Started partnership in cross-border learning field to accelerate support for “human capital management” of Japan Management Association Management Center and en factory companies

En Factory Co., Ltd.
Started partnership in cross-border learning field to accelerate support for “human capital management” of Japan Management Association Management Center and en factory companies
Mutual provision of cross-border learning programs of both companies to meet a wide range of needs

Japan Management Association Management Center Co., Ltd. (President: Shiloo Chang, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as JMAM) and enfactory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kenta Kato, hereinafter enfactory) ) entered into a sales partnership agreement in November 2022. With the aim of maximizing human capital, both companies will provide a cross-border learning program that encourages career autonomy and the development of innovative human resources.
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■ Background and purpose of the alliance
Under the Ito Report for Human Resources published in 2020 and the Kishida administration’s “new capitalism,” human resources are treated as capital, and by maximizing their value, we aim to improve corporate value over the medium to long term. “Human capital management” that connects is emphasized.
In promoting “human capital management”, along with formulating human resource strategies and reviewing personnel systems, “cross-border learning (*1)”, a human resource development method, is one effective means.
Under the theme of “enjoying growth,” JMAM is engaged in human resource development for more than 5,500 companies in Japan, and is developing “learning workation (*2)” aiming for regional
revitalization through workation.
Enfactory has so far supported more than 5,000 business people in their career autonomy and innovative human resource development through cross-border learning such as “multi-business study abroad” and “cross-border circuit” and cross-border platform “Teamlancer Enterprise”.
JMAM has a track record of crossing borders into regions and regions, and enfactory has built up a track record of crossing borders into ventures and startup companies.
Mutual provision and proposal of cross-border learning that leverages the strengths of both parties
Planning and organizational management of a community that connects people with cross-border learning experience (*3)
Planning and organizational management of a community for companies that spreads the awareness and learning gained through cross-border learning to the organization (*3)
JMAM and enfactory will provide cross-border learning opportunities to more companies and support maximization of human capital.
*1 Acquiring new awareness and common sense at home while working in an environment (away) different from usual (home)
*2 A workation with the element of “learning” added. Develop training programs that can only be obtained in the region in cooperation with local governments nationwide that can realize learning experiences unique to the region
*3 Assuming use of “Teamlancer Enterprise” provided by enfactory [Image 2

■ Cross-border learning lineup overview
[Managed by JMAM]
○here there/Club there
A training program for 4 days and 3 nights where you can dive into the daily life of the community and gain deep insight through experience and dialogue.
○ Kotokolabo
A project in which corporate human resources and local practitioners work together to solve regional issues in a total of 7 sessions over a period of 4 months.
[operated by en factory]
○ Multi-business study abroad
10 to 30 hours a month for 3 months, while working on problem solving of venture companies, experience the cultural difference with your own company, experience the sense of speed, and gain a lot of awareness, including an inventory of skills.
○ Cross-border circuit
A program to team up with members from other companies for about 20 hours over a three-month period and conduct hearings, hypotheses, and proposals for real issues faced by startup companies.
Workshop announcement
To commemorate this partnership, we are planning to hold a workshop inviting companies and experienced people who have introduced cross-border learning.
Date: Around January 2023
Holding method: real + online
* Details will be announced as soon as they are decided.
▶en Factory Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Hiroo Mansion 105, 1-7-7 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012 Representative: Kenta Kato, President and Representative Director Date of establishment: April 1, 2011
Business content: Online shopping business, expert matching business, DX promotion business, regional support service business,
Human resource/organizational development support service business Cross-border training service “Multi-business study abroad”:
Cross-border platform “Teamlancer Enterprise”:
Interactive online program “Cross-Border Circuit”
Total support for lifting and revitalizing side jobs “Special Zone for Side Jobs”:
▶ Japan Management Association Management Center (JMAM) Established in 1991 as a spin-off from the Japan Management
Association (JMA), which was established in 1942. The main business is correspondence education, training, assessment,
Human resource development support business centered on e-learning, notebook business represented by “NOLTY” and “PAGEM”, and publishing business centered on issuing business books.
JMAM wants to create a society where each and every person can grow and feel a rich and happy life. To that end, in the “imagined future” We aim to accompany people who take a step forward as a partner. [Customer contact]
Matsuoka, in charge of cross-border learning, en Factory Co., Ltd. TEL: 03-6869-6816/050-5468-3341 FAX: 03-6673-4843 E-mail: [Inquiries for the press]
Yano, Public Relations Manager, Corporate Planning Department, Japan Management Association Management Center Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-6362-4361 (representative) / 070-3357-3083 (mobile) E-mail:
Details about this release:


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