STMA Let’s sing with an otter! The SNS Trend Marketing Association commercial “Let’s sing! Nisshinbo” Instag ram campaign

Sing along with the otters! The SNS Trend Marketing Association commercial “Let’s sing! Nisshinbo” Instagram campaign

The SNS Trend Marketing Association (Representative Director: Rika Shiiki, hereinafter referred to as the SNS Association) is a corporate commercial by Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. (President: Masahiro Murakami, hereinafter referred to as Nisshinbo). We are pleased to inform you that we have worked on casting and consulting for the Instagram original AR filter PR for Hen.
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The SNS Association is an organization established in 2021 for the purpose of cultivating high-level SNS marketers. In addition to operating SNS trend marketing salons and issuing trend reports, we also conduct corporate promotions based on SNS trends.
This time, as part of the association’s activities, we cast and consulted influencers who will promote Nisshinbo’s Instagram promotion “Let’s sing together! Nisshinbo Otter AR” when distributing AR filters.
Overview of the Instagram AR filter “Let’s sing together! Otter AR” In conjunction with the TV broadcast of the second episode of the corporate commercial “Let’s sing! Nisshinbo” series by Nisshinbo, the original AR filter “Let’s sing together! Otter AR” was distributed on Instagram. Move your face and mouth to the CM song that is playing, and the main vocal otter will sing along with you.
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■ About Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.
The mission of the Nisshinbo Group is to contribute to society through business activities. At the core of our corporate management are social demands such as the pursuit of the SDGs and the importance of ESG. We have defined “Mobility,” “Infrastructure & Safety,” and “Life & Healthcare” as strategic business areas, and are working to create a sustainable society by utilizing wireless communication, electronic devices, and environmental material technology.
Established: February 5, 1907 (Meiji 40)
Representative: Masahiro Murakami, President and Representative Director Business: Wireless/communications, microdevices, brakes, precision equipment, chemicals, textiles, real estate, etc.
Official site:
■ About SNS Trend Marketing Association
Our association aims to produce SNS trend marketers, and provides opportunities to systematically learn know-how that can be applied to trend marketing.
As part of this, we will operate the “SNS Trend Marketing Salon” in order to deepen our understanding of trends in SNS (Twitter / Instagram / TikTok / YouTube etc.) and marketing methods corresponding to them, and to develop SNS trend marketers who can put them into practice. doing. Webinars are held once a month only for salon participants, sharing SNS trend reports, free consultations on projects, etc., so you can always get the latest information that will benefit the marketers and advertising staff of each company. . Established: December 3, 2021
Representative Director Rika Shiiki
Business: Salon management, webinar holding, consulting business, etc. Official website:
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