Started business alliance with Ecolocity Co., Ltd., which operates and manages parking lots, and GA technologies Co., Ltd.

Ecolo City Co., Ltd.
Started business alliance with Ecolocity Co., Ltd., which operates and manages parking lots, and GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Supporting the resolution of land issues through the “RENOSY Land Utilization Consultation Desk,” a service for land owners.

Ecolocity Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Masaru Inoue; hereinafter referred to as “Ecolocity”), which operates and manages parking lots and coin parking, has newly established GA technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Ryu Higuchi; hereinafter referred to as “GA Technologies”). Through the “RENOSY Land Utilization Consultation Desk”, a service for land owners operated by GA technologies, we will support you to solve problems and worries related to land ownership and inheritance.
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Background of the business alliance
ECOLOCITY operates a parking lot and coin parking business with the purpose of “connecting people and enriching the city and society”. In order to “provide convenience and comfort to the society in which people live their lives,” we are promoting new parking lot services that respond to changes in lifestyles.
GA technologies aims to create the world’s top company that inspires people with technology and innovation. ], We are developing a wide range of businesses as a real estate tech company that is working to transform the real estate business. As one of our wide-ranging businesses, we operate the online real estate marketplace “RENOSY”, and from November 16, 2022 (Wednesday), for those who have concerns and issues related to land ownership and inheritance. Launched the service “RENOSY Land Utilization Consultation Desk”.
ECOLOCITY believes that we can help with land utilization and asset management by solving problems by proposing to convert land concerns and issues into assets. We have concluded.
Overview of “RENOSY Land Utilization Consultation Desk”
“RENOSY” develops “RENOSY land utilization consultation desk” for people who are worried about land ownership and inheritance. [Business model]
RENOSY’s consultants specializing in land utilization enter as a neutral stance for customers and cooperating companies who have concerns and issues related to land utilization, and propose the utilization method desired by the customer. We are a non-contact type that does not have direct contact with cooperating companies. [Image 2

About future development
In fact, in customer surveys conducted by GA Technologies, many answered that although they are thinking about “land policy” and “inheritance tax”, they have not taken any action because they are in the future. In this way, we will further strengthen our partnership with GA Technologies and solve issues that are close to our customers so that those with issues can use land efficiently and take
inheritance measures.
■ What is “Ecolo Park”?
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We provide coin-operated pay-by-the-hour parking lots “Ecolo Park” mainly in major cities nationwide.
By introducing “cashless payment” and “EV chargers”, we are gradually contributing to the creation of a comfortable town so that those who use “Ecolopark” can use it more comfortably.
In addition, by providing services such as “no penalty for the contract period”, “24-hour reliable support system”, and “complete rental”, we can reduce the cost burden of the owner and operate the parking lot highly profitably. It has been well received.
Strengths of Eco Park: ■ Ecolocity Co., Ltd.
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Ecolocity operates and manages coin-operated pay-by-the-hour parking lots “Ecolopark” mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and operates and manages monthly parking lots. Since our founding in 1996, we have continued to expand the number of parking lots we operate, and we operate more than approx.
For more information on Ecolocity, please visit the website below. Our company has a purpose of “connecting people and enriching the city and society”, “providing convenience and comfort to the society where people live”, “contributing to the safety of the city and enriching society”. ” and “Providing services that connect people, communities, and society centered on parking lots” as economic value. Since our founding in February 1996, we have expanded our business, mainly in urban areas, and have four branches all over Japan. As of November 28, 2022, we operate and manage parking lots for 31,800 vehicles in 4,844 locations, and the annual growth rate of parking lots is over 10%. Together with everyone living in a society where people live their lives, we will aim for further growth as a company and as a person. ■Company profile
Trade name: Ecolo City Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masaru Inoue, Representative Director
Location: Ark Mori Building East Wing 18F, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6018
Established: February 1996
Business description: Operation and management of coin-operated hourly parking lot “Ecolo Park”
          Monthly parking lot operation, management and consignment business URL:
[Inquiries from customers regarding this matter]
Ecolo City Co., Ltd. Customer Service Desk
TEL: 03-5561-7772
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Ecolo City Co., Ltd. Management Planning Office
Person in charge: Matsuura
TEL: 03-5561-7772
Fax: 03-5561-7767

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