Soliton Systems Received special award at “MCPC award 2022” for “Efforts toward telemedicine using 5G SA and MEC environment”

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“Efforts toward telemedicine using 5G SA and MEC environment” won a special award at “MCPC award 2022”

Dear members of the press,
November 29, 2022
“Efforts toward telemedicine using 5G SA and MEC environment” won a special award at “MCPC award 2022”
Soliton Systems Co., Ltd. (President: Nobuo Kamada, hereinafter Soliton) is a subsidiary of Riverfield Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Kotaro Tadano, hereinafter Riverfield) and KDDI Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo). Chiyoda Ward, President: Makoto Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as KDDI)
“Efforts toward telemedicine utilizing 5G SA* and MEC environment” We are pleased to announce that we have received the special award in the user category of the “MCPC award 2022” held by the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Yasuhiko Yasuda, hereinafter MCPC).
* SA = Stand Alone
[Image 1

This “MCPC award” is an attempt by MCPC, an organization that promotes mobile computing across industries, to contribute to the spread of mobile solutions and IoT/AI systems by recognizing use cases such as advanced mobile system technology. In the user department, we have introduced and utilized services, solutions, technologies, etc. related to mobile, IoT / AI, robots, etc. in various information systems owned by companies and organizations, infrastructure for customers, etc. Entries that contribute to society are eligible for evaluation and commendation.
This time, “Efforts toward telemedicine utilizing 5G SA and MEC environment” received a special award in the “user category”. [Image 2

20th MCPC award 2022 awards ceremony
From left:
Mr. Takahiro Sugano, Director/CTO, Riverfield Co., Ltd.
Shinya Hyakutake, Video Communication Division, Soliton Systems Co., Ltd. Mr. Kentaro Matsumoto, Software Engineering Department, KDDI Corporation [User Category] Special Award
Efforts toward telemedicine using 5G SA and MEC
For the purpose of remote operation and remote technical guidance for surgical assistance robots,
Using 5G SA, low-latency communication of video/control signals can be performed with the level of delay required for remote control of robots (equivalent to fixed lines).
Video signals are branched to multiple destinations via a relay server on the MEC. It should be possible to provide real-time technical guidance from a remote location.
In addition, 5G SA network slicing technology was used to communicate video and control signals, realizing stable communication that is not easily affected by other traffic.
Role of each company
Riverfield: Development and provision of surgical assistance robots KDDI: Construction and provision of 5G SA environment (including connection to MEC)
Soliton: Low-delay transmission protocol (video and control signals), construction and provision of video relay servers
[About Soliton Systems Co., Ltd.]
Since its establishment, in the IT and electronics industry, we have always kept an eye on new technological trends and have achieved many “firsts in Japan.” In recent years, we have been working on everything from IT security centered on authentication to cyber countermeasure products, high-definition level video transmission systems using mobile phone lines 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi, remote drives, etc. As a domestic manufacturer, we provide products and services that focus on original “manufacturing” and “originality.”
Established: 1979, sales 17.3 billion yen (fiscal year ending December 2021, consolidated), Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime
[Inquiries regarding this release]
Soliton Systems Co., Ltd. Video Communication Division
Tel: 03-5360-3860,

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