Space Shower Network Co., Ltd. Space Shower TV November V.I.P.

Space Shower Network Co., Ltd.
Space Shower TV November V.I.P. Artists go!go!vanillas who are about to release their long-awaited new album “FLOWERS”!
A location program delivered with high tension from Fuji-Q Highland is on air!
Music specialty channel Space Shower TV (President: Yoshihito Hayashi, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) will release a new album
go!go!vanillas as a monthly artist in November, and a special program “V.I.P. vanillasー” will be on air from 20:00 on 11/30 (Wednesday). [Image 1d2929-2093-96d0f5dcf6a571938057-0.jpg&s3=2929-2093-624669467471fcda8b19d99841ba4ab3-3024x2012.jpg
Space Shower TV’s November V.I.P. is go!go!vanillas! !
With the 10th anniversary of their indie debut next year just around the corner, their 2nd performance at the Nippon Budokan on September 30th (Friday) was a great success! And on December 14th (Wednesday), the long-awaited NEW ALBUM “FLOWERS” will be released. Go! Welcoming them who are in a state of emergency, the program will carry out Fujikyu Highland location!
Vocal Maki, who has never been satisfied with a screaming machine in his life, Can you really be satisfied with the sacred place of screaming machines, Fuji-Q Highland?
Takuki Tsuzuki, who has 4,000 heads and has a close relationship with the members, appeared as the facilitator of the program, and the five boys had a great time, and the location ended.
[Image 2d2929-2093-29c87d10fd9f9e78301d-1.jpg&s3=2929-2093-6b49abe42da7991b71282670a3e25de2-3024x2012.jpg
[Image 3d2929-2093-ac2c26e51ff523849d3a-2.jpg&s3=2929-2093-5b21b63e1f392c9fa6559147c5c7703b-3024x2012.jpg
[Image 4d2929-2093-ec4e16dc2e33616402e8-3.jpg&s3=2929-2093-06f0210a309d98b04644ef98ffd7557e-3024x2012.jpg
Don’t miss this program, which will be delivered with the band’s current momentum!
This program will also be distributed at the same time as the broadcast on Space Shower TV’s video distribution service “Special On Demand”.
Specialist on-demand URL

[Image 5d2929-2093-0b2902a209eac2d6dd63-4.jpg&s3=2929-2093-3c236f42640376d58338c856e96553a9-2450x1697.jpg
▼V.I.P. ーgo!go!vanillasー
First broadcast: 11/30 (Wednesday) 20: 00-21: 00
Repeat broadcast: 12/28 (Wednesday) 25: 00-26: 00
▼go!go!vanillas MUSIC VIDEO SPECIAL
Broadcast date and time: 11/30 (Wednesday) 21: 00-22: 00, etc. Click here for program information Details about this release:


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