Space Market Co., Ltd. Open “pop-up restaurants” nationwide in collaboration with Space Market and Shared yne, a traveling chef service

Space Market Co., Ltd.
Opened “pop-up restaurants” nationwide in collaboration with Space Market and ShareDine, an on-site chef service
-Achieving the opening of a next-generation restaurant that does not require opening costs for traveling chefs who have hurdles to opening a real store-

Space Market Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Daisuke Shigematsu, hereinafter Space Market), which operates the platform “Space Market” that allows you to rent and borrow any space, has about 2,300 registered chef careers. In collaboration with Sharedyne Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Co-representative: Yuki Ide, hereinafter Sharedyne), which operates the support and on-site chef service “Sharedyne”, use the space with kitchen posted on the space market. We will start a “pop-up
restaurant” plan for a limited time from November 16, 2022, where a traveling chef can open a restaurant in one day with no opening cost. [Image 1d15560-246-ac56d21e1671616b306f-3.jpg&s3=15560-246-3024effcb48bcfc3cc22ea3db6cb8fac-1999x1334.jpg
Since its founding, SPACE MARKET has set a mission of “making space sharing a matter of course”, expanding the options of “using rather than owning” and “sharing rather than occupying” and contributing to the effective utilization of many idle spaces. rice field. In addition, the number of space listings currently exceeds 22,000 nationwide, and the number of listings, which is one of the largest in the industry, has created a variety of uses.
On the other hand, the number of registered chefs of Sharedyne, which supports the careers of chefs, is approaching 2,300, a little less than four times the number before COVID-19. The number of chefs who choose Among these chefs, there are high hurdles and risks to opening a store, such as the cost of opening a store, the preparation time before opening, and the disposal of properties after closing due to the high rate of business closure. Some people choose to use it as one of the uses.
In order to solve these problems unique to restaurants, we rent out the listing space of Space Market, which is deployed nationwide, and make effective use of idle time. , We will provide an opportunity for a “pop-up restaurant” that can be opened in one day. Space Market will continue to support the activities of chefs who take on challenges through space sharing.
▼Collaboration project overview
Chefs registered with ShareDine will select their favorite space (*) listed on the space market and start the “pop-up restaurant” plan. It is possible to personalize everything, such as menu consultation, time designation, bringing in alcohol, etc. by chatting with the chef on ShareDine.
(*) All spaces used have already acquired a restaurant business license. ■Period: November 16th (Wednesday) to December 31st (Saturday) ■ Special page: ■ Uses such as:
I’m a child-rearing household with restrictions on eating out, but I’d like to ask a chef in a private space
I want to enjoy a multi-generational party in a different space, such as meals that are also considerate of the elderly.
A secretary who wants to think about new things in a new place for a year-end party or New Year’s party
■ For such chefs:
I want to serve my own food in a private space
I want to experience owning my own shop
I want to have my own store in the future. I want to use it as an opportunity for test marketing
■ List of spaces with restaurant business license:
■ Image introduction of the pop-up restaurant
At the pop-up restaurant, you can not only enjoy it in a home-like space, but also experience it in an extraordinary space such as a temple, an old folk house, or a space where you can perform piano live. *Please note that the following is an image only and may differ from the actual plan.
Main hall with a solemn Japanese garden × Authentic French cooked at a low temperature
[Image 2d15560-246-ac4a4ee41641b9b32d9b-6.png&s3=15560-246-f12b887a959e44d14d9ba24a96f4551e-1560x878.png
[Image 3d15560-246-559d075ec28a524814bc-9.jpg&s3=15560-246-f1d92c038ddda35ce45cd8696e4fd11b-1076x727.jpg
A futuristic extraordinary space that shines in pure white x decorated Japanese dinner in front of the chef
[Image 4d15560-246-b94bd87ae5c8e79f3aa5-7.png&s3=15560-246-4ebd8458e2c77db2862cd950a7ecb597-1560x878.png
[Image 5d15560-246-aa2760609604f0c06f38-8.jpg&s3=15560-246-532ace855f7a85bba204819ef4230696-807x547.jpg
A 60-year-old large old house x colorful creative French
[Image 6d15560-246-4f74d9b0d4c7f8884fad-5.png&s3=15560-246-18caca0a45d0ffa7106a4d79a8a7300d-865x487.png
[Image 7d15560-246-789fd1e4f57a69cdc7f4-11.jpg&s3=15560-246-55dd6c29058e568e58197c15605cba65-2048x2048.jpg

▼ Comment on the initiative from chef yahan, who is registered with ShareDine [Image 8d15560-246-c8f1a2c9ea64cf2e1b3d-0.jpg&s3=15560-246-5c308f1294484654d5238d30440fecb4-400x400.jpg
I think it’s one of the new options for modern times because you can open a restaurant while working as a traveling chef, which is one of the dreams of a chef. I am looking forward to it as it will be a good opportunity for new customers to get to know the personalities and dishes of the registered chefs. About Chef yahan:

What is Space Market?
We are a company that works to create and expand a culture of space sharing under the vision of “creating challenges and making the world more interesting”. Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (now Growth Market) in 2019. More than 22,000 spaces nationwide are listed on the Space Market, a platform for renting and renting spaces. A wide variety of spaces such as residences, old private houses, work boxes, film studios, movie theaters, and closed schools are used for parties, photo shoots, meetings, etc. URL: Company name: Space Market Co., Ltd.
Location: JRE Jingumae Media Square Building 2F, 6-25-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Daisuke Shigematsu, President and Representative Director Securities code: 4487
Date of establishment: January 2014
Business description: Operation of the space sharing platform “Space Market” Corporate site:
Details about this release:


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