Star Festival Co., Ltd. The third year-end and New Year’s party of the corona wreck, the form expected by employees to be held offline exceeds online by 16.2 points

Star Festival Co., Ltd.
The third year-end and New Year’s party of the corona wreck, the form expected by employees to be held offline exceeds online by 16.2 points When participating, the most important thing is “the deliciousness of the food”. Expectations for “sharing places” unique to offline
Star Festival Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Kishida), which operates Japan’s largest food delivery service “Gochikuru”, recently targeted 600 male and female office workers living in urban areas nationwide. We have conducted a “questionnaire survey on year-end and new year parties in 2022”, so we will publish the survey results.
◆Survey result summary
When participating in the 2022 year-end party and New Year’s party, the most important thing is “delicious food”
28.3% do not want to participate in year-end and new year parties “I want to participate if it is held offline” is “I want to
participate if it is held online (web conference tools, etc.)” regardless of the venue such as “restaurants”, “hotels and rental conference rooms”, and “in-house conference rooms”. want to
Reasons for “I want to participate if it’s an offline event” include “there are plenty of dishes”, “it’s easy to talk to each other”, and “you can enjoy the atmosphere of the venue”, and so on.

Survey period: September 16-21, 2022
Survey target: Hokkaido, Miyagi, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Aichi, Male and female office workers aged 20-59 living in Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Hiroshima and Fukuoka prefectures
Survey method: Internet research (contractor: B2B Marketing Co., Ltd.) ◆Survey results
Current state of end-of-year parties and new year parties during the corona crisis

[Image 1

Since the global outbreak of the new coronavirus, it has been difficult to hold collective events such as year-end parties and new year parties. In this survey, more than 60% of the companies did not hold the year-end party (at the end of 2021) or the New Year’s party (at the beginning of 2022) of the previous year.
Regarding the format of the event, if it is held, offline
(face-to-face) will be held at the top, “restaurants such as restaurants (61.9%)”, “hotels and rental conference rooms (39.2%)”, and “in-house meetings”. Room (32.0%)” is mentioned.
On the other hand, more than 20% of meetings were held online using web conferencing tools.
In addition, as a form of holding that has never been seen before, hybrid holdings that fuse online and offline were also seen. What year-end and new year parties do employees expect in 2022?

[Image 2

In a survey asking what kind of end-of-year/New Year’s party at work they would like to participate in, the top answer was “the food is delicious (30.8%),” indicating that the content of the food is important.
In addition, while there were many high-ranking content related to communication, such as “I don’t have to worry about it” and “I can talk freely with anyone I want to talk to,” 17.7% said that “hygienic conditions such as infection control are good”, which was conscious of with corona. A certain number of responses were also found. Also, only one-third of the respondents answered that they did not want to participate.
Is it online or offline?
[Image 3

According to the results of the questionnaire on “What kind of event format would you like to participate in?” %)” by 16.8 points. Also, compared to holding meetings in hotels, rental meeting rooms, and in-house meeting rooms, there was a tendency to prefer offline meetings to online meetings.
Furthermore, when asked why they want to participate in year-end parties and new year parties held offline, not only are the dishes enriched, but also “easy to talk to individuals (38.6%)” and “enjoy the atmosphere of the venue (37.4%)” unique to offline events. There was also a tendency to focus on communication, such as “I don’t go out drinking anymore, it’s a good opportunity (28.2%)” and “It’s easy to get excited (24.6%).”
Year-end parties and New Year parties are positioned as places to communicate with people around them while enjoying delicious food. ◆ Star Festival services related to year-end and New Year parties Star Festival’s strength is in developing a wide variety of food delivery services. can be arranged and supported.
We will propose the best plan that satisfies all employees according to the needs of each company, such as cooking, infection control, production, and budget.
・Staff catering “Omakase catering dish”


This is an on-site catering service that provides total production of meals and venue presentations according to customer requests. We are fully prepared for corona measures, such as individual packaging and lid support.
・ “Gochikuru deli BOX”, a meal delivery service for online drinking parties
It is an hors d’oeuvre that can be delivered individually. Delivered by refrigerated delivery to homes and offices nationwide.
It can be used not only for online events but also for hybrid events. ・ “Gochikuru” bento delivery service
We deliver a wide range of products, including lunch boxes from famous stores and long lines. We also have Christmas-limited products and bento boxes with original Noshi.
Instead of holding a year-end party or New Year’s party, you can use it as a souvenir to thank your employees.
[Secretary of year-end party / New Year party of companies / organizations] Click here for detailed information on providing meals for year-end and New Year parties
Click here for inquiries
◆ About “Gochikuru (”
It is a food delivery comprehensive mall. A wide range of prices and a rich lineup of more than 14,000 types, from reasonable lunch boxes for everyday use to special lunch boxes such as dishes supervised by popular restaurants and famous chefs, high-quality kaiseki cuisine, hors d’oeuvres that are perfect for parties, and okuizomezen. is a feature. It is used in various scenes such as corporate lunches, meeting lunches, events, ceremonial occasions, and school events. In addition, we have signed support agreements with more than 10 organizations nationwide, such as local governments and public organizations, to deliver food to the affected areas in the event of a disaster, and to allow mildly ill patients to stay during the spread of the new coronavirus infection in 2020. We are developing services using a nationwide platform and distribution network, such as delivering a large number of meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to hospitals and accommodation facilities.
About Star Festival Co., Ltd. (
We support the entry of restaurants and restaurants into the ready-made meals and delivery business, and develop the food delivery business.
・ Comprehensive internet mall for food delivery “Gochikuru”
・ Catering service with staff “Omakase catering dish”
・ Employee health support welfare service “Gochikuru Now”
・ “Start Delivery” (
・ Light freight vehicle logistics service “Starogi” ( Details about this release:


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