Started providing “equipment inspection service using IoT technology” for shared facilities in condominiums

NST Globalist Corporation
Started providing “equipment inspection service using IoT technology” for shared facilities in condominiums

NST Globalist Corporation (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Naoshi Yamamoto) is a leading company in the LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) field. We are proud of the many
introduction achievements in building sensor IoT.
This time, for water supply, drainage, and electrical equipment, which are said to have a high failure rate in shared equipment, it is possible to accumulate equipment data on a daily basis using sensors and wide-area wireless technology, and to understand the operation status and operation status. From November 19, 2022, we will start providing “Equipment inspection service using IoT technology for condominiums”.

[Challenges of shared equipment failure]
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[Background of provision]
There are over 6.7 million apartments in Japan. The number of residents exceeds 15 million, and it is estimated that more than 10% of the population live in condominiums. The condominium has a large number of common facilities, which are indispensable for the comfortable life of the residents. On the other hand, management companies responsible for facility management are faced with issues such as unpaid management fees and reserve costs for repairs and price increase negotiations due to a shortage of inspectors, labor costs such as personnel expenses, and soaring maintenance parts.
In addition, mechanical equipment is susceptible to damage in high-load situations such as localized heavy rains and extreme heat, which have occurred frequently in recent years, and may fail earlier than expected.
This system acquires data from various sensors installed in the monitored equipment, monitors the operating status, and accumulates the data. Based on these actual measurement data, we contribute to the long-term stable operation of the equipment by making early judgments about the deterioration of the condition of the equipment and proposing equipment replacement/repair to the management association before the repair costs become enormous.
Of course, when an abnormal value is detected in normal measurement, it is possible to send an alert email to the administrator. By monitoring equipment 24 hours a day, it is possible to understand the operation trends of the equipment and propose preventive maintenance to the management association even outside of regular inspections. Regular monitoring without waiting for regular inspections strengthens the facility’s maintenance support system, which leads to the preservation and improvement of asset value for residents, and supports comfortable condominium living.
[Product lineup]
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[Service points]
1. Monitor the operational status of various shared facilities by combining multiple sensors
As an example, you can monitor the operating status in real time by installing sensors suitable for monitoring shared facilities such as water supply and drainage pumps, piping equipment, and shared light boards. By analyzing the trend of accumulated data, it is possible to predict the possibility of failure due to the equipment load, which is also useful for predictive maintenance.
・Vibration sensor: Vibration of the power motor
・Current sensor: Effective current value for each facility
・Water leakage sensor: water leakage at pipe joints
2. Ability to rush to workers based on anomaly judgment
By accumulating the measured values ​​of each facility, it can be visualized by monitoring graphs, and real-time changes for each facility can be determined by setting thresholds for abnormal vibration values ​​and operating current values ​​for each facility. An alert notification function is provided by e-mail when an anomaly is detected.
3. Data aggregation with LoRa wireless that does not require a license and is free of communication costs
It is practically difficult with general wireless communication methods to pass through the iron door of the machine room where shared equipment is installed. Our 250mW high power wireless can realize data communication from inside the steel door. In addition, it is an effective wireless means that can cover the entire apartment with 12-step hops.
4. Acquisition of on-site images is also supported * Optional function In addition to the sensor-based monitoring service standard plan, the premium plan allows you to capture the on-site status of condominium facilities with a camera, record still images in the cloud, and check changes in the status of facilities with images.
[LoRa wireless proprietary technology]
・In addition to the standard type with a wireless output of 20 mW, it can be used to extend from underground parking lots, boiler rooms, etc., where radio waves are difficult to reach, to ground level. For communication, we have prepared two types that cover the wireless output with a high output type that increases the wireless output to 250mW.
・With the 12-step hop function, it is possible to build a network that covers every corner of the entire apartment.
・Since the measured sensor data is transmitted by wireless
communication using LoRa, no new wiring work is required for installation.
and you can reduce the introduction cost.
[Product content]
Solution: Standard Plan (SR-APPEAR), Premium Plan (SR-IMAGE) Product name: Equipment inspection service using IoT technology Release date: November 19, 2022
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