SOTO Co., Ltd. First held in Hokkaido! Men’s fashion brand “MOVB” opens Hokkaido’s first pop-up store at “Daimaru Sapporo”!

Soto Co., Ltd.
First held in Hokkaido! Men’s fashion brand “MOVB” opens Hokkaido’s first pop-up store at “Daimaru Sapporo”!
Fall/Winter 2022 lineup including ultra-rare 14.5 micron SUPER 180’s merino wool jersey coat, which is only 0.2% harvested.

The men’s brand “MOVB”, which was born in collaboration with Soto Co., Ltd., a dyeing and processing company in Bishu, Aichi, and popular fashion director Yoshimasa Hoshiba, will be held at “Daimaru Sapporo” 1 We will open a pop-up store for a limited time.
This is the first pop-up held in Hokkaido!
Period: November 16th (Wednesday) to November 22nd (Tuesday) [Image 1d80277-36-dd421f8aa214a19dd106-0.jpg&s3=80277-36-61b6e359655f5b6881e2a7dde30f1123-1824x1216.jpg
“MOVB” is sold mainly on online sites.
We will respond to the voice of customers who want to try on the real thing by holding it at a “real store” where MOVB fans in Hokkaido can try it on directly.
A lineup of jackets and coats made with MOVB’s icon “luxury merino wool jersey”! [Image 2d80277-36-35b846a5bbba8b78ad9e-1.jpg&s3=80277-36-ce7628d4179073750328de5291489d2e-1824x1216.jpg
In this pop-up, MOVB 2022 autumn / winter new and popular items such as “jacket”, “slacks”, “rider jacket” and “cargo jogger pants” made of jersey fabric using high-quality merino wool, which is a proprietary material of MOVB. lineup.
[Image 3d80277-36-c58fdf73ea76db054680-2.jpg&s3=80277-36-5332f51252110eb82df76f1e2dca5054-2578x1719.jpg
We also have outerwear such as “Chester coat” and “P coat” which are especially popular this year. You can try all the items representing MOVB at once.
[Image 4d80277-36-92d8072a7dead4cdf99c-4.jpg&s3=80277-36-64af4c6db6d2e279841ea67d73798acb-3013x2009.jpg
*Exhibited items are subject to change.
You can actually taste the ultra-rare merino wool fabric “Platinum 14.5 Merino Jersey,” which only yields only 0.2% of the annual harvest.
[Image 5d80277-36-6d3686a84fce09950b41-5.jpg&s3=80277-36-480b067acbbe2bc08f62e73bcd4611ea-1800x1200.jpg
MOVB’s proprietary “Platinum 14.5 Merino Jersey” uses ultra-fine 14.5 micron merino wool, which is extremely rare and rarely seen in the market. This is a material that yields only 0.2% of the annual harvest.
[Image 6d80277-36-bffb3873039bb9f84423-6.jpg&s3=80277-36-6b3d0e4bcbae337f2547459a77bb1755-2578x1719.jpg
14.5 microns is the same fineness as cashmere. With a surface that looks as if each individual wool fiber has been polished, this material, which has the maximum appeal of cashmere-like sliminess and silk-like luster, is luxuriously made with 100% high-density fabric. Platinum Wool is woven from jersey material.
[Image 7d80277-36-f330234fb84b6a6eedba-7.jpg&s3=80277-36-00be232762bdc8d0b5c2ca508f7caff2-2483x1655.jpg
While the coat exudes a luxurious mood, it is stretchy and comfortable to wear. [Image 8d80277-36-fdd59065dcb1d03933ea-8.jpg&s3=80277-36-305400d32595ca1f0d03f4ead9568839-3454x2303.jpg
For this season’s coat, we have “Chester coat” and “P coat” made of this very rare material.
In addition to the charm of the fabric, it is a superb coat that incorporates the specifications of a full-fledged tailored jacket. [Image 9d80277-36-1e30bc569fec9f051f77-9.jpg&s3=80277-36-ed46812d578ed669f947ac1b117d0497-2550x1700.jpg
In addition, the lining also has a secret that creates ease of movement. That is the “MOVING specification”, which is also considered from an ergonomic point of view. MOVB’s unique lining mechanism eliminates cramped arms and shoulders, and achieves a relaxed fit that allows for easy movement despite its slim silhouette.
[Image 10d80277-36-0fdea3ceedd7990c58bc-10.jpg&s3=80277-36-8cb31e71fe284c8e7c82379f69a0b397-1824x1216.jpg
■Platinum 14.5 Merino Jersey Single Chester Coat
■ Color: Cosmo Navy
■Price: 113,300 yen (tax included)
[Image 11d80277-36-1b735ddaac54ea8133d5-11.jpg&s3=80277-36-3681594babcb5c4e292ec714be9897ad-1824x1216.jpg
■Platinum 14.5 Merino Jersey P coat
■ Color: Cosmo Navy
■Price: 105,600 yen (tax included)
[Image 12d80277-36-90610cc5bcfa51208c5d-12.jpg&s3=80277-36-096721bbbf01952085312a0b2758451c-1824x1216.jpg
In addition, we have many winter jackets, coats, slacks, etc. We look forward to your visit.
Overview of MOVB Pop up Store
Period: November 16th (Wednesday) to November 22nd (Tuesday), 2022 Store: Daimaru Sapporo
Address: 〒060-0005 Kita 5 West 4-7, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City
Business hours: 10:00-20:00
*Business hours are subject to change. For details, please see the official website of Daimaru Sapporo
What is MOVB
[Image 13d80277-36-0e553e4cc9c2ca6df675-13.jpg&s3=80277-36-73c7ed5e36ccd7cbc41fa13099120cb5-1920x1200.jpg
“MOVB” develops all kinds of men’s items centered on wool materials. We are proposing “Hybrid Style Wear (HSW)” to enjoy the new normal era in business, sports, play, and borderless.
With the vision of “creating stylish, cool and comfortable clothes in today’s diversified world, whether for business or personal use”, From fabric production to sewing, everything except raw material procurement is done in Japan, and it is a brand that spreads the appeal of clothes from the wool production area of ​​Bishu to Japan and the world.
TEL 03-3470-2200
About Soto Co., Ltd.
[Image 14d80277-36-71e8342160fe12fca955-14.jpg&s3=80277-36-c0eaa0775e8ede3aea84cb9386c5bcd2-1800x1200.jpg
Soto Co., Ltd. is a leading company in dyeing and processing in Japan. We are a company that operates a dyeing and finishing business in the Bishu production area in Aichi Prefecture, which is known as one of the leading woolen production areas in Japan. We will process the fabrics woven and knitted by our group companies in our own factory, and propose safe and secure materials made in Japan.
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