Sony Music Entertainment Sony Music’s VTuber project “VEE” and the first “Apex Legends” custom tournament “Koha CUP” hosted by VTuber Kohaku Akiyuki will finally start at 19:00 on November 26th!

Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Sony Music’s VTuber project “VEE” and the first “Apex Legends” custom tournament “Koha CUP” hosted by VTuber Kohaku Akiyuki will finally start at 19:00 on November 26th!
60 VTubers and streamers related to Akiyuki Kohaku will gather from inside and outside VEE!

Sony Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Shunsuke Muramatsu) is a virtual talent development and management project “VEE” belonging to the virtual talent Kohaku Akiyuki. We will inform you of the outline of the event.
[Image 1

Koha CUP: Key Visual
“Koha CUP” is a custom tournament for the first FPS game “Apex Legends” hosted by Kohaku Akiyuki.
VTubers and streamers related to Akiyuki Kohaku are invited from inside and outside VEE, making it a unique competition for Akiyuki Kohaku.
This time, the outline of the “Koha CUP” has been released!
The event will finally start from 19:00 on Saturday, November 26th. On VEE’s official YoTube channel’s “Commentary Streaming”, we welcomed abara as a commentator and shomaru7 as a commentator to deliver the state of the tournament.
In addition, a present campaign to win luxurious prizes such as CPU is being held on VEE official Twitter.
URL: Please enjoy “Koha CUP”!
Overview of “Koha CUP”
■ Date and time
November 26, 2022 (Sat) 19:00 START
■ Game title used
Apex Legends (no platform specified)
■ Format
online live streaming
■ Delivery location
・VEE official YouTube channel
VEE official live commentary distribution
[Broadcast] November 26th (Sat) 19:00 (JST) ~
[Live] abara (
[Commentary] shomaru7 (
*For official distribution, we will add a 3-minute delay to the distribution. ・ Akiyuki Amber YouTube Channel
・Distribution platform for each contestant
■ Official hashtag
#Koha CUP
■ Tournament rules
[Image 2

Koha CUP: Tournament Rules (1)
[Image 3

Koha CUP: Tournament Rules (2)
Maps used: [1-2 matches] World’s Edge / [3-4 matches] Storm Point Number of matches: 1 MAP, 2 matches, 4 matches in total
Weapon restrictions: none
Available Legends: All Legends Available
Ranking method: Determined according to rank points and kill points (1 kill 1 point)
Kill point cap: 5 kill points max for each match (*unlimited for the 4th match) Landmark designation: Yes
[Image 4

This is CUP: Landmark designation (1)
[Image 5

This is CUP: Landmark designation (2)
Contestants & Team List
[Image 6

Koha CUP: Team List (1)
[Image 7

Koha CUP: Team List (2)
Akiyuki Kohaku (
Kureiji Ollie (
Nekomugi Tororo (
TEAM02: I choose you!!
SZ dtto. (
Ryouta (
Ruki Onmon (
Team 03: Rest In Ping
SZ rpr (
Axel Syrios (
Regis Altare (
TEAM04: #Song Prince and Diva and Noise Representative TV
LEON representative (
Sou (
Kanon Acetate (
TEAM05: Cats, dogs, gorillas
P Nora-chan (
Renton Games (
Yukibuya (
TEAM 06: Onegai Help Kami
Selen Tatsuki (
Wind Music Soto (
Bonnivier Pranaja (
TEAM07: Al! mill! Nayu!
Nagi Yuta (
AlphaAzur (
Apricot Kernel Mill (
TEAM08: AD80
Yururi Megu (
Kirino (
Toyopi (
TEAM09: Panbichu
Vermillion (
PanBiBi (
Xaniel (
AmaLee (
Kimie (
dash (
Aster Arcadia (
Maria Marionette (
Ren Zotto (
TEAM12: Cat Cafe
Hiyori Tokoha (
Aki Hinano (
Hiichigo Shure (
TEAM13: Team ARP
Zenith (
Zekai (
Aoi Crescent (
TEAM14: Hey Uno! Ushiro!
Kagase Uno (
White powder (
Devil (
TEAM15: Kessitai ~I really want to live~
Squid (
Yamien (
Hagun (
TEAM16: A woman who opens candy bags with her teeth
Shunsuke Tsuri (
Shiohigari (
It’s Tanaka (
TEAM17: Japanese
Jakodesu (
Ninon-san (
Harurun (
TEAM18: “It’s cold yellowtail!”
It’s Megumi-chan ( (
Saburo. (
TEAM19: Nekomimi Gamers
Yozuri Aomiya (
Hizuki Miu (
NemurimeCharo (
TEAM20: Taking a walk
Yun Yurikawa (
Sakuratori Mina (
Yuki Sakura (
Akiyuki Kohaku’s Twitter account ( is also showing the enthusiasm of each team!
Competition prize
■ Winning team
CPU/AMD Ryzen 7 5700X (Provided by AMD)
Apex 9 Mini (Provided by SteelSeries)
[Image 8

Koha CUP: Prize (CPU / AMD Ryzen 7 5700X)
[Image 9

[Image 10

■Most kills in 2nd match
Stream Deck MK.2 (Provided by Elgato)
[Image 12

Koha CUP: Prize (Stream Deck MK.2)
■Most Kills in Match 3 Award
Aerox 3 Wireless Snow (Courtesy of SteelSeries)
[Image 13

Koha CUP: Prize (Aerox 3 Wireless Snow)
■ 4th Match Most Kills Award
CPU/AMD Ryzen 7 5700X (Provided by AMD)
* Prize explanation is the same as above
gift campaign
[Image 14

Koha CUP: Gift Campaign
This is to commemorate the holding of the CUP!
Two lucky winners will be selected by lottery from those who apply! ■ Gift contents
・CPU/AMD Ryzen 7 5700X (provided by AMD)
・Arctis Nova 1 Black (provided by SteelSeries)
■ How to apply
[1] Follow VEE official Twitter ( and Akiyuki Kohaku Twitter ( [2] RT the corresponding campaign tweet
URL: Please apply by all means!
What is “Akiyuki Amber”?
[Image 15d49041-16-6434a2f13070795758b8-13.jpg&s3=49041-16-1922b46c18a740d3fbf325cceefc3e01-600x1000.jpg
Akiyuki Amber: publicity photo
A gamer hikikomori fox who debuted as an individual in May 2019. Joined Sony Music’s VTuber project “VEE” from May 23, 2022.
Distribution activities centered on FPS and other game play. Profile:
“VEE” Project Overview
Sony Music’s largest-ever virtual talent development and management project. Through this project, not only distribution and video production, but also music, voice actors, creation, etc., each virtual talent will develop activities to realize their “dreams”. We will support the activities of each virtual talent by making the most of the know-how and solutions of the Sony Music Group, which has developed a wide range of entertainment businesses.
“Dev-a” will debut in May 2022, “Dev-b” in June, and “Dev-c” in August. In October, “Dev-d” debuted, and a total of 17 virtual talents are currently active.
・ Official website:
・ Official YouTube: ・ Official Twitter:
*This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. (This tournament is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts)

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