Started crowdfunding for the project “I want to fill the JAPANGP 2022 with a winning prize of 1.5 million! So ft Tennis”

AAS Management inc.
Started crowdfunding for the project “I want to fill the JAPANGP 2022 with a winning prize of 1.5 million! [Soft Tennis]”
First spectator competition! “JAPANGP2022” will be held on December 17, 2022, where anyone from children to adults can participate!
AAS Management inc. (Headquarters: Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Co-representatives: Masato Ogiwara, Yuta Funamizu), a management company specializing in soft tennis professional teams and soft tennis players, announced at the crowdfunding CAMPFIRE “JAPANGP 2022 with a winning prize of 1.5 million. I want to fill up! [Soft tennis]” project will start on November 2, 2022. (URL:

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■ Background of the tournament
“JAPANGP2022” is a national soft tennis tournament with a prize of 1.5 million yen, the highest in Japan. This tournament is the first paid spectator match, and anyone can participate without age restrictions. In addition to the Emperor’s Cup winning pair, the runner-up pair, the West Japan championship winning pair, and the East Japan championship winning pair, a total of 8 pairs that have won the qualifying tournaments of four blocks will compete. In addition, the finals will be held in 5 games x 3 set matches under the theme of “do, see, support”. *9 games until finals
In recent years, new professional players have been born in the soft tennis industry. Along with that, various competitions are held all over the country. In the future, soft tennis competitions will become “admirable occupations” for children, just like other professional sports, so we set up a tournament prize money and created a tournament that anyone can participate in.
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■ Business overview
Project name: I want to overcrowd JAPANGP2022 with a winning prize of 1.5 million! [soft tennis]
Target donation amount: 1,000,000 yen
Reception period: November 2, 2022 to November 30, 2022
*The application period and the application amount are subject to change. ■Scheduled players
・Emperor’s Cup Champion: Funamizu/Agematsu Pair (Tomon Club/NTT West Japan) ・Emperor’s Cup runner-up quota: Ueoka Maruyama (Up Rise)
・East Japan Championship: Hayashida/Shibata pair (Yonex)
・ West Japan Championship Frame: Uchimoto / Uchida pair (NTT West Japan) ・JAPANGP Miyagi Preliminary Round: Utsumi/Sakakibara Pair
(CROSSTY/Nabe’s Children)
・JAPANGP Gifu Preliminary Round: Sakamoto/Yamamoto pair (Watakyu Seymour) ・JAPANGP HY qualifying round: Terasako/Sakiyama pair (Ibusuki City Federation/Kawauchi City Hall)
・JAPANGP Osaka qualifying round: Decided on November 10th
*For details, please check the official SNS of “JAPAN GP2022” for updates. Official Twitter:
■Representative comment
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Left: Masato Ogihara
Recently, the number of professional players who devote their lives to soft tennis has increased. We would like to support efforts to increase social recognition of soft tennis players and competitions. This project will be held for the second time following 2020. This year, the tournament will be held with an audience. This project offers a wide range of returns that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults, from pre-sales of watching tickets to autographed balls of the winning players and tournament sponsors. Thank you very much for your support.
Right: Yuta Funamizu
“JAPANGP2020” was held with a strong desire to spark a fire in the soft tennis world as the organizer. It was held under different rules than before, but I think it turned out to be a very interesting tournament for the players as well. This year’s tournament will be even more updated. We would like to update and hold the event every year for the development of soft tennis. We will continue to strive to make soft tennis a dream sport.
■Company profile
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We are active as a management company specializing in Japan’s first professional soft tennis team and soft tennis players. We are a management company that conducts branding and marketing to maximize the value of athletes through creating an environment where soft tennis players can concentrate on the competition, negotiating appearances on TV, events and lectures, and managing SNS.
[Company name] AAS Management LLC
[Foundation] April 2020
[Representative] Masato Ogiwara / Yuta Funamizu
[Location] 6-3-30 Higashinakada, Taihaku Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture [Company site]
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