Sotsu Medical Co., Ltd. Last year’s popular “MYTREX Christmas Campaign” is back again this year! Experience popular MYTREX products at Hakone’s hidden inn “Kinnotake Tonosawa”, stay overnight, and enjoy a luxurious day-trip experience where you can

Sotsu Medical Co., Ltd.
Last year’s popular “MYTREX Christmas Campaign” is back again this year! Experience popular MYTREX products at Hakone’s hidden inn “Kinnotake Tonosawa”, stay overnight, and enjoy a luxurious day-trip experience where you can enjoy hot spas and afternoon tea
-Super luxurious Christmas campaign starts today at 10:00-

This time, Sotsu Medical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture) has created health and beauty appliances that are not bound by common sense.Recently, body care has become a hot topic with a TV commercial featuring ROLA and a new concept total lift care facial device. The brand “MYTREX” will carry out a Christmas campaign to present a special experience that will make your mind and body beautiful to a total of 10 groups by lottery from those who purchased MYTREX products during the target period.
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In this Christmas campaign, based on MYTREX’s brand concept of “open, beautiful life.”, we have prepared two special “accommodation experiences” and “day trip experiences” that will make your mind and body “beautiful” as gifts. All those who purchased MYTREX products from Friday, November 11, 2022 to Monday, December 26, 2022 are eligible. From among them, 5 groups will be selected by lottery and will receive a stay at a hidden inn in Hakone, “Kinnotaketonosawa”. Together with popular products carefully selected by MYTREX, you can experience the ultimate healing that blends into the nature of Hakone Tonosawa.
On the other hand, five people will receive a sophisticated day-trip experience at the luxury hotel “Okura Tokyo” in Toranomon, Tokyo. You can choose between a spa treatment or afternoon tea, whichever you prefer.
■ [Accommodation experience POINT] Staying at a hidden inn for adults “Kinnotake Tonosawa”
“Kinnotake Tonosawa” is a ryokan located in Hakone Tonosawa Forest where you can enjoy the luxury of openness that adults allow with your loved ones. Based on the idea of ​​a no-line resort, we offer the ultimate healing space where you can feel the nature of Tonosawa with your skin, realizing the meaning of not drawing a line in all services, spaces, and environments.
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■ [Accommodation experience POINT] Experience MYTREX popular products Among MYTREX, which has released numerous hit products, this time we have prepared 5 popular products that specialize in “beauty”. We will support our guests to meet new products that enrich their lives. [Image 3

A maximum of 530 million*1 ultra-fine bubbles are generated.A revolutionary shower head that thoroughly cleanses the entire body from head to toe just by showering.

[Image 4

Salon-quality massage and electric needle head spa equipped with a patented*2 EMS function. Full-body beauty care with attachments for the face, scalp and body.

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It combines power and ease of use, and deeply stimulates the muscles you care about. Equipped with face mode, lift care * 3 is possible just by applying it to your face. A new concept total body care handy gun that can be used on the face and body.

[Image 6

Tapping the eyes with 16 projections arranged along the orbicularis oculi muscle. An eye care beauty appliance that allows you to experience the comfort of being treated by an esthetician. With the Bluetooth function, you can also play your favorite music.

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Focusing on functions that you can really feel, two different types of electricity generated by our unique technology will double stimulate your skin and muscles. Supports effective aging care*4. With 3 types of attachments, you can take care of your head, face, and body with this one professional total lift facial device.
*The total amount of nanobubbles and microbubbles generated per 1ml of mist water flow (water temperature 40°C ± 5°C, flow rate 3.06 liters/minute) (circulation 15 times / number varies depending on water quality, environment, time, and usage mode) January 12, 2022 Maximum value from a total of 15 measurements (average value is about 420 million pieces) *Measured by a third-party test lab. Values ​​vary depending on water quality, environment, time of year, and mode of use. It will change
*2 Patent No. 7144792 *3 * Move the device upwards *4 Care according to age ■ [Day trip experience POINT] Luxury experience at the quiet and elegant hotel “Okura Tokyo”
Okura Tokyo is a luxury hotel in Toranomon, Tokyo that delivers the beauty of Japan that conveys elegance, the heart of Japan that cares about details, and the finest Japaneseness. About half of the hotel grounds will be a lush green garden, providing a spacious and relaxing space even in the middle of the city.
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■ [Day trip experience POINT] Choose a luxurious healing experience Okura Fitness & Spa, the number one in Japan
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Okura Fitness & Spa, which won first place in Japan’s only spa award “Crystal Award 2022”, is located on the 27th floor of the Okura Prestige Tower and offers treatment rooms with an excellent view overlooking Tokyo. Based on the “Five Elements Philosophy”, a natural philosophy that has been passed down in the East since ancient times, we have five courses of facial and body, each of which is based on the five elements that create all things: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Naturally-derived spa treatment of “ANNAYAKE” that fuses Japanese and Western styles for the first time in Japan.
Premium afternoon tea “Patissier’s Table”
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The “Patissier’s Table” provided at the bar lounge “Starlight” on the 41st floor of The Okura Tokyo is a sophisticated space where you can enjoy the art of the four seasons woven by desserts, starting with an original seasonal mocktail. , a petit gateau platter that reflects the seasonal ingredients of Japan, and a full-fledged assiette dessert, a premium afternoon tea that changes every two months.
■ Overview of MYTREX Christmas Campaign 2022
-Campaign period-
・ Period: Friday, November 11, 2022 to Monday, December 26, 2022 ・ How to apply: Purchase MYTREX products at the target site during the period * Automatic application
・ Target sites: Official website, EMS shop Rakuten market store, Sotsu Medical Rakuten market store, EMS shop Yahoo! Shopping store, EMS shop auPay market store (* Amazon is not eligible)
・ Benefits
[Accommodation experience] Kinnotake Tonosawa 5 groups by lottery *Up to 2 people per group
[Day trip experience] Okura Tokyo 5 people by lottery
 Spa treatment or afternoon tea, whichever you prefer
*Please refrain from inquiring about the campaign to the facility. ・[Accommodation experience] Kinnotake Tonosawa
 Location: 191 Tonosawa, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture  Phone number: 460-85-9800
Room/Size: Take Take/60-72 square meters
 Regular price: ¥42,000-
 Official website:
・[Day trip experience] Okura Tokyo
Location: 2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
 Phone number: 03-3582-0111
Spa treatment: Regular price ¥27,000-
Afternoon tea: Regular price ¥7,600-
 Official website:
■ MYTREX Christmas Campaign 2022 Other Benefits
1. Christmas limited wrapping
Comes with a Christmas original design sticker and a message card that can also be used as a coaster by MYTREX’s exclusive designer. *Some products are not eligible
2. Christmas limited set with luxurious benefits
・”High-quality healing” set ideal for going out
・Blissful “luxury beauty treatment salon” set
MYTREX PROVE Eye Attachment [Bonus] MYTREX Platinum Nano Lift Gel ・Exquisite beauty care set
・Ultimate “intensive care” set
MYTREX EMS Heat Neck, MYTREX iRhythm [Bonus] MYTREX Eye Air

[Image 11d47658-56-e7a9bb6fcd88f1e294c0-6.jpg&s3=47658-56-84906d1f3c2266f2523cd0762e799025-1500x1500.jpg
“MYTREX” is a brand that provides beauty and health equipment that can be easily incorporated into daily life with the concept of “opening up, beautiful life” with the aim of making habits healthy. In September 2022, the cumulative sales of the series exceeded 1.5 million units.
Popular products include the MYTREX REBIVE series, a total body care handgun that uses powerful vibrations for which ROLA is an ambassador, and the MYTREX HIHO FINE BUBBLE, a nanobubble shower head that achieves cleaning, moisturizing, heat retention, and water saving, which has been a hot topic in TV commercials. ⁺”.
In addition, “MYTREX EMS Heat Neck”, which can easily relieve stiffness around the neck while working at a desk, doing housework or raising children, and “MYTREX EMS HEAD SPA”, an electric needle head spa equipped with EMS, which is rare in the industry. We have items that support beauty and health by utilizing the gap time. We are planning to announce many new products that will surprise and impress our customers in the future.
-Sales Development Mall-
■ Official website:
■ EMS Shop Rakuten Ichiba: ■ EMS Shop Yahoo! Shopping Store: ■ Sotsu Medical Rakuten Ichiba: ■ Sotsu Medical Amazon store: ■ EMS Shop auPay Market Shop: -Official SNS-
■ Instagram:
■ Twitter:
■ YouTube:
-Company Profile-
Company name: Sotsu Medical Co., Ltd.
Location: Urban Center Hakata 5F, 3-1-10 Hakata Station South, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Representative: Meikaku Xue, Representative Director
Established: September 2017
Business description: Planning, manufacturing, and sales of EMS equipment for exercise and facial equipment

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