Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Conclusion of Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with Komatsu City

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
Regarding the Conclusion of a “Comprehensive Partnership Agreement” with Komatsu City

Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd. (President: Giichi Shirakawa, hereinafter referred to as “Sompo Japan”) is a mutual collaboration aimed at improving citizen services closely related to daily life and regional revitalization by sharing the strengths of each other. We are pleased to inform you that on October 22, we concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement between Komatsu City (Mayor: Katsuei Miyahashi) and Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
1. Background
As an insurance company that supports customers’ “safe, secure and healthy” lives, Sompo Japan is promoting initiatives for the SDGs. With Komatsu City, in May 2017, an “agreement on mutual cooperation to promote women’s participation”, in February 2022, “partnership agreement on improving regional disaster prevention capabilities”, and in August 2022, “two major transportation hubs in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture” We have signed a partnership agreement for the introduction of self-driving buses that connect the
This time, Sompo Japan proposed to Komatsu City to further strengthen cooperation in order to contribute to regional revitalization and the improvement of citizen services in a wider range of fields, leading to the conclusion of this agreement.
2. Purpose of agreement
Komatsu City and Sompo Japan will promote activities through close mutual cooperation and collaboration in a wide range of fields, such as disaster prevention and mitigation measures, construction of next-generation transportation, and promotion of women’s participation in the workplace, to revitalize the region and improve citizen services. work on.
3. Main contents of the agreement
We will form a business alliance in the following items that can make use of Sompo Japan’s strengths and characteristics.
(1) Matters related to disaster prevention/mitigation and support for rebuilding citizens’ lives in the event of a disaster
(2) Things related to next-generation transportation construction and regional revitalization
(3) Matters related to promotion of women’s active participation (4) Matters related to PR for administrative measures
(5) Other matters agreed upon by both parties to achieve the purpose of this agreement
4. About the future
Sompo Japan will continue to work with Komatsu City to develop regional revitalization support campaigns. In addition, we will inform insurance agents and others about this agreement, and we will make a company-wide contribution to Komatsu City.
that’s all
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