ+, we are working to raise employee awareness through LGBTQ+ training and tests for all employees, as well as improving the internal environment, such as systems for same-sex partners. These activities have been evaluated and led to the acquisition of bronze certification.
Going forward, we will continue to work to improve the environment with the aim of becoming a company where everyone can work
energetically, regardless of attributes such as age, gender, nationality, or whether they have a disability.
Effort example
・Implementation of diversity training
We provide training for new employees, orientation for mid-career hires, and training for managers and executives to deepen their understanding of diversity, including LGBTQ+.
*Training example: “LGBTQ+ and Workplace Seminar” with Mr. Aya Goda, CEO of TIEWA Co., Ltd.
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・Efforts to increase allies
In internal communication tools, we voluntarily display a rainbow mark next to our name as an expression of our ally. We disseminate it throughout the company through training, etc., and encourage the declaration of ally.
・Set “D&I promotion month” as an awareness period to promote understanding including LGBTQ+
In conjunction with World Diversity Day on May 21st, we designated May 21st to June 20th, 2022 as D&I Promotion Month, and held training sessions to promote understanding.
・Establishment of a system for same-sex partners
Individuals are free to decide whether or not to register their same-sex partners as company personnel information. Applications for leave, benefits, and benefits can also be completed on the intranet, and we have developed a system that eliminates the need to explain to the company if you do not want to tell the company that your partner is the same sex.
*About work with Pride
A voluntary organization that supports the promotion and establishment of diversity management for LGBTQ+ and other sexual minorities in Japanese companies and organizations.
*What is Sold Out?
The Sold Out Group supports the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises and venture companies throughout Japan, including local areas, in the areas of digital marketing, software, media production and operation, and DX. With 20 bases nationwide, it is a
community-based company that emphasizes face-to-face sales,
understands the challenges and uniqueness of local small and medium-sized enterprises, and provides solutions that match each of them. From business startups to the acceleration of existing businesses, we utilize technology and make proposals that match the growth stage of our customers. .
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■Head office: 19F Korakumori Building, 1-4-14 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0004 ■ Representative: President and CEO and CCO: Osamu Aranami
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