Sponsored by Weinert On November 28th (Monday), an event to enjoy talks and wine, “Know the history and tast e of Yamagata wine” will be held at Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore and online with the creators of long-established + em erging wineries as gue

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[Sponsored by Weinert] On November 28th (Monday), an event to enjoy talks and wine, “Know the history and taste of Yamagata wine” will be held at Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore and online with the creators of long-established + emerging wineries as guests.

Yamagata wine featured in the special feature of the magazine “Weinert” No.110 (Autumn 2022). From Yamagata, we will connect Noriko Kishihira of Takeda Winery and Haruyuki Yano of Grape Republic, who have finished harvesting this year, online, and enjoy talks and wine with the editorial department of Wainert. I have planned. Held on November 28th (Monday) at Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore SHARE LOUNGE. Also available online.
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Event details
The magazine “Weinert” will hold a talk event to taste Yamagata wine, which was featured in No.110 (Autumn 2022). In the spacious space of Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore SHARE LOUNGE, we will connect two producers from Yamagata online and enjoy Yamagata wine.
The number of winery producers in Yamagata is increasing, and if you include producers aiming to establish wineries, there are more than 20 of them. Each person produces with their own characteristics and tastes.
In this project, editor-in-chief Yukako Komatsu will introduce wines from Takeda Winery and Grape Republic, which she has selected from many wineries that she would like everyone to taste. While enjoying the actual wine, Noriko Kishihira of Takeda Winery, Haruyuki Yano of Grape Republic, and Etsuko Tsukamoto, the writer in charge of the article, will share the history and appeal of Yamagata wine. If there is anything you would like to ask the producers or the editorial department during this event, please let us know by filling out the application form. We will answer all your questions as time permits. We are looking forward to your participation online. Click here to apply|https://peatix.com/event/3418373/view
Introducing the wine of the day
[Wine from Takeda Winery]
[Image 2

Domaine Takeda Berry A Furuki Red (left), Takeda Winery Blanc de Noir Barrel Aged (right)
● Domaine Takeda Berry A Furuki Red 2019
The approximately 70-year-old Muscat Berry A tree planted by Juzaburo Takeda, the third generation of our company, has been carefully nurtured to the present day by the fifth generation. Old vine grapes bring a deep flavor to wine, but 70-year-old vines are rare both in Japan and overseas. The reason why we are able to keep our vines healthy after so many years is because we have been growing grapes and making wine on our own 15 hectare farm (natural farming) since our founding in 1920. In addition to the gorgeous aroma of berry A, please enjoy the powerful and deep taste created by the age of the tree. 2019 vintage.
Varieties: 100% grapes harvested from our own farm (100% Muscat Berry A) ●Takeda Winery Blanc de Noir Barrel Aged 2020
White wine made from black grapes. A high-quality wine that creates a wonderful harmony between the sweet fruity scent of berry A and the deep nutty aroma obtained from barrel fermentation. Fermented loosely squeezed black grapes in barrels. Alcoholic fermentation of the fruit juice in a barrel produces a softer aroma than aging the sake in a barrel. It is characterized by an elegant, gorgeous, delicate aroma and taste. The color is pale purple pink. In 2020, the scent of white flowers, vanilla, acerola and black currant fruit. A juicy wine with a good balance of pure fruit and moderate acidity. The bitterness of the tannins that you can feel in the aftertaste adds depth to the flavor. Variety: Yamagata Muscat Berry A 100%
[Grape Republic wine]
[Image 3d10983-232-ff54a4a268ab5594880f-11.jpg&s3=10983-232-784870a4119b8724e7f8e89d29b217c0-562x589.jpg
Rosa2021 (left), Arancione 2021 (right)
●Rosa 2021
100% grapes from Yamagata Prefecture are used. Delaware and Steuben brewed and blended in a variety of ways. Before bottling, the Delaware juice is put back in to adjust the sugar content and re-fermented in the bottle. Of course, no antioxidants are added. You can feel the refreshing scent of strawberries and blue herbs like seleuille in the depth. The taste is as fresh as the aroma, with a moderate acidity and a sweet and sour taste like red berries. There is also a dryness of green herbs later. The effervescence is felt firmly and is
exhilarating. The aftertaste is compact and light.
Fruit wine (sparkling) Breeds: 53% Delaware from Yamagata Prefecture, 47% Steuben
●Arancione 2021
Uses 80% Delaware and 20% Steuben from Yamagata Prefecture. Delaware and Steuben brewed in various brewing methods and blended in Summer 2022. 10% whole bunch fermentation, aging period about 10 months. 54% amphora aged, 46% stainless steel tank aged. Spontaneously fermented with wild yeasts. No clarification, no filtration, no other additives such as antioxidants. The change after opening is gradual, but it is better to start early on the day of opening, when you can feel the juiciness of the fruit.
◆ Consideration of taste
This year’s Arancione blends Delaware with black grape Steuben. The color is reddish orange. The scent is a rich scent like a combination of strawberry syrup and orange honey. The taste has a sweet and sour taste of berries, and the depth is accented with tannins extracted from the peel and seeds. Overall, it has a fresh, succulent sharpness. ◆Consideration of temperature and method of serving
It is a wine that can be enjoyed with a fresh sweet and sour taste, so it is recommended to take it out of the refrigerator and gradually raise the temperature to enjoy the change and spread of the aroma. You can enjoy it in a compact glass if you want to make the most of its freshness, or in a burgundy type glass if you want to make the most of the juiciness and aroma of the fruit.
◆Cooking combination
Making the most of the sweet and sour berry-based nuances and the richness of taste and flavor, dishes using fresh ingredients and dishes with sweet and sour seasoning. Suggestions for cooking include burrata cheese and strawberry salad and chicken thighs stewed in wine vinegar.
Speaker profile
◇Noriko Kishihira
[Image 4d10983-232-529319d80a1807478281-7.jpg&s3=10983-232-c932310a36424c15917b0f1e0f77c9d9-1600x2400.jpg
President and CEO of Takeda Winery. Graduated from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Tamagawa University. From 1990 to 1994, he attended brewing school in France and studied in Burgundy and Loire. He also serves as the chairman of the Yamagata Prefecture Young Wine Producing Area Study Group, which started in 2008.
◇Yano Haruyuki
[Image 5d10983-232-c4a1e2186a3aa6ea2784-10.jpg&s3=10983-232-18b33a74673ccbabef0ccb1f5098072b-1338x1599.jpg
Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1989. After graduating from culinary school, studied cooking and wine at an Italian restaurant. In 2014, he went to Bologna, Italy alone and encountered natural wine. After that, he gained experience in Australia, studied natural wine under Mr. Alex Craighead of “Kindeli” in Nelson, New Zealand, and joined Grape Republic with Alex’s introduction.
◇ Etsuko Tsukamoto
Wine coordinator, wine writer. After working as a lecturer at a wine school for 12 years, he started working as a freelancer. Last September, he opened a beer and wine select shop “BIRRA e VINO MASUYO” in Asagaya, Suginami Ward.
◇Yukako Komatsu
Editor-in-chief of the wine magazine “Weinert”. Joined the editorial staff of “Weinert” while enrolled at the Academy du Vin Tokyo. Since 2008, he has been the editor-in-chief. Besides drinking, I also love to eat. Bubble party who loves champagne deeply in wine.
Event details
Talk event “Know the history and taste of Yamagata wine”
Venue | Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore https://store.tsite.jp/daikanyama/ Date and time | November 28, 2022 (Monday) 19:00-21:00 (doors open 18:45-) Venue capacity | 40 people
Participation ticket (choose one)
1. Online participation ticket | 1,100 yen (tax included)
2. Venue participation (including 4 types of wine experience) ticket | 4,400 yen (tax included)
Ticket application deadline | Until 17:00 on Monday, November 28 How to apply | Apply online (Peatix).
Click here to apply|https://peatix.com/event/3418373/view
About archive distribution | Customers who apply for this event can watch the archive distribution of the event for a certain period after the end. Please use it when the date and time are not convenient or when you want to see it again. There is no sale only for archive distribution after the event. Peatix will send you a message about how to watch the archive distribution when the distribution is ready. ●For those who wish to purchase the wine introduced on the day Please purchase online from each winery. Each winery’s wines are shipped separately from their respective warehouses. Please contact us directly for inventory details.
Direct from Takeda Winery
・Berry A Furuki Red 2019|https://www.takeda-wine.jp/SHOP/0208.html ・ Blanc de Noir barrel aging 2020|https://www.takeda-wine.jp/SHOP/0145.html Direct from Grape Republic
・Rosa 2021|https://shop.grape-republic.com/c/item/cat_wine/GRC1078 ・Arancione 2021|https://shop.grape-republic.com/c/item/cat_wine/GRC1084 Magazine “Winart”
A wine magazine launched in December 1998. We propose a rich lifestyle centered on wine for people who are serious about food and alcohol. With its well-established beautiful and sophisticated visuals, it provides seasonal information about the “wine of today”.
Bijutsu Publisher: https://bijutsu.press/
Winart Web: https://winart.jp/
Twitter: @WinartWinart (https://twitter.com/winartwinart)
IG: @winartmagazine (https://www.instagram.com/winartmagazine/) “Winart” No.110 (Autumn 2022) features Yamagata wine
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Release date | Monday, September 5, 2022
Specifications | 136 pages, A4
Published by Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.
Release | Bijutsu Shuppan Co., Ltd.
Price | 1,800 yen + tax
JAN code|4910098531026
Press release | https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000230.000010983.html art publisher
Since our founding in 1905, we have consistently published
high-quality art books.
Regular magazines such as “Bijutsu Techo” and “Weinert”, publication of books on all aspects of art such as art, design and architecture such as “Color Edition Art History Series”, production of catalogs for art exhibitions, “Bijutsu Kentei” business, etc. , We are engaged in a variety of projects that connect art and people.
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