Spigen Attention gadget lovers! “Zero One”, a case that expresses the inside of the iPhone, is now on sale

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[Spigen] Attention gadget lovers! “Zero One”, a case that expresses the inside of the iPhone, is now on sale
Introducing a new design exclusively for the iPhone 14 Pro Series of Ultra Hybrid Magfit, which has a unique design and protection power.
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Spigen continues to showcase various mobile accessory products, including smartphone cases.
Among them, the Ultra Hybrid series is Spigen’s best-selling product that continues to be loved by many people for its transparency and outstanding protection.
This time, I would like to introduce a case with a slightly more special design in the Ultra Hybrid series.
Especially for those who like gadgets, it may be a product that will appeal to them, so please check it out!
Now on sale! Four notable things about “Zero One”
One, the design that the inside of the iPhone can be seen through Two, support MagSafe fast charging
Three, reliable protection
Fourth, precision design considering the device
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[Unique design that allows you to see through the inside of the iPhone] [Image 2

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see through the inside of your iPhone? This “Ultra Hybrid Magfit Zero One” is a case designed with such imagination in mind. This case makes your iPhone even more special with graphics inspired by the iPhone’s internal design and translucent pannels.
[Compatible with MagSafe fast charging]
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You can’t give up on the MagSafe charging function, which is a big advantage of the iPhone.
Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Magfit series has a strong magnet built into the case, and if it fits perfectly with the magnet part on the back, you can use the MagSafe function and wireless high-speed charging. It is also compatible with products such as Spigen’s MagSafe card case and stand, so you can conveniently enjoy the MagSafe function even with your favorite case attached.
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[Reliable protection because Spigen]
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Most of all, when you think of Spigen, you think of a case that clearly protects your smartphone.
This Ultra-Hybrid Magfit is also exceptionally protective without exception. The sides are made of soft TPU and the back is made of durable PC material, making it easy to put on and effectively protecting your device.
The four corners are designed with air cushion technology to absorb impact when dropped. The edge of the case is designed to be 1.2mm higher for the LCD screen and 0.5mm higher for the camera, providing clear protection from unexpected scratches. In addition, it has acquired the “US military MIL standard” and has been recognized for its durability, so you can rest assured that it is durable.
[Precision design considering the device! Let’s enjoy the push feeling of the main body]

[Image 5

Check out other precision designs that take your device into consideration. The button part on the side has a full cover design with precise cutouts. Therefore, you can enjoy the comfort of pressing the device itself while protecting the buttons.
The speaker section is finished with a 3D sound tunnel for better sound quality without interference.
If you’re looking for a specially designed MagSafe case, then Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Magfit Zero One is the way to go.
Product Summary
Model name: Ultra Hybrid MagFit
Color: Zero One
Compatible models: iPhone 14 Pro / iPhone 14 Pro Max
Sales price: 2,999 yen
Purchase page: https://spigen.life/3UBxAfj
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Since its launch in 2004, Spigen has won many acclaims in the mobile accessories industry.
Today, it has become one of the leading providers in the industry. In order to meet the needs and trust of end users as a global brand, Spigen Always setting new goals and continuing to grow.
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