Stayway Co., Ltd. Stayway and Nikkei BP partner to provide subsidy application support service “Subsidy Cloud for ESG”

Stayway Co., Ltd.
Stayway partnered with Nikkei BP to start providing subsidy
application support service “Subsidy Cloud for ESG”
Nikkei BP and Stayway, which has strengths in supporting the use of subsidies, have partnered to support the use of subsidies by companies working on ESG. Strong support for ESG promotion in Japan

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Stayway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Jun Sato, hereinafter “Stayway”), which provides a “subsidy cloud” that supports subsidy applications, is Nikkei BP Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Naoto Yoshida, hereinafter referred to as “Nikkei BP”), we are pleased to announce that we have launched “Subsidy Cloud for ESG” with the aim of supporting the use of subsidies by companies working on ESG. Stayway, which has strengths in providing information and application support for subsidies and subsidies, will provide services to the customer network owned by Nikkei BP.
Background of “Subsidy Cloud for ESG”
There is growing interest in and pressure on corporate ESG and carbon-neutral initiatives to realize a sustainable and prosperous society. On the other hand, for companies, the burden of costs is not necessarily consistent with economic rationality, so the government and local governments have established subsidy systems to support the promotion of ESG by companies.
In fact, ESG-related government budgets are increasing, and in FY2022, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s carbon-neutral subsidies increased by 26% compared to FY2018 (6,550 in FY2022). billion yen, 517.3 billion yen in FY2018 (calculated by Stayway).
In addition, the scale of the government’s budget is 3.6 trillion yen for fiscal expenditure and 5.4 trillion yen for business scale (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and Ministry of the
Environment’s FY2021 supplementary budget and FY2022 budget are aggregated by Stayway).
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However, there are issues with subsidies, such as information being scattered and application requirements being complicated and difficult to understand. There is a problem.
In order to solve these problems, Stayway, which has strengths in providing information and application support for subsidies and subsidies, has partnered with Nikkei BP, which has a strong customer base, to strongly support the promotion of ESG in Japan through the use of subsidies. To this end, we will provide the “Subsidy Cloud for ESG” service.
-Examples of ESG-related subsidies-
■ Business Restructuring Subsidy Green Frame
Support businesses that contribute to solving issues in the 14 areas of the Green Growth Strategy “Action Plan” while conducting R&D, technological development, or human resource development.
・Subsidy amount up to 150 million yen
・Subsidy rate 1/2 to 2/3
■ Advanced energy-saving investment promotion support project Supporting investment in energy-saving equipment with advanced technological capabilities and energy-saving performance
・Subsidy amount up to 1.5 billion yen
・Subsidy rate Within 10/10 for small and medium enterprises, within 3/4 for large enterprises
Service overview of “Subsidy Cloud for ESG”
-Service Features-
It is a subsidy acquisition support tool for corporations who want to utilize “ESG-related subsidies”. We will solve the two major problems of subsidies and grants: “I don’t know what can be used” and “I can’t apply”. It has the following three characteristics.
1. Subsidy information is automatically recommended
● Automatic distribution of subsidy information every morning. Keywords and conditions such as “decarbonization” can be set ● The database covers government offices, prefectures, and
municipalities. Downloadable
● One-stop acquisition of scattered information
2. You can always talk to an expert about your worries
● You can book a consultation 24 hours a day online from the form in the subsidy cloud.
● We have an in-house team of certified public accountants, so we can respond quickly.
3. The acceptance rate of subsidies and grants increases
● Adoption rate more than double the national average
● All employees in the company and affiliated partners are professionals ● If you apply by yourself, we provide an application template. -Difference from the conventional “subsidy cloud”-
Until now, the “subsidy cloud” series was a service that can be used by “supporters of companies that want to utilize subsidies and subsidies”, such as financial institutions, professionals, chambers of commerce, chambers of commerce, and large companies (B2B2B model ). “Subsidy Cloud for ESG”, which will be launched this time, is a service that can be used directly by “companies that want to utilize subsidies and subsidies” (B2B model).
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About Stayway Co., Ltd.
A professional firm with strengths in technology, consisting of certified public accountants from Deloitte.
We provide services centered on members who have experience in M&A advisory business, financial DD, valuation, IPO support, etc. at major firms.
In addition, in the area of ​​subsidies and subsidies, which have many issues, we are promoting subsidy tech that promotes efficiency using technology while collaborating with regional financial institutions and business companies nationwide. Selected as a Fintec startup selected by newspapers (
・Company name: Stayway Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Atsushi Sato, Representative Director Certified Public Accountant/Certified Support Organization
・Date of establishment: July 7, 2017
・Business description: Subsidy/subsidy DX business
・ Company profile
・Management service
◆ Subsidy/subsidy correspondence support tool “subsidy cloud” series Subsidy Cloud for ESG [For companies using ESG-related subsidies] Subsidy cloud for Bank [for financial institutions] (Contact information)
Subsidy Cloud for Pro [For Professionals, Chambers of Commerce, and Chambers of Commerce]
Subsidy Cloud for Sales [For corporate sales]
* “Subsidy cloud” is a registered trademark of our company (trademark registration No. 6488996)
◆ Subsidies and subsidies media supervised by experts “Subsidies Cloud Mag.”

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