Space One Co., Ltd. December 5th system start! 11/24 free briefing session on the unmanned aerial vehicle national license system!

Space One Co., Ltd.
[December 5th system start! ] 11/24 free briefing session on the unmanned aerial vehicle national license system!
On November 24th (Thursday), we will hold a briefing session on the drone license system for those who are considering obtaining an unmanned aerial vehicle national license at Big Palette Fukushima.
“Fukushima Drone School” operated by Space One Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture; Representative Director: Yasuhiro Kobayashi) has been open for six years. We will hold a briefing session on the details of this system and the flow until acquisition for those who wish to acquire the “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot Proficiency Certificate”, a national piloting license system for drones starting in December 2022.
[Table 5: ]
We are currently preparing for the procedure and training to be certified as a “registered training institution” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Regarding this system, we have received many inquiries from those who have already obtained a private license and those who wish to obtain a license at this opportunity, and we feel that there is a high level of interest in this system. increase.
At the briefing session, questions such as “I know the system will start, but I don’t really understand the content”, “What will happen to the existing private licenses”, “I want to know the details until qualification”, “About the cost and number of days” We are planning to answer and tell you more specific content such as the curriculum and the schedule of the course.
[Image 1

[Table 6: ]
Why do we need a license system?
In 2021, the number of applications for the Civil Aeronautics Act exceeded 70,000, and the number of applications to clear various flight airspace and flight mode restrictions is increasing year by year. This system is an important system for realizing Level 4 (flight beyond visual line of sight without assistance over a third party), safety of the widespread use of drones, and clarifying the position and skills of pilots. increase.

[Image 2

● Number of course hours required to acquire a first-class unmanned aerial vehicle pilot license and a second-class unmanned aerial vehicle pilot license
For those who aim to obtain a license at a registered training institution, the course duration varies depending on the grade and experience of each license.
We will tell you the details in an easy-to-understand manner about the “contents of the course”, “examination”, “number of days”, “fees”, etc.
[Image 3

*Course time is the minimum number of hours and is only a guideline. *In addition to the time required for “basic flight”, the actual operation is described for those who are also expected to operate nighttime/out-of-sight flights.
 In the case of only daytime flights and flights within visual line of sight, it will be shorter than the stated time.
*When using a drone with a weight of 25 kg or more, an additional hour or more of practical skill time is required.
[Table 7: ]
◆ Name: Drone license system briefing session
Date: November 24th (Thursday) 14:30-16:00 (Reception starts: 14:15-) ◆ Venue: Big Palette Fukushima, 4th floor presentation room
〒963-0015 2-52 Minami, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture
◆Cost: Free
◆Capacity: 50 people (reception will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached)
◆ Target: Those who are interested in the drone license system ◆Advance application system
[Application form]
*If you are applying for more than one person, please apply one by one. * Only those who apply from here can participate.
【time schedule】
14:30-15:00 Current status and future of the drone industry – Space One Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Yasuhiro Kobayashi
 15:00-15:45 Regarding the course for obtaining a drone
license-Fukushima Drone School Lecturer: Nobuyuki Arai
16:00 end
“We look forward to your participation.”
[Table 8: ]
Space One Co., Ltd., which operates “Fukushima Drone School”, is the first “unmanned aerial vehicle training group” in Tohoku and the first drone school in Fukushima Prefecture. , has experienced instructors and has been promoting the development of top-class human resources in the industry.
When former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga visited the Fukushima Robot Test Field in March 2021, representative Kobayashi gave an
explanation. We are striving for the sound spread and development of drones.
[Image 4

[Main activity results]
Concluded “Agreement on Comprehensive Cooperation Using Drones” with Koriyama City
Concluded an “Agreement on information gathering activities (shooting, etc.) using unmanned aircraft in the event of a disaster” with the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
● [Typhoon No. 19 damage survey using drones] Presented a letter of appreciation from the mayor of Koriyama!
●[Firefighting officials and municipal officials in the prefecture gather] Fire Safety Division Drone Seminar Starts! !
[Space One Co., Ltd. Fukushima Drone School]
1-17-3 Kakuike, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture 963-8833 Phone +81-24-954-9930 / Fax +81-24-954-9935

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