Spice Box and the Nisshin Flour Milling Group sponsor TikTok content project “Konamon Tribute” to support th e expansion of awareness among young people. Announcing “Seishun Komono Cooking Song” by 164 x 96 cats!

Spice Box Co., Ltd.
Spice Box and the Nisshin Flour Milling Group sponsor TikTok content project “Konamon Tribute” to support the expansion of awareness among young people. Announcing “Seishun Komono Cooking Song” by 164 x 96 cats!

Spice Box Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Eiji Tamura) supports “engagement communication” to recognize and form goodwill for companies and brands, mainly through social media. We are pleased to announce that Spice Box has planned and produced a new TikTok account sponsored by the Nisshin Seifun Group and content production for young consumers.
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Spice Box has launched a TikTok account sponsored by the Nisshin Flour Milling Group, which provides value in a variety of lifestyle and industrial scenes starting with wheat. From the opening of the TikTok account, we have produced, planned and produced TikTok posted content for new young customers of the same brand. 164, a guitarist and vocaloid producer, and 96, a singer, have been appointed to release a new youth cooking song “YOUTH” written by this project.
Planning details
Project title: Theme song for making memories! “Konamon Tribute” This is a dish that takes time and may fail. For that reason, if everyone makes it together, the process itself can be enjoyed, and by taking advantage of the unique value of Komono cuisine, which will become a memory, students who were not able to make satisfactory memories of youth, such as cultural festivals and club activities due to the corona crisis. approach us. Through music, we will promote the idea that “even if it is a little troublesome, cooking together will become a memory.”
TikTok account: https://www.tiktok.com/@57_tribute
TikTok music page: https://www.tiktokv.com/i18n/share/music/7162052827508901889 Twitter account: https://twitter.com/0141_tsunagaru
Song details
Title: YOUTH
artist profile
[Image 2d7385-221-8d339870e559c341f112-1.jpg&s3=7385-221-5e6b666901e45db912af4ff44b4992cb-3900x3900.jpg
Guitarist / Vocaloid Producer.
In 2008, he started working as a vocaloid producer.
The representative work “Amano Waka” is a masterpiece that remains in Vocaloid history.
We also actively provide music to various artists and games, etc. He has released 7 major albums so far.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@164203
Twitter: https://twitter.com/164203
[Image 3d7385-221-f5c70f70b6e14a8a5871-2.png&s3=7385-221-415da4f4733a9aaa9f8dcfc4d5509226-3900x3892.png
96 cats
Possessing a rich variety of seven-colored voices, such as a feminine and lustrous voice, and a boy-like voice, his androgynous singing voice attracts listeners and is supported mainly by young women. The main field of activity is on the Internet, energetically posting videos and live broadcasting, and the total number of video views on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube has exceeded 300 million times, an artist who has a great deal of centripetal force mainly in the Internet scene. . In recent years, he is also active as a voice actor. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/96nekoch
Twitter: https://twitter.com/96__neko
artist comment
This time, it was produced in the midst of requests for the melody of “blue dashing feeling” and “emotional”. As for the color image, youth is blue, and Konamon cuisine is white to yellow. I think. Also, the lyrics of the song itself are a combination of “konamon” and “youth”, so I would appreciate it if you could pay attention to that. 96 cats
All of 164’s songs are really wonderful, but I especially like the part of the chorus that is full of speed, and it was very pleasant to sing.
I sang with a bright and positive feeling!
I want you to listen to it a lot with your family, friends and lovers! About Spice Box Co., Ltd.
A communication company that supports goodwill and empathy for companies and brands. Founded in 2003 as Japan’s first digital agency. We provide branding support for various companies. Since smartphones and social media have become commonplace, we have taken advantage of our strength in designing and providing “engagement communication (*)” measures that evoke sympathy among “consumers”. , we will support you all the way through.
*”Engagement Communication”
Analyze and utilize consumer response data (likes, shares, comments, retweets, etc., called “engagement” in marketing terms) on SNS and social media to design communication measures that connect companies and consumers. thing. In order to make it easier for companies and brands to reach their targets, we use data on social media to understand their interests, awareness of issues, trends, social conditions, etc., and utilize them in measures. Defined by Spice Box. 【Company Profile】
Company name: Spice Box Co., Ltd.
Established: December 15, 2003
Capital: 271.43 million yen
Investors: Hakuhodo Inc., Digital Advertising Consortium Inc., etc. Location: 1-4-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Ark Hills South Tower 16th floor WeWork
Representative: Eiji Tamura
Business description: Marketing and advertising communication business in the digital domain
URL: https://www.spicebox.co.jp/
Details about this release:


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