Sony Music Entertainment Inc. welcomes “Mina” as the lead, and the original novel contest for the novel reading video “Blooming Box” has started!

Sony Music Entertainment Inc. welcomes “Mina” as the lead, and has started the original novel contest for the novel reading video “Blooming Box”!
[Image 1d14577-116-fa84e8eabd257646190f-0.jpg&s3=14577-116-d18f257a34771f1ee08dcfdda2a19ccb-1920x1080.jpg is a novel posting site where you can freely post “stories” to “themes” issued by management every day, and you can play with various reactions such as adding illustrations and comments to them. From the past “Monocon 2019”, it has attracted a lot of attention, such as the birth of the unit “YOASOBI” that “turns novels into music” that has participated in NHK “Kohaku Uta Gassen” for two consecutive years.
This time, will host an original novel contest for Blooming Box, with “Mina” in the lead role.
Blooming Box is a novel reading type YouTube channel born from the novel posting site “”. is soliciting original stories that will be made into films as “readings,” and through encounters between actors and stories, we will deliver new ways to enjoy novels.
Blooming Box has three rules.
・ Grand prize novel = The work to be read aloud is finally decided by the performer himself.
・Receive a letter from the original author before performing, and receive his thoughts on the work.
・Recording is performed until the performer is satisfied with the performance, and the “cut” is decided by the performer.
We look forward to receiving many applications.
■ Subjects
Subject: “Actually…”
Application URL:
■ Submission format
Considering the format of reading aloud, please post from a
first-person perspective.
■ Character limit
2000 characters or less
■ Recruitment period
November 25, 2022 (Friday) 12:00 to December 16, 2022 (Friday) 23:59 ■ Result announcement
Early January 2022 (planned)
■ Award
Based on the grand prize work, it will be visualized as a reading work on the novel reading type YouTube channel “Blooming Box | Novel reading video”.
■ Performer Mina profile
[Image 2d14577-116-41281da65dd6bafa3233-1.jpg&s3=14577-116-623250a1cb14fe7620a00fdb902b0571-1044x1568.jpg
Name: Mina
Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. After leaving the idol group BiS in 2022, she is working as a freelance actress and singer. Since his first live performance as a solo artist at New Acoustic Camp 2022 on September 18th, he has been actively performing live.
↓Comment from Mina
Nice to meet you, I’m Mina. I usually sing along with the actress. The theme is “Really…”
I believe that everyone has times when they can’t tell the truth, and I thought that if we could share those moments in a story together, something interesting would be born. It’s the story of a person who can’t really say what he really thinks, or he says something in the story that he usually wants to say but can’t say… Let’s hear the screams in your heart!
It’s my first time doing a recitation play, and I’m really looking forward to it.
We are waiting for your story!
↓ Various SNS accounts
・ Twitter:
■Blooming Box | About the novel reading video
[Image 3d14577-116-7b83dec0ae86bc0e3117-3.png&s3=14577-116-0985bb84643a8640ccf784c836944232-3900x2197.png
Blooming Box is a novel reading type YouTube channel born from the novel posting site “”.
The works of will be visualized as “readings”, and we will deliver new ways to enjoy novels through encounters between actors and stories.
↓ Various SNS accounts
YouTube: Twitter:
-Application requirements-
・Regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur, anyone who has registered as a member of can apply.
・By posting a “story” to the set theme “Actually…”, it will be considered as an application.
・Be sure to give your work a title.
・Limited to unpublished original works. Derivative creations that infringe on the copyrights of other copyrighted works and similar works, and works that the management staff judges as such will be excluded from the selection without prior notice.
・There is no genre limit for the “story” as long as it is written along the “theme”.
・One person can submit multiple works.
・When making the film, the author may write a letter to the performer, and the performer may read the letter in the video. Please note. -Notes-
・Submissions will be handled in accordance with the terms of use and guidelines of the site. In addition, at the time of submission of work = publication, it is considered that you have agreed to all the requirements of the “Blooming Box Original Novel Contest” (hereinafter referred to as this contest).
・Inquiries regarding the selection process cannot be answered. ・If the fact that the applicant is not eligible for selection is recognized after the end of this contest, the award may be revoked. ・If the applicant causes damage to our company or a third party as a result of violating these application guidelines, we may ask you to compensate for the damage.
・Award winners of this contest may use the submitted work at the time of submission (in addition to turning it into a poster, making it into music, video, book, comic, game, other products, and distributing these to third parties). We shall grant priority to our company for the right to re-license).
・Please note that there is a possibility that some settings and developments may be changed from the original when using the above. ・ All copyrights of products and merchandise created with the motif of the grand prize work belong to the seller.
・If an entry wins an award, the winner may not use the award-winning work themselves or allow a third party other than our company to use it without our prior written consent.
・If a third party other than our company asks you to use your submitted work before the results of this contest are announced, please be sure to contact the management staff using the inquiry form.
・Award-winning works will be posted on for one year after the award, and will not be subject to deletion by the author. ・Winners shall agree in advance to enter into a contract with the Company regarding the use of the award-winning work if the entry wins the award.
・Winners agree in advance to fill in the “ Consent Form for Use of Works” that will be provided separately when using their work as a work.
・This contest is sponsored by For inquiries regarding this contest, please be sure to contact the management staff using the inquiry form.

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