Specified non-profit organization WELgee A meetup between Afghanistan refugees and Kyushu local companies will be held in cooperation with WELgee, Kyushu University, JR Kyushu and other companies!

With the cooperation of WELgee, Kyushu University, JR Kyushu and other three companies, a meetup between Afghan refugees and local Kyushu companies will be held!

NPO WELgee (located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; representative director: Kiyoka Watanabe Kankorongo) and Kyushu University (located in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; representative: Tatsuro Ishibashi) are three companies including JR Kyushu. Based on the cooperation, Afghan refugees who want to escape from the political turmoil in their home country and want to find a job in Japan will meet up with local Kyushu companies at the co-working space “Q” directly managed by JR Kyushu on Friday, December 9th. It will be held at 18:30.
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It is said that more than 700 evacuees have fled to Japan from Afghanistan due to various human rights violations by the Taliban regime, which was inaugurated in 2021. Currently, 22 former students of Kyushu University who have fled from the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and their families are living in Kyushu with support from the university.
Originally, they graduated from Kyushu University Graduate School as international students, and after returning to Japan, they were active in jobs that made use of their expertise. The ex-international refugees who participate in this event generally have professional skills and work experience, and have a strong desire to rebuild their lives in Japan.
This time, with the cooperation of Kyushu Railway Company, Ippei Holdings Co., Ltd., and CO&CO Co., Ltd., we will hold a meetup where Afghan refugees will meet and connect with local companies that are doing business from Kyushu with a view to the world.
For the meetup, we have graduated from Kyushu University with a master’s degree in civil engineering and are well versed in GIS project management, as well as people with 18 years of experience in rural economic development and project management at UN agencies, the US and UK Departments of Development, etc. Five Afghan refugees with deep expertise and practical experience will participate.
Outline of “Meetup between Afghan refugees and local companies in Kyushu” ・Date and time: Friday, December 9, 18:30 ~ 21:00 (doors open at 18:20) ・Participation fee: Free
・How to participate: Please register using the form below.
* Due to the opening of the venue, we will close the registration as soon as the capacity is reached.
・ Venue: Co-Working & Co-Learning Space “Q” 〒812-0012 JR Hakata City, 1-1 Hakata Station Chuo-gai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Amu Plaza Hakata B1F
・Language: English, Japanese
・ Organizer: Organizer: NPO WELgee / Co-organizer: National University Corporation Kyushu University / Cooperation: Ippei Holdings Co., Ltd., CO&CO Co., Ltd., Kyushu Railway Company
◎ Timetable for the day (tentative)
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32891/table/52_1_26b8d94e0672c48756b4793c86069353.jpg ]
Messages from cooperating companies (in alphabetical order)
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◾︎Koji Muraoka, President and CEO, Ippei Holdings Co., Ltd.
Many people who have been persecuted for unreasonable reasons and left their home countries, tossed in the unexpected storms of life, are fighting to reach Japan and rebuild their lives. I learned that fact through the activities of “WELgee”, empathized with their activities, and became a supporter myself. I would like to share my thoughts, believing that “Even if one person’s power is small, it is never powerless.”
[Image 3d32891-52-fd246e9e486be3e965d8-3.jpg&s3=32891-52-118ee0cde62dcd371f14baa208bd9249-852x852.jpg
◾︎Yosuke Izaki, General Manager of CO&CO Co., Ltd.
People who have left their hometowns for compelling reasons to visit Japan. The reasons are serious and may not be what you want. However, I want you to like Japan even more because you met me. Rather than just being a worker, face each individual and find a companion to live with. I would like to create such an opportunity with like-minded friends I met through “WELgee”.
[Image 4d32891-52-3fc0fa5c2e0969b3d9d5-5.png&s3=32891-52-2688aca40208e5f1abf17af24314e967-751x885.png
◾︎Kyushu Railway Co., Ltd. (JR Kyushu) Mr. Hiroki Koike, General Manager, Business Development Headquarters
Hakata Station is the gateway to Kyushu and Asia. Co-working space “Q” was created with the hope that it will become a platform where various people can meet and gather, leading to new businesses and value creation from Hakata and Kyushu. And it would be my greatest pleasure if this place leads to a gateway that will change the lives of those who come to rely on Japan. I sincerely respect and support the activities of Mr. Watabe and Mr. WELgee!
Message from the host organization
[Image 5d32891-52-c78e5d8696a9645f4be5-2.jpg&s3=32891-52-b2526f4fc7f2ad1d2970702ade65b91f-696x696.jpg
◾︎Kankorongo Seika Watanabe, Representative Director of NPO WELgee Business people’s surprise, “Are there refugees in Japan?” turns into excitement, “Let’s do something together!” Such co-creation creates hope for the life of those who once lost their country. With the cooperation of enthusiastic people in Kyushu, WELgee, who had almost no connection in Kyushu, will try to hold a meetup in a rural area for the first time. Starting with this, I would like to continue to create devices in various regions.
What is WELgee, a non-profit organization?
We are developing a job program for refugees who have come to Japan to escape from conflicts and persecution, so that they can use their experience and expertise to rebuild their lives in Japan with hope. JobCopass, a recruitment service that utilizes the strengths of refugee human resources to promote diversity and create innovation in Japanese companies; We operate a “co-creation business” that creates new value by solving problems faced by various actors in Japanese society. Please check https://welgee.jp/ for details.
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