Special Ward Horse Racing Association Mari Yaguchi’s “best friend” Yu Teshima will appear as a guest in the 15th TCK event information “Umakyun 2022”! !

Special Ward Horse Racing Association
Mari Yaguchi’s “best friend” Yu Teshima will appear as a guest in the 15th TCK event information “Uma Kyun 2022”! !
~Gorgeous voice actors as guide horses? New year’s holiday special project “Ask horses about horses!” Campaign started! ~

Starting with the 15th Oi Horse Racing (12/5-12/9), Tokyo City Horse Racing (TCK) introduces and predicts graded prizes by TCK induction horses, which are voiced by gorgeous voice actors. Ask me!” A new project for the end of the year, such as the campaign, has started. Please also pay attention to the guest performers of Uma Kyun 2022, which is being held now.
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12/8 (Thursday) is the prelude to the Tokyo Grand Awards! “Katsushima crown (SII)” is held
On December 8th (Thursday), the step race “Katsushima Crown (SII)” of the Tokyo Grand Prize was held. Aiming for the big game at the end of the year, influential horses from the Southern Kanto region will gather and engage in high-level battles.
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TCK Official YouTube Live Program “Umakyun 2022”
12/7 (Wednesday) is talent Yu Teshima,
On 12/8 (Thursday), horse body diagnosis YouTuber Yashun will appear as a guest! On December 7th (Wednesday), talent Yu Teshima, who is a “best friend” of Mari Yaguchi, a regular on the program, will appear as a guest. Teshima recently announced her marriage. What kind of predictions will come out of that happy power?
On December 8th (Thursday), horse diagnosis YouTuber Yashun (Toshiya Suzuki) will make a guest appearance. Even in TCK’s paddock forecast, will the unique “Soma eye” cultivated by watching horses up close as a ranch staff be demonstrated? Must see.
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Mr. Yu Teshima
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Mr. Yashun
-Overview of the 15th TCK Official YouTube Live Program “Umakyun 2022”- Implementation date: Every day during the 15th event *Scheduled to be held after the 16th event
Time: Performers appear from 17:00 to 21:00
* The program itself shows paddock race footage from the first race. Broadcast channel: TCK official YouTube channel
Performers and program content:
12/5 (Mon)
Program content: Twinkle estro
Shota Kosakai (freelance announcer)
Marina Tsuda (talent)
Ayumu Tanaka (freelance announcer)
12/6 (Tue)
Program content: New and old Cinderella betting ticket confrontation Performer:
Hama Khan (comedian)
Yui Hiwatari (talent)
Chaapon (Ayaka Nishiwaki) (talent)
12/7 (Wed)
Program content: Twinkle girls’ association
Choco Ichibanya (YouTuber)
Yu Teshima (talent)
Mari Yaguchi (talent)
12/8 (Thursday)
Program content: [Katsushima crown]
BOOMER Kiichi Kawata (comedian)
Mr. Yashun (Toshiya Suzuki) (horse diagnosis YouTuber)
Rui Kumae (Model/Talent)
12/9 (Friday)
Program content: Twinkle estro
Ayaka Ishikawa (Model)
Mr. Oaks Inoue (Traveling Horse Racing Writer)
Reporter Kanako Toyooka (Katsuma)
* Program content and performers are subject to change without notice. “Ask horses about horses!” Campaign now being held!
A special year-end and New Year campaign “Ask horses about horses!” For the first time, Kazuya Nakai, who is familiar with the role of Roronoa Zoro in “ONE PIECE”, and Shotaro Morikubo, who is active in many popular works such as Goro Shigeno in “MAJOR”, will liven up the Katsushima crown on December 8 (Thursday). Mr. is the first challenge to the horse’s voice!
In addition, on TCK’s official Twitter (@tck_keiba), a gift campaign is underway where 50 people will win 10,000 yen worth of Tokyo beef! Campaign site URL: https://tck-campaign.jp/
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