Soramichi System: Free Online Seminar November 24th The only way for insurance pharmacies to survive in Japan in the future

Soramichi System Co., Ltd.
[Soramichi System: Free Online Seminar November 24th] The only way for insurance pharmacies to survive in Japan in the future

Soramichi System Co., Ltd., which plans, develops, and sells the cloud electronic medical history “CARADA electronic medical history Solamichi”, welcomes Mr. Makoto Itoga, CEO of My Life Co., Ltd., which develops pharmacy business and medical management consulting business, as a guest. , A free online seminar “The only way for insurance pharmacies to survive in Japan in the future” will be held from 19:00 on Thursday, November 24, 2022.
In order to support the healthy lives of local people, the success cycle of My Life Co., Ltd., including the “All Pharmacy Town” business, where professional staff such as pharmacists, registered dietitians, and registered sellers provide total support. We will introduce you from the concept to the specific efforts.
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Date and time: November 24th (Thursday) 19: 00-20: 30
●Venue: Online (delivered via Zoom)
●Participants: pharmacy managers
Participation fee: Free
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My Life Co., Ltd. Representative Director Makoto Itoga
Based on the idea of ​​​​”making possible an era of 100 years of life with health and happiness”, we are making advanced efforts in community medicine, such as developing Japan’s first business format “All Pharmacy Town” where local residents can acquire healthy habits. .
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Soramichi System Co., Ltd. Representative Director Takahiro Taura After graduating from Fukuoka University, joined an employee training consulting company. Became top sales in 3 years and became
independent. As a sales consultant for a medical system company, he oversaw the sales department and was commissioned as an area manager for a medium-sized chain pharmacy, in charge of area management, new graduate recruitment, and new graduate training. Engaged with over 1,000 pharmacists in total. In 2018, he established Soramichi System Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of MTI Co., Ltd., and assumed the position of Representative Director. Started providing a cloud electronic medication history system and introduced it to over 700 pharmacies in just over a year. Aiming to build a Japanese medical platform, we are developing a system for pharmacies.
[About “CARADA Electronic Drug History Solamichi”]
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“CARADA Electronic Medication History Solamichi” is a cloud-based electronic medication history system that can record patient symptoms, drug prescriptions, guidance history, etc. As a service to support the work of pharmacists, it is equipped with functions such as a check function for drugs that have a high risk of drug interactions when prescribing, and a navigation function for drug administration instructions for patients. It is also equipped with a “medication follow-up” function that is useful for strengthening interpersonal work, which is attracting attention in the 2022 dispensing fee revision, and promoting family care, and a tracing report creation support function.
In addition, it is equipped with a function to check the status of medication history creation and a to-do list for patient care work, and the cloud-based system allows the creation of medication histories anywhere and at any time, helping pharmacists to improve their work efficiency. increase.
won the 2021 Good Design Award.
*CARADA is a trademark or registered trademark of MTI Co., Ltd. *Zoom is a trademark or registered trademark of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

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