Started providing DX service for venue staff to support the holding of real events, which are rapidly increasing in the post-corona era

MICE Platform Co., Ltd.
Started providing DX service for venue staff to support the holding of real events, which are rapidly increasing in the post-corona era -On December 2nd, an online seminar will be held to consider the venue DX-
MICE Platform Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Makoto Nagata, hereinafter “MICE Platform” is ARCHECO Inc., a SoftBank Corp. group company that promotes DX (digital transformation) in the MICE industry. Under the consulting of , the UI/UX of the one-stop SaaS type venue room reservation system “MICE Booking Cloud” has been significantly improved and renewed on November 11, 2022. MICE platform homepage
“MICE Booking Cloud” is a service that allows you to search, compare, and reserve the rooms you need to hold a real event on the website. For room providers, it has functions such as room inventory
management, reservation management, customer management, project management, form (estimate/invoice) creation, bulletin board, sales management, and payment management. You can start a rental business smoothly.
[Image 1d108922-3-0d77c32ed5063a868d0c-2.png&s3=108922-3-ac04735cb4d126fdb7bba8c0c2ebe86c-188x36.png
■ An example of the room inventory management screen
[Image 2d108922-3-bcf3f30f0f0b3a731fee-0.png&s3=108922-3-d556b9a3c5a6aa15f8ff6196ecb54a2c-2874x1432.png
◆Features of “MICE Booking Cloud”
1. Set the rental time for each room
You can set the time unit and time period (morning, afternoon, evening, etc.) to rent for each room. For example, large rooms can be rented on a daily basis, and small rooms can be rented on an hourly basis. Usage fees can be set for each room and reflected in the inventory calendar. As a result, cancellations, postponements of reservations, changes in venues, etc. can be smoothly reflected in the reservation system, and it is also possible to automatically create quotations. For the renewal, our engineers were stationed at the venue for a certain period of time and developed after fully understanding the business process. A person in charge of the venue who used this function on a trial basis said, “There are many detailed functions, and it can fully handle various operations related to venue
management.” And so on.
2. Digitize inventory management and project lists
By digitizing room inventory management, we reduce the risk of human error that tends to occur when managing in analog, and prevent double bookings that lead to a bad image of the venue and mental strain on the person in charge. “I was worried about double bookings every day when managing inventory in an analog way, and it wasn’t very good mentally.” There was also a voice of the person in charge of the venue. In addition, since the Items can be displayed in a list, the Items that have not been dealt with can be grasped at a glance, which can be used to prevent opportunity loss. *With “MICE Booking Cloud”, you can centrally manage projects from various points of contact, such as through the inquiry form on the customer’s website or through sales representatives.
3. Link with bank account
By linking your bank account with “MICE Booking Cloud”, you can check your payment history on the site for administrators of “MICE Booking Cloud”. It is also possible to notify the e-mail address set in advance when the usage fee is deposited, which makes it possible to improve the efficiency of operations related to deposit management. 4. Post room information on “MICE Booking Cloud”
Since the room information is posted on the “MICE Booking Cloud”, it can lead to the development of new customers that could not be reached until now. “MICE Booking Cloud” provides one-stop support from sending customers to streamlining venue operations.
If a customer is sent from “MICE Booking Cloud” and a contract is concluded, a contract fee will be charged separately.) The MICE platform will continue to strive to improve UI/UX and develop highly convenient functions, and DX Through this, we will support companies that provide event and seminar venues.
◆ Process to start using “MICE Booking Cloud”
Step1: Issue an ID/password for the management site after signing the contract Step2: Register various information about the room (facility, room, price) Step3: Link inventory information * Supported by the MICE platform. Step4: Start using
◆ Actions after starting use
You will be notified by e-mail when there are inquiries, requests for quotes, requests for reservations or provisional reservations, etc. from those who wish to use the registered room. Click the URL described in the email and perform the action described on the site. *We will give a lecture on how to use it in advance.
◆ Usage fee (tax included)
・Initial cost: ¥33,000
・Monthly fee: See chart below
[Image 3d108922-3-008242a5938c88a434d9-1.png&s3=108922-3-512563fa2db59881f0ddd1b4d1c8d534-1072x289.png

Information on online seminars for venue staff Held on December 2nd ・ Seminar name: Considering the venue DX necessary for the post-corona era ・Speaker: Makoto Nagata, President and CEO, MICE Platform Co., Ltd. ・ Date: Friday, December 2nd, 4-5pm
・ Target audience: Facilities and venue operators, hotels, halls, rental conference room operators
・Course Fee: Free
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