Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd. Collaborating with Alvark Tokyo to develop a cheer dance class “Smile Dance Project” for children’s centers, after-school day services, etc.

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
In collaboration with Alvark Tokyo, the cheer dance class “Smile Dance Project” is developed for children’s centers, after-school day services, etc.

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (President: Giichi Shirakawa, hereinafter referred to as “Sompo Japan”) and Toyota Alvark Tokyo Co., Ltd. (President: Kunihiko Hayashi, hereinafter referred to as “Alvark Tokyo”) are a non-profit organization Japan NPO Center.
(Representative Natsuko Hagiwara, hereinafter referred to as “Japan NPO Center”), since last year, we have held a dance class “Smile Dance Project” for children’s centers with Alvark Tokyo cheerleaders. This year, the second year since the start of the project, we will expand the target of this project to include children with disabilities who attend after-school day care services.
Through this project, we will contribute to Goal 3 “Good health and well-being for all” and Goal 11 “Sustainable cities and communities” through partnerships, Goal 17 of the SDGs.
1. background
Since 2016, Sompo Japan has been a sponsor of Alvark Tokyo to support the promotion and spread of sports through basketball. With the desire to deliver the fun and smiles of Alvark Tokyo cheerleaders and dance to children who have fewer opportunities to exercise due to the corona crisis, cheer dance classes are held at local children’s centers and groups centered on Alvark Tokyo’s activity bases. has started to be held.
Alvark Tokyo is working to solve social issues in the region through the social responsibility project “ALVARK Will”, which is implemented as a token of gratitude to fans and local residents. As one of them, we are promoting human rights and diversity through the power of sports and working to deliver smiles and hope. And so on.
The children’s center that implemented this project last year said, “I am grateful that the children were able to have such a wonderful experience.” This year, we hope to bring smiles and hope to a wider range of people by expanding the scope of the “Smile Dance Project” to include children who attend after-school day care services. Aim. 2. project overview
・ Target audience: Elementary school students, junior high and high school students in the area where the project is held
・ Venue: Children’s centers in Mitaka City, Chofu City, Shibuya Ward, and after-school day services
・ Schedule: Starts sequentially from December 13, 2022 (about twice a month around evening on weekdays)
・ Date and place of the first event: 15:45 on December 13, 2022 “Chofugaoka Children’s Center”
・ Contents: Introduction of activities by cheerleaders and
demonstrations by cheerleaders,
       Dance instruction to participating children, presentation, etc. (about 1 hour)
3. Comments from each company
-Sompo Japan-
Sompo Japan aims to realize “SOMPO’s purpose” to “realize a society where everyone can enjoy a healthy and rich life in their own way through a theme park of security, health and wellness.” We are promoting efforts to create social value under the slogan “Initiatives for SDGs” in our medium-term management plan. By continuing efforts to achieve the SDGs through partnerships, including this project, we will contribute to the resolution of regional social issues and the realization of a sustainable society.
-Alvark Tokyo-
Alvark Tokyo has started the social responsibility project “ALVARK Will” from the 2021-22 season. Through these activities, we will strive to solve social issues and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, which are the common goals of the world. In this “Smile Dance Project”, together with Sompo Japan and Japan NPO Center, we will do our best to deliver a hopeful future to the next generation through dance instruction to local children.
-Japan NPO Center-
The Japan NPO Center aims to strengthen the social foundations of NPOs and to establish new partnerships with companies and governments as co-responsible individuals for the creation of civil society, and is developing partnerships and collaborations with various entities. increase. The “Smile Dance Project” brings together the resources of each affiliated organization to create opportunities to open up the possibilities of children. We will continue to collaborate with various stakeholders so that we can create such unique initiatives. that’s all

-Toyota Alvark Tokyo Co., Ltd.-
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-NPO Japan NPO Center-
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-Reference: Alvark Cheerleader・Logo of this project-
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