Sprocket Co., Ltd. Sprocket launches new function “Sprobot” to support analysis and operation

Sprocket Inc.
Sprocket launches new function “Sprobot” to support analysis and operation Utilizing the methods accumulated in-house to support in-house production of introduced companies

Sprocket Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Koji Fukada) is a bot that performs various analysis functions as part of its efforts to provide companies that have introduced advanced conversion methods accumulated in-house. Sporobot” will be available on November 15, 2022. With this function, we strongly support the in-house production of conversion optimization measures.
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■ Sprobotic features
SpRobot is an automatic response bot that runs on the project management tool “backlog” provided by Nulab Co., Ltd. Various processes can be automatically executed by selecting a spbot in the person in charge field of the issue and entering a predetermined character string in the text field. Some of the operation support that was previously provided by Sprocket consultants can be used at any time by the person in charge.
There are two main types of analysis functions provided by Sprobot. Advanced site scenario analysis
Operation/report support
■ Background of sprobot development
Sprocket is a CRO platform with strengths in operational support for consultants. Based on the know-how and knowledge accumulated through more than 50,000 A/B tests, we have prepared highly accurate customer service scenarios for each industry and website. Sprocket has over 100 advanced analytics tools that our consultants use internally. In addition to the operational support provided by our consultants, Sprocket will open up some of these functions to customers who wish to in-house web customer service measures.
Sprobot is a general-purpose interface for customers to utilize Sprocket internal functions. In addition to the functions provided this time, we will continue to provide functions that are useful for conversion optimization measures of introducing companies in order from the ready ones.
■ Examples of analysis functions that can be executed with Sprobot The following features are available at the time of Spbot release: Advanced site scenario analysis
Conversion path analysis
Scenario analysis by segment
User replay
Operation/report support
Scenario status report
scenario calendar
scenario capture

Conversion path analysis visualizes the main paths and transition rates leading to conversion pages. Compared to conventional access analysis tools such as Google Analytics, the advantage is that you can set detailed segment conditions. For example, if you segment by “users who made a second purchase” and analyze “trends of users who converted to F2”, you will be able to see the routes that you should recommend to users who made a purchase once.
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Segment scenario analysis allows you to dig deeper and check the results of the implemented customer service scenario by segment. For example, if it is found that the results of first-time users and revisiting users differ greatly even in the same scenario, it will be useful for tuning, such as leaving only the segments with good results and planning a different scenario for the other.
User replay allows you to trace user behavior within the site for a specified period while playing it back on the timeline. It is also possible to take a bird’s-eye view of the movement of the entire site with the “hawk’s eye” and follow the movement of the actual user with the “ant’s eye” by clicking on the points of interest. Seeing behavior on the site with animations instead of numbers helps intuitive understanding and leads to problem discovery.
The Scenario Status Report summarizes and outputs information such as the operating status of the Sprocket scenario currently being implemented, the number of conversion lifts, and the lift amount. It is also possible to set the report to run automatically.In that case, a report for one week will be automatically generated at a fixed time every week and output to the backlog.
The operating status of individual scenarios can be checked in calendar format by using the scenario calendar. Scenario capture is a function that allows you to acquire the display image of the set scenario as an image. There is no need to manually perform the capture operation when putting it in the confirmation flow or creating a regular report of the measures in the company.
By optimizing conversions based on user behavior, Sprocket helps build long-term relationships by improving client business outcomes and providing end-users with a quality experience. We will continue to strive to form the ideal engagement between companies and end users. ■ About CRO platform “Sprocket”
Sprocket is a CRO (conversion rate optimization) platform that analyzes online user behavior in real time and delivers the optimal content for each user at the optimal timing. We have a full set of functions that allow you to cycle the PDCA cycle, from discovering issues in sites and apps to implementing measures and analyzing them. ■ Sprocket Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Sprocket Co., Ltd. is a company that provides users with the ideal customer experience through consulting using a conversion optimization platform and methods cultivated from many years of practice data. We will contribute to business growth with the mission of “creating mutually beneficial relationships between people and companies through technology.”
Name: Sprocket Inc. (English company name: Sprocket Inc.)
Established: April 2014
Location: 2nd floor, 44th Kowa Building, 1-2-7 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0043
Business description: Development, sales and operation of conversion optimization platform “Sprocket”
Representative: Hiroshi Fukada

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