Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd. Implementation of small-lot shared transportation service “Hakomobi” demonstration experiment

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
Implementation of small-volume shared transportation service “Hakomobi” demonstration experiment

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (President: Giichi Shirakawa, hereinafter referred to as “Sompo Japan”) and the town of Hakone (Mayor: Hiroyuki Katsumata) are working together as a project to support the mobility of local residents by promoting the maintenance and promotion of outdoor activities by the elderly and others. With the aim of promoting health, improving quality of life (QOL), and strengthening local communities, industry, government, and academia have
collaborated to provide a small-volume shared transportation service called “Hakomobi” (Hakone Mobility) to support movement between the Miyagino and Sengokuhara regions. We will inform you that we will conduct a demonstration experiment (hereinafter referred to as “this demonstration experiment”).
1. Purpose/content
In addition to Yokohama National University*1 (President: Izuru Umehara), Kanagawa Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (President: Eiji Ichikawa) and KT Group Co., Ltd. (Chairman and President: Takehiko Ueno) will be involved in this demonstration experiment as an
industry-government-academia collaboration. ), Prime Assistance Co., Ltd. (President: Masato Oki), Odawara Kiki Co., Ltd. (President: Akiyoshi Maruyama), Keikyu Corporation (President: Yukihiro Kawamata), LocaliST Co., Ltd. (President: Ryo Ariyoshi), and will be implemented while providing the specialized skills, systems, equipment, etc. of each company.
Commercial facilities, financial institutions, medical facilities, public facilities, etc. in the two regions are used as stops, and in the first half of the experimental period, a fixed route is operated according to the timetable, and the second half is registered. It will be an “on-demand operation” that allows you to flexibly decide the route according to the reservation of the person and get on and off at many boarding and disembarking points.
A demonstration experiment will be conducted by installing a terminal that captures the BLE*2 emitted by the beacon distributed as a passenger pass and the results of a post-questionnaire to users inside the vehicle or facility, and acquiring information such as the user’s boarding section and facility usage status. We will measure the effect and demand of the movement and consider mobility support according to the actual situation of the region.
*1 Hakone-machi and Yokohama National University will promote comprehensive collaboration and cooperation in various fields such as tourism, community development, and education, and will conclude a comprehensive partnership agreement in February 2018 to resolve local issues. is concluded.
*2 Abbreviation for Bluetooth Low Energy, short-range wireless communication with low power consumption.
   The BLE beacon is a transmitter that emits it, and it is used in this demonstration experiment to grasp the trends of users.
2. Implementation overview
(1) Fixed-time regular route operation
 Operates every Monday and Wednesday from November 21, 2022 (Monday) to January 18, 2023 (Wednesday)
(excluding holidays and the period from December 28th to January 9th) (2) On-demand operation
 Operates every Monday and Wednesday from January 23, 2023 (Monday) to March 8, 2023 (Wednesday) (excluding holidays)
3. Organizations participating in demonstration experiments
[Table 2: ]
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