Sorry I made you wait! Finally released! Custom-made sauna bath glasses! “AIGAN FOR Yu II Order Type” that a llows you to select left and right powers and astigmatism powers will be on sale from November 26th (Sat)

Aigan Co., Ltd.
Sorry I made you wait! Finally released! Custom-made sauna bath glasses! “AIGAN FOR Yu II Order Type” that allows you to select left and right powers and astigmatism powers will be on sale from November 26th (Sat)

Aigan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tennoji-ku, Osaka, President: Michio Shimojo), which operates “Aigan no Aigan” (, which sells glasses and hearing aids, On November 26, 2022 (Saturday), the “AIGAN FOR Yu II Order Type”, which allows you to combine and select the lens power as needed, will be added to the flagship product, the original bath sauna glasses “AIGAN FOR Yu II”. Sales will start from the Aigan official online shop.
[Image 1d45515-165-6f046099926d57aca8b6-0.jpg&s3=45515-165-e6af399d0b939d0922d05f0bdb2834b9-551x323.jpg
What is the order type of “AIGAN FOR Yu II”?
The AIGAN FOR Yu II glasses for baths and saunas are sold as off-the-shelf products with 8 different prescriptions
(nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia). Finally, we will release an order type that can accommodate the eyes of glasses users who have “differences in left and right power”, “have astigmatism”, and “those who want to finely match the power” from the Aigan official online shop. For glasses users who were not satisfied with ready-made products, let’s enjoy bath time with “AIGAN FOR Yu II” order type. The frame color is a clear color that blends well with the skin. In addition, the temples are matte white, making them non-slip and highly visible when placed. Inside the temple, there is a stamp of “SAUNA & BATH GLASSES” and “AIGAN FOR YOU” which are proof of authenticity. It also comes with a translucent logo case and a dedicated glasses wipe “Totonoe Sheet (*)” that can repeatedly restore the fogging resistance of the lenses.
* Additional purchase of “Totonoe Sheet” is 550 yen (tax included) *It will take several days to deliver as it is an order item. [Image 2d45515-165-ef7c47ef6054a6f1c0a6-1.jpg&s3=45515-165-e7a4a5bcd572e00257978b6c70ed5556-126x291.jpg
[Image 3d45515-165-6dd281b96cd6fb6304fc-2.jpg&s3=45515-165-379615055089303e9f01dabb22d364f6-412x181.jpg

What is “AIGAN FOR Yu II”, the original glasses for bath sauna? AGAN FOR Yu, the original eyeglasses for bath saunas that appeared in 2013. Using glasses in the bath will damage the frames and lenses. As a result, spectacle wearers have had the problem of their favorite spectacles deteriorating when taking a bath, or of not being able to see clearly without their spectacles off. That’s why we developed “AIGAN FOR Yu” glasses for bath saunas. It is resistant to the heat of baths and saunas and does not rust, so you can enjoy bathing with glasses more comfortably and safely. It is a favorite product that has become a hit as a new custom item for bath time and as an accompanying item for travel and excursions, and the number of regular users is increasing even now.
And in 2021, the latest version with further updated design and functionality is “AIGAN FOR Yu II”.
“AIGAN FOR Yu II” has been featured in various media and SNS as a new custom and convenient product due to the recent sauna boom, and has been collaborated with celebrities and organizations that lead the bath and sauna culture. I play an active part as one of the heaping up brands of the scene.
AIGAN FOR Yu Official Website: AIGAN FOR Yu PV:
AIGAN FOR Yu Official Instagram: [Image 4d45515-165-558de5283d7a15ade910-6.png&s3=45515-165-e7465a01117a98ca75447df30e445337-2027x378.png

Product Summary
Product name: AIGAN FOR Yu II order type
Price: ¥8,800 (tax included)
Size: Lens width 49mm/Bridge 19mm/Temple 137mm/Lens length 41.0mm Accessories: frame + lens + special case + anti-fog sheet “Totonoe sheet” Material: plastic
Release: Saturday, November 26, 2022 Aigan official online shop limited sale Product details:
Aigan Official Online Shop: Company Profile
Trade name: Aigan Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 4-9-12 Omichi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0052 Representative: Michio Shimojo, President and CEO
Capital: 5,478 million yen
Established: January 11, 1961
Description of business: The Group handles eyeglasses, hearing aids, sunglasses and other related products.
We are developing an eyewear specialty store chain.
Owned media “Aigan STYLE”: We, Aigan Co., Ltd., aim to be a company that makes our customers’ lives more comfortable and richer, and provide reliable technology, convincing products, and services that are close to their feelings. Details about this release:


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