Spider Labs Co., Ltd. SUPER STUDIO Co., Ltd. adopted Spider AF as a countermeasure against ad fraud, which is becoming more serious due to the increase in advertising expenses. Successfully blocked over millions of ad fraud annually

Spider Labs Inc.
SUPER STUDIO Co., Ltd. adopted Spider AF as a countermeasure against ad fraud, which is becoming more serious due to the increase in advertising expenses. Successfully blocked over millions of ad fraud annually
Broadcasting TV/taxi commercials and demonstrating the effect of introducing Spider AF at the timing of increased advertising expenses
Spider Labs Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoko Otsuki, Spider Labs hereinafter Spider Labs) is SUPER STUDIO Co., Ltd. (Location: Meguro, Tokyo), which provides D2C support business and EC platform “ecforce” Ward, Representative: Kosuke Hayashi,
Representative Director and CEO, hereinafter referred to as SUPER STUDIO) provided the ad fraud (ad fraud) countermeasure tool, Spider AF. We would like to inform you that we conducted an interview about the issues before the introduction, the background to the
introduction, and the effect improvement after the introduction, and the interview content has been released on our website.
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Issues faced by ecfroce
◆ Issue 1: Decline in brand image
Before the TV commercials and taxi ads were implemented, we were considering introducing it to avoid brand damage in unexpected places. Considering that after the implementation of the mass media, the effect will be measured by the listing advertisement of the nomination search, it was necessary to avoid damage to the brand image due to ad fraud.
◆ Issue 2.: Appropriate allocation of wasteful advertising expenses and reduction of man-hours
As a countermeasure before introducing Spider AF, I visually checked the distribution media for about 5 to 10 minutes at a time.
Specifically, if the CTR (the ratio calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of times the ad was displayed) was abnormal, it was recognized as ad fraud and blocked manually.
Since it is easy to assume that the damage caused by ad fraud will increase in proportion to the increase in advertising budget in the future, we decided to introduce Spider AF in consideration of cost effectiveness.
Effect of introducing Spider AF
◆ Solution 1.: Visualize the damage situation with free diagnosis of Spider AF The invalid access rate (unauthorized rate) is about 3% in the free diagnosis of Spider AF. With this damage ratio, the damage amount for 30 days was estimated to be about 230,000 yen.
◆Solution 2: Improving effects after introduction
After introducing Spider AF, the effectiveness improved significantly, and the invalid access rate decreased to 1.4% in the eighth month. You may think that 3% before the introduction is small just by looking at the numbers, but it is a calculation that a huge amount of money will be damaged by ad fraud at the timing when the advertising budget is increasing.
Details about this introduction
For more information on this case study, please see the link below. (http://bit.ly/3V32XzH)
Click here for more case studies
[company name]
Representative Director and CEO Kosuke Hayashi
Meguro Yamanote Building 8F, 2-23-18 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo [Capital]
6,571,220,000 yen (including capital reserve)
[Business description]
As a D2C support company, we provide one-stop support for all processes, from extracting needs in the world through big data analysis, product development, providing core system “ecforce”, advertising operation, and delivering products directly to consumers. .
What is ad fraud?
Recently, ad fraud, which is a general term for advertising fraud and advertising fraud, has been reported as a social problem. Typical examples of ad fraud include persistent clicks on ads from
competitors, causing advertising budgets to be spent, and malicious businesses that have an ad distribution side inflate the exposure and results of their own ad distribution. , illegally earning advertising revenue. A representative example of the latter type of malicious operator is Mangamura, which repeatedly uploaded content that violated copyright, which is fresh in our memory. (*2)
*2 Mangamura was arrested for stealing money from advertisers. Pay attention to the successor site after the revival.
About Spider-AF
Spider Labs is a cyber security company from Japan. The main service ad fraud countermeasure tool “Spider AF” is a tool that detects and blocks a certain amount of ad fraud (ad fraud) that always occurs at the time of ad placement. Ad fraud accounts for up to 20% of advertising costs, and because it is difficult to detect, regular inspections are necessary.
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Spider AF enables free diagnosis of the amount of damage caused by ad fraud, and anyone can easily detect and block ad fraud simply by installing a tag. Since its launch, it has been widely used by ad network operators, agencies, and advertisers. “Spider AF” has been certified for the first time in Japan and APAC by the fraud prevention division of the “Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)”, the world’s highest level certification body that enhances trust in the digital advertising industry. (*3)
In addition, Spider AF has also acquired invalid traffic
countermeasure certification from JICDAQ, which can be said to be the Japanese version of TAG. By acquiring JICDAQ certification, we maintain global standards and work to restore the soundness of the advertising industry as a leading company in the Japanese market in anti-fraud measures, providing more reliable and world-class anti-fraud measures. (※Four)
In addition, in December 2018, we started offering “SHARED BLACKLIST (SBL)”, which is the first in Japan to share a blacklist among multiple operators. SBL is a blacklist that can only be shared by businesses that agree to share ad fraud information collected by their company or service, and is a new ad fraud countermeasure that aims to make the advertising industry sounder by working together.
[Image 3

Installation is very easy. By registering on the homepage and issuing a tag, you can take measures against ad fraud in as little as 5 minutes. (https://jp.spideraf.com/sign-up)
*3 [Asia’s first] Acquired certification in the fraud prevention department of TAG, the world’s highest standard certification body that increases trust in the digital advertising industry
(https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000035.000031981.html) *4 What is JICDAQ? Relevance to brand safety! Explanation of purpose and establishment background! (http://bit.ly/3V4ZOPX)
About Spider Labs Inc.

[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/31981/table/96_1_0833734fcb6f795a369b06701642b2e0.jpg ]

[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Spider Labs PR/ Contact: Kojika
E-mail: pr@spider-labs.com
Phone: 03-6419-7946
Details about this release:


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